Contouring and Cocktails with Sprouts

Despite my crazy travel schedule, I love when I have an opportunity to attend local blogger events here in Denver… especially when Sprouts hosts us!  I’ve had a chance to attend a few different events with Sprouts, and every time, I learn something new and meet fantastic folks in the local blogger community.  This session was no exception!

Last week’s session was a bit of a girls’ night, as the theme of the night was Contouring and Cocktails.  As soon as I saw the invite I knew immediately that I wanted to attend.  Contouring has long been an intimidating technique for me.  I mean, I use bronzer…. who doesn’t, but to really get in there and contour my face?  That’s for the makeup artists, or so I thought.

Contouring and Cocktails | No Thanks to Cake

While all of the other meetups have been at local Sprouts markets, the makeup event was held at The Kitchen on 16th Street in Denver.  I’ve dined at The Kitchen many times, and the farm to table restaurant was the perfect backdrop for the night that lied ahead.

Not only were there beautiful snacks set up for us to enjoy, but also a signature cocktail and beauty products.  BEAUTY PRODUCTS are so much fun!

Contouring and Cocktails | No Thanks to Cake

That night I was formally introduced to Mineral Fusion makeup.  Have you guys tried their line?  Not only are there products available for purchase at Sprouts, but Mineral Fusion is also a Denver-based natural makeup company!  I love supporting local brands!  I’m excited to share with you the tips I picked up!

Contouring and Cocktails | No Thanks to Cake

After a short introduction of the product line by Lindsey and our amazing hostesses, I jumped in line for a quick lesson in contouring.  The makeup artist Miriam was lovely and so, so talented.  She quickly helped me identify my face shape, which is an important detail in contouring.

Contouring and Cocktails | No Thanks to Cake

Pro Tip: Did you know that most women attempt contouring based upon YouTube videos?  And with those videos, if the Youtube star doesn’t have your same face shape, you may be applying things all wrong.  Well, I had no idea!  And, when asked what my face shape was… I was told I’m an Oval and we contoured accordingly.

Contouring and Cocktails | No Thanks to Cake

Miriam got started by using an amazing Mineral Fusion Blush Brush dipped in the Luster bronzer (I was obsessed with this brush immediately) sun-kissing my cheeks and creating shadows around my face and along my jawline.  Pro Tip:  Miriam suggested that when you’re bronzing at the hairline, go a little into your hair too.  This will avoid any harsh lines that may form by adding the powder.  Brilliant!

Next, she grabbed a highlighter and applied it on the tops of my cheeks, the center of my nose, and just above my top lip.  The highlighter is meant to add glow anywhere the natural light would hit.

Contouring and Cocktails | No Thanks to Cake

Lastly, she added a pop of color.  She added a touch of blush in Creation and a little lip color in Peony.  Protip: Your lipstick and blush should look nice together and be complementary.  Think of it like two colors that you would wear together in clothing.  If they don’t look nice together, don’t put them on your face together…

While it was fun to have my own makeup done, it was just as fun to watch the other ladies get made over as well.  We all walked away with a bright, glowing look… each with colors that suited us so well and even more beautiful than when we walked in the door.

Contouring and Cocktails | No Thanks to Cake

In true Sprouts fashion, they spoiled us with goodies bags as we left the event.  Inside the bag, I was thrilled to find that blush brush that I loved so much, bronzer, concealer, and even a sheer lip tint!  So so sweet!

Contouring and Cocktails | No Thanks to Cake

I’ve since added the blush and lipstick to my collection, and I’ve been experimenting with the contouring techniques daily.

Thanks, Sprouts, for hosting such a fun evening at the Kitchen and the lovely introduction to Mineral Fusion.  xoxo

Disclaimer:  I received compensation and products from Sprouts; however, all of the opinions and comments about the program are exclusively my own and do not necessarily represent that of the brand.

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