Creamy Cheesy Beet Dip

Creamy Cheesy Beet Dip | No Thanks to Cake

I’ve been talking a little bit this month about how important snacking is on my plan, and my friends over at Laughing Cow Cheese reached out to tell me that that are here to support my efforts! I’m such a fan of their cheese and I’ve been so for a long time.  Laughing Cow challenged me…

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Currently January | No Thanks to Cake

Currently: January 2015

It’s that time again!!!  Another month has flown by, and it’s time to share the highlights… To be honest, I’m dumbfounded we’re already a full month into 2015. CURRENT MOVIE OBSESSION: It’s officially Oscar season!!  The nominations have been made, my dresses have been ordered, and I can’t wait until Oscar night. For the second…

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Lightened Up Waffled Biscuits and Gravy | No Thanks to Cake

Lightened Up Waffled Biscuits and Gravy

Do you guys watch The Kitchen on Food Network? I LOVE this show so much!  This combination of personalities, the different flavors they bring to the table… it all works beautifully.  And, it’s funny! It’s on every Saturday and Sunday morning on Food Network, and if you’re not watching it today, give it a try!…

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Snacks | No Thanks to Cake

All About the Snacks

We’re at the beginning of week four on this recommitment phase.  Things continue to progress quite nicely.  I don’t think I could say that though, if it weren’t for the way I’ve been SNACKING. Yep, just when you think snacking is what’s bringing you down, it’s what’s making me successful.   Keep in mind, mindless…

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Light Chipotle Ranch Dressing | No Thanks to Cake

Light Chipotle Ranch Dressing

Let me age myself a little bit… but I remember when Ranch dressing first came out.  Yep, I was born B.R. (Before Ranch.) I remember that we had a few restaurants in town that had either a ranch or a buttermilk dressing… but it wasn’t as mainstream as we see it today. I also remember…

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