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Something fun about January in Colorado?  We have the most incredible sunsets this time of year, especially on warmer nights in the city.  I’m not sure how the heavens make it happen… but they’re breathtaking.

Currently January 2017 | No Thanks to Cake

It’s that time of the month.  Time to recap the January adventures and faves!  Cheers!


January was a bit of an off month for me for travel.  I feel like there are many months where I’m city to city in my escapades.  This month, I hit Nevada and California and that’s it… but I did take these pretty pretty pics.

I could definitely use some vacation time on Coronado Island at the Del.  Loved this place, but didn’t get to enjoy it nearly as much as I’d like.

Hotel Del Coronado | No Thanks to Cake

The last day, I spent about 30 minutes chilling beachside before heading to the airport… and captured this wave.  Beautiful, to say the least.

Coronado Beach | No Thanks to Cake


On Sunday, my friends Elyce and Anita took me out to lunch for my birthday and a surprise movie – – um, it was the 30th Anniversary of Dirty Dancing!  On January 29th and February 1 only, one of my all-time favorite movie is back on the big screen.  

Dirty Dancing 30th Anniversary | No Thanks to Cake

SUCH a blast, and so fun to see Baby and Johnny amongst fellow fans.  You can go to the show on the 1st!  Check for times in your area here.


The same day I saw Dirty Dancing, we also dined at Seasons 52.  Long time favorite healthy dining choice of mine, I ordered their burger which clocked in at 520 calories.  Made from Angus beef, their secret is that they load the meat mixture with mushroom duxelle – finely chopped mushrooms and shallots to volumize the patty.

Seasons 52 Signature Burger | No Thanks to Cake

While I don’t tend to be a mushroom fan, this was delicious!  As were the housemade pickles…

Also, how about they sent me away today with a rose for my birthday!  Loved this place (once again!)

Rose | No Thanks to Cake


I love accessories… but this month, I’m going to say the accessory of the month is the red boa that I rocked on my birthday.  Truthfully, I was a little shy to put it on… but had so much fun wearing it on my big day.  When offered a boa to wear, the answer is always yes.

Birthday Boa | No Thanks to Cake


I bought myself a right-hand ring for my birthday, and I still love it so much.  Thanks to my new friends in Vegas for helping me pick out the perfect piece, and of course, for that crazy champagne toast!

Tiffany Bow Ring | No Thanks to Cake


Do you ever feel like your books are stacking up?  That’s where I’m at right now.  I’ve got Elin Hildebrand’s Winter Storms, Nicholas Sparks Two by Two, the new Lauren Graham book, and the new book I picked up at my work conference.  So many books, so little time….  I hope to be able to report back on at least one of them next month.


This month I had a TERRIBLE cough that was keeping me up at night.  Just horrible, y’all.  I finally was able to sleep through the night after putting a combination of peppermint and lavender oils on my chest and the back of my neck.  If you’re ever trying to fight a cough, it smells wonderful and just might let you sleep through the night!

Lavender Peppermint Essential Oils | No Thanks to Cake


Imagine if celebrity selfies were a monthly thing… they’re so not, but I did get a quick selfie with Magic Johnson last week.  He was a guest speaker at a work meeting of mine, and BOOM!  Selfie…

Selfie with Magic Johnson | No Thanks to Cake


I really liked this look.  In preparation for my work trip to Cali last week, I wanted a new jacket to rock at the meetings.  It’s always cold in the meeting rooms, and I’ve been dying for a military inspired jacket.

White House Black Market Admiral Jacket | No Thanks to Cake

I found this one at White House Black Market.  I paired it with this cute polka dot, lace-trimmed tank from Mossimo at Target, and a nugget necklace from Inspyre Boutique.  Loved the look!


I just picked up these cute pajamas that are midi in length at Target.  So comfortable and definitely a new favorite from Gilligan & O’Malley.

Xhilaration Pajamas | No Thanks to Cake


Loving this new yarn bowl that I got for my birthday.  If you don’t have a yarn bowl, it’s a fun way to keep your ball of yarn from scooting around your house while you knit… and don’t you just love the wood grain!??  Thanks, Erin!

Yarn Holder | No Thanks to Cake


My friend Melanie told me on my birthday that no one cleans out their closet as much as I do…. but it’s often necessary.  This month, I did it again, making a bit of a dent in it (with more work left to do!)  These goodies are on the way to a local consignment shop where they will find their new homes.

Closet Cleanout | No Thanks to Cake


I’m in the process of choosing paint colors for my living room.  White curtains + white walls are just a little excessive!  So, I’ve got two paint chips on the wall as I make the decision.  You guys, I think I’m going with the darkest of the greys, and I’m hopeful it looks amazing.

Living Room Paintcolors | No Thanks to Cake

I also just picked up this new girly silver lamp to replace the orange one that’s been in here for a while.   I need to take off the wrapper on the shade now that it’s officially staying, but it’s all coming together…


I’m considering chopping my hair again.  Eeks!  I don’t jump right into it… because the idea of cutting it off terrifies me.  I spotted Sarah’s hair on the Bachelor, and I pretty much want it.

Bachelor Sarah Hair | No Thanks to Cake

What do you think?  Can I pull this off?


I picked up a calendar at the end of last month, and I am in LOVE with it!  The messages are fantastic and inspirational… Available on Amazon here.

Seize the Day 2017 Calendar | No Thanks to Cake

I’ve been posting a few of the pages on Instagram… each page is beautiful and just lovely.


My friend Monica sent me a magical lipstick collection for my birthday.  Of course, I love lipsticks… so a lipstick kit is a great gift idea.  Here’s the crazy part though:  Somehow, every color in this Smashbox Light It Up kit is PERFECT for me!  Thanks, Mon!


Smashbox Light it Up Lipstick Set | No Thanks to Cake

Also of note, this new Too Faced shade Maneater also made my list of faves for January.

Too Faced Maneater Matte Lipstick | No Thanks to Cake


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