Another One Bites the Dust…

My weigh ins are taking on a whole new look this month.  I actually weighed in this morning, but my consultation will be next Tuesday via phone.  With my crazy travel schedule that lies ahead for August, my new JCC Crystal thought weekly phone consultations might be a good idea.  Desperate to stay on track during my next four weeks of travel, it’s worth a shot.

Well… how did the weigh in go, you ask??

I am down another -1.2 lbs! Woo hoo!  I’ll take it!  I feel like I’m trucking along at a pound a week, much due to my snacking and not perfect eating.  This week, I worked out not once, but TWICE!  I’m planning for the same this week (increased activity), so looking forward to a positive weigh in!

I bought this little guy about a year ago now… and it’s found a comfortable spot in my closet collecting dust.  

I love LOVE to take pictures, and I want to get to the point where I can take those cool artsy looking pics.  I bought a Groupon earlier in the year for a “field trip” style photography class through Chimpsy.  After months of trying to find a class that met my schedule, I attended my first photography class today!  

It was so much fun!  The camera that had intimidated me for months now seems much less mysterious.  Now, as part of the class, I did take a few pictures; however, the majority were lame shots of rocks and cars since we were in downtown Denver.  

My plan is to use my new fancy cam – Canon Rebel T2i – to take cool pics to post on this blog, and I may even take it with me to Massachusetts next week to capture my adorable niece and nephew.  Here’s a few pics I took post-class yesterday.  Pretty cool!

Playing with depth of field with my wine rack


Flowers look different with a varied aperature

Tomorrow morning is round two of Spin-Yoga… Wish me luck, readers!  I need it!
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