Crockpot Salsa Chicken

Today’s recipe is one of those combine and forget type of recipes that I absolutely love.

Anytime I have a chance to use my crockpot, I jump at it.  And, when Corrie Anne was talking about her salsa chicken on Instagram last week, it got me thinking.

She said her recipe was as simple as mixing chicken and whatever kind of salsa she had in the fridge in a crockpot.  Um… I had salsa and a crockpot.  And, with that… Crockpot Salsa Chicken was born.

I ended up adding a FEW ingredients more than just salsa and chicken to the dish, but it’s really your call.  To me, everything tastes better with onions, garlic, and cumin…

The salsa I decided to use was a Market Pantry Tomatillo Salsa I bought a few weeks back.  See, I don’t buy chips… so finishing off a container of salsa like this takes FOREVER until I try a recipe like this.

In the end, I ate the salsa chicken in many different ways… on salads (mostly), in quinoa veggie bowls, and smashed in a panini with a wedge of Babybel cheese.  I’m pretty sure it’s good on anything.

Without further ado… here’s how I made mine!

Crockpot Salsa Chicken


1 lb. boneless, skinless chicken breasts

1 onion, thinly sliced

1 1/2 cup salsa, any kind or a combination of kinds


garlic powder

cooking spray


1.  Spray your crockpot with cooking spray and turn it to low heat.

2.  Add your onion and chicken to the crockpot.  Sprinkle chicken with cumin and garlic powder.

3.  Add your salsa.

4.  Cover the crockpot with the lid, and cook for 5-6 hours on low until chicken falls apart.

5.  Stir chicken and veggies with a large spoon until chicken has shredded.  It should just fall apart.

6.  Serve over salads, in taco shells, in burrito bowls, etc.  The possibilities are endless!  Enjoy!

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  1. Corrie Anne says:

    Awwwa thanks for the shoutout. We just made it again last night. Kevin had his with quinoa, and I had mine over spinach, cabbage slaw, and sweet potato. So good.

  2. Kim says:

    I love easy crock pot meals like this! Your version looks tasty!!


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