A Little Bird Story…

Who knew you could get the perfect nest platform at Crate and Barrel?

A few weeks ago, I spotted a little nest on my patio.  The little neighborhood birds decided to create their own little condo in one of my candle holders.

I rarely go out there, so I didn’t get a chance to see them working away at their new place.  I noticed it shortly after I got back from Montelucia, which was way back at the beginning of the month.

Cute, huh?

Since I realized that there was a nest out on my patio, I’ve been absolutely obsessed.  Normally, I keep my patio blinds closed, but these days…. no way.  I have them open so I can keep an eye on the action.

I can’t really see inside the nest because it’s super-high up.  But, I can see the parents from time to time…

These guys pretty much OWN my patio now.

If you can’t see it, my new squatters are a couple.  The female bird sits at the nest and is brown in color, and the male bird is a beautiful red color and just chills on the other candle.  I like that he hangs around.  I think they’re lovebirds.

Now, it’s been since the beginning of the month and there’s been no action….

I really was starting to think there was a problem.  So, I did what any resourceful girl would do.  When the parentals had flown away for a moment, I climbed on one of my chairs and took a picture of what was inside the nest.  It’s way too high to see in, but not too far to angle my fancy cam.

This is what I got when I snapped a shot on Saturday.

Not the best pic, but it looked like a sad little dead bird.  And to think that the parents kept coming back daily… just SAD!  Selfishly, I decided that this weekend was the perfect time to get rid of the nest (considering the situation) and to reclaim my patio (AKA plant my flowerboxes.)

On Sunday, once the parental birds had vacated, I decided to remove the nest.  When I detached the candle holder, I was SHOCKED to see something move.  And there was definitely more than one little birdie in there!!!

So, being the chicken I am, I got my Rebel back out and took a few more pics… here’s what I found.

All that little puffballness was a little flock of birds!!!


I honestly don’t know how many are in there, but I tried to put the container back exactly where it was. When I was at work today, someone told me that if you move a nest sometimes the momma doesn’t come back!  GASP!!!!  I MOVED THE NEST!!

Not sure you can see it, but those are TINY little beaks raised up and checking the world out (right near the chain). So cute!

So, tonight, I’ve been on a major bird watch.  The mom hadn’t been back… but I’m pleased to say I saw at least the dad bird.  My little birds are going to make it!

And... the parents are back!

I also planted some flowers this weekend.  My flower boxes will have to wait until next weekend, but I did put together a pot of geraniums and a lovely little herb garden.

Stay tuned for more bird stories… I’m obsessed and snapping pics like crazy (as you can see!)

A big pot of geraniums on the front porch

Rosemary, basil, and thyme... Whatever shall I do with these!?



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  1. Mely says

    Im glad you updated on the birds because I had been thinking of them lately ;). How fun it would be if you put a camara there and watch them, like at the Zoo. Anyway, love the new plans specially the fun pots.

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