The Best Chewy Peanut Butter Cookies

The Best Chewy Peanut Butter Cookies | No Thanks to Cake

Things have been crazy, but I’ve been doing my best to stay on top of things.  Birthdays, holidays, gifts… I’ve been super behind on all of this.  I blame the fact that the website I used to use to remind me of birthdays and anniversaries went out of business… but in reality, I’m just doing…

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Taylor Swift | No Thanks to Cake

Shaking it Off

One of the most breakthrough moments for me at Fitbloggin happened during an impromptu “lobby talk” session that I hosted with these fabulous people: It wasn’t something I planned, I just knew I hadn’t had a chance to chat enough with everyone about what they were working on.  So, I invited everyone to the lobby to…

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Win Your Very Own Fitbloggin Swag | No Thanks to Cake

My Annual Fitbloggin Swag {GIVEAWAY}

This summer is one for the books, y’all!  On social media, I’ve been talking a lot about how it is the summer of my #HappinessTourKG… and I can’t even believe how true that is!  I’m going to have to catch you up on the details this week. Before I do, I think it’s important to…

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Fitbloggin 2015 | No Thanks to Cake

Fitbloggin 15: Why I Attend This Conference

This weekend, I went to Fitbloggin’ 2015.  I’ve loved this conference since I first joined back in 2012, and it’s become one of my favorite weekends of the year.  This year was no exception. Photo Credit: Carrie D. Photography While the conference boasts an opportunity for honing your blog skills, sampling amazing new workouts, and meeting…

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Currently June 2015 | No Thanks to Cake

Currently: June 2015

Summer is my favorite, and there’s TONS going on Currently… so, here you go…. Current Location: I’m at Fitbloggin’, y’all!  And, it’s right here in Denver!  Woo hoo!  Can’t wait to tell you guys all about it next week! Current Book: I’ve started reading Elin Hildebrand’s new book – The Rumor.  I’m a huge fan…

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Strawberry Mint Flavored Water | No Thanks to Cake

Strawberry-Mint Flavored Water

Summer has arrived in Colorado.  It’s blazing hot, and all that rain that we’ve been experiencing has vanished from the forecast. What that means is that it is officially my favorite time of year!!  I love everything about summer – – warm days, watermelon, tan lines, the smell of grills cooking in my neighborhood.  I…

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Before After | No Thanks to Cake

My Story, One More Time

Ok, y’all… The past few weeks have been amazing!  And, I’m contributing most of it to my declaration of a Happiness Tour a few weeks back!  I mean, seriously… how does it get much better than this?? I got an email today from my new friends over at Redbook magazine.  After seeing my story on…

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