A Few Days Away + Nat arrives in Colorado

It’s only been since Friday, but I feel like it’s been FOREVER!!!  I’m still alive and kicking – – It’s just been a BUSY few days!

Shipped Xmas gifts – Check!
Finished the latest Nicholas Sparks book – Check!
Pre-holiday hair appointment – Check!
Finish an ongoing knitting project – Check!
 Prepping for another visitor – CHECK!
Spotted these calla lilies at Whole Foods – – Couldn’t resist!

Another visitor you ask?  One of my DEAREST friends made a trip to Colorado this week!  Nat lives in New Jersey and has definitely become on of my besties.  She and I connected as co-workers and have been in touch daily ever since!  As you can imagine, I was SUPER-excited to hear she was Colorado-bound.  

Now… this is the part where I post a cute pic of me and Nat… um, we didn’t take any!  Not a single one!  Having too much fun I guess, we didn’t get around to it.  Darn it!


Nat and I back in March in Los Angeles:  40 lbs ago for me. 
We’ll need to snap a new one of these at GOAL soon…. in NYC!

Here’s one of many things that’s awesome about Nat… Not only is she an amazing friend, she’s super-healthy role model and offers me GREAT motivation and support!  Even from afar, she keeps me inspired and doesn’t mind chatting about weight loss and talking me off the ledge when I’m tempted to eat crap!

Nat also has tried to get me to the gym for a YEAR (from thousands of miles away!)  Well, she and I went to the gym together bright and early this morning!  While Nat killed it on the treadmill, I went to town on the bike and the elliptical… 

What a change from a year ago… I love moments like this.  Thanks, Natalie, for all you’ve done to support me on this journey!  I know that I would not have been able to do this without you and it definitely would have been less fun.  xoxo, Natz!

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    Just found your blog today through Healthy Living Blogs. Psyched to see a Coloradoan and even more excited to see photos of places I recognize 🙂 Looking forward to reading more about your journey, congratulations so far!


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