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Currently August 2015 | No Thanks to Cake

Wow.  August.  It’s gone.  September, I plan to savor… CURRENT SHIRT: I got this Bee Attitudes shirt in the mail this month from my dear friend Donna… I love snail mail surprises! I didn’t realize how much I needed it until this week.  And, I wore it and owned its message as I encountered two fabulous…

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Jenny Craig Simple Inspirations Recipe Contest | No Thanks to Cake

Announcing Simple Inspirations

Oh, my dears… I have such fun news for you today! First of all, I’m HERE. Yep, I’m in New York City… can you believe it?? As the next stop on my Happiness Tour, I’m in the Big Apple for a really exciting opportunity. A few months back, I got a call from my friends…

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Mesa Grill Las Vegas | No Thanks to Cake

Mesa Grill’s Fresh Tomato Soup

On Saturday, Angela and I made reservations for a late lunch at Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill. I’ve heard about this restaurant for years.  I feel like people have raved about it over and over… and I kind of thought it was just hype, until I had lunch there. OMG… Bobby, you are my new hero.  I…

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Celebrating the Good Doctor | No Thanks to Cake

Celebrating the Good Doctor: Part I

Last weekend was a vacation that was 8 years in the making.  It’s been that long (and maybe even longer) that my friend Angela has been pursuing higher education.  In December of last year, she officially became a doctor! Because she’s had her nose in a book or a laptop fired up for the past…

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Bacon Wrapped Asparagus | No Thanks to Cake

Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus

When I was in California a few weeks back, I stayed for a few days with my friend Crystal and her husband…  and like me, Crystal and Adam like to eat healthy foods.  And, they introduced me to a food I had never tried! I love bacon-wrapped asparagus, and it’s so incredibly easy to prepare!…

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Summer Chopped Vegetable Salad | No Thanks to Cake

Summer Chopped Vegetable Salad

Confession:  One day, I want to have a big garden (and a husband who can help take care of it, of course.)  I want to grow all the veggies I love to eat… and to be able to savor my salads and dinner, and say… “OMG, I grew these!” Until then, I’ll keep going to…

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