Workout Wednesday – News from the Gym

It’s Wednesday… so I thought it was fitting to give you some workout updates….

1.  Couch to 5K is in full effect.  I have one more day of “Week One” and I’ll be moving onward to “Week Two.”  I’m also planning on raising the incline on the treadmill.  They say it’s an easier transition to outdoor running if you put it on an incline of 1.  Planning to try that tomorrow!  NINE WEEKS until my race!

2.  I’m Getting Super Strong – At my YMCA, they track all the weights you lift and all your cardio.  There’s even prize intervals once you hit different levels of working out.  They have a whole point system they use.  Pretty cool!

I got an email today from one of the trainers at the gym that I’ve now lifted

more than 100,000 lbs so far!

"We see you've been pumping da iron..."

I also spent time with one of the trainers on Friday learning about new machines and new exercises to tone up some problematic areas…. I see 200,000 lbs in my future really soon as result!

3.  FitBit is BACK - Last week on the SAME day that I had my root canal, I pulled a pair of workout pants out of the dryer to find that my FitBit was attached to them.  Now, what this means is that my favorite pedometer/life tracker went through not only the washer, but also the dryer.  You might remember that I just got a warranty replacement MAYBE three weeks ago!!

In case you were wondering, these are SO not waterproof. It was completely ruined by the spin cycle.

I got referred back to FitBit customer service via Twitter and they once again took care of me!  They’re sending me a new one!  I didn’t beg for a new one in any way… they are just really generous about it!!!

In appreciation for their goodwill and because I had been eyeing it… I pre-ordered the new Fitbit Aria Scale!  It is amazing and will replace my current WW scale.  It wirelessly updates your weight online with your FitBit tracker (which feeds into MyFitnessPal) and it measures things I’ve never measured like body fat percentage, etc.  I’m really excited about it.  Will let you know what I think of it when it arrives!

I ordered the White one, of course

Thank you once again, Fitbit.  You’ve created quite the promoter in me!

How are your workouts this week??

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  1. I love the Jodi’s Race! Are you collecting donations for that?

    I’ve also heard about the Y keeping track of your weights, which I think is so cool. How do they do that? What a great way to keep track of your progress.

    About a year ago I bought a MyTrak, which sounds pretty similar to the FitBit. I absolutely LOVE it. I had first read about it on another blogger’s site and decided to invest in it. The run of the mill pedometer just didn’t seem to accurately be counting my steps. I even had one where if it wasn’t sitting just “so” on my belt, the dang thing wouldn’t work! So frustrating after a day of lots of activity to look down and see it said: “1,093 steps”… The MyTrak appears extremely accurate and offers neat charts to measure your steps, heart rate, and the list goes on. It works with a heart rate monitor too, which I love. I’ve had 1 encounter where I almost lost it (devastating, seeing as how pricey it was)! BUT, apparently the Biggest Loser is all over the MyTrak these days.. which I thought they were into the Body Bugg? Maybe they still are? I quit watching the show. Annndddd I’m starting to ramble.

    One other thing I wanted to say was that I saw you left a comment for me on the Cherry Blossom post. So (this happens often), if people are viewing my blog via a mobile device and they comment – the comment comes through on the Blogger commenting tool, not the DISQUS one that I have on there, so your comment doesn’t actually appear on the blog. I’m saying all this to say: thank you for the kind words :). I’m very happy again!! Should you ever decide to come to DC for any reason at all – you must let me know :). I’m still mulling over the FitBloggin’! Going to see how much this destination wedding sets me back and then I’ll make a decision. I would really love to go!

    • nothankstocake says:

      I am collecting donations… I’ll tweet you the link, if you’re interested. :)

      At the Y, you log in every time you come to the gym and at every machine…. it tracks exactly what you do. Kind of cool!

      I love the Fitbit, but as long as you’re tracking somehow, I think that’s good! Also, I’d LOOOOOVE to see you at Fitbloggin’! Destination wedding?? Have you picked a destination??

  2. Mary says:

    Kelly – I feared washing my Fitbit, also, so I decided to wear it clipped to my bra, just below where the strap attaches. It is barely noticeable and seems to measure steps accurately…and I feel like I stand a better chance of seeing it before it makes it into the washer! So far, this has worked well for me.

    • nothankstocake says:

      That’s a good idea! I like to put the Fitbit on my shoe when I ride the bike… so I haven’t done any wearing on the bra, but maybe it’s time to start!!!

      • Mary says:

        I didn’t think about putting it on my shoe when I ride the bike. Great idea – thank you so much! I LOVE your blog – it is so inspiring – I’m so happy I found it!!!!

  3. Marion says:

    4/4 done! Love my workouts cause it is my only “me” time and I equate it to meditation and stress management!

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