About Me

Hi, I’m Kelly and Welcome to No Thanks to Cake!

Kelly Guy | No Thanks to Cake

I’m a Colorado girl who started this little blog back in 2010, when I began a life-changing adventure in weight loss.  I named it “No Thanks to Cake” because it was during a time when I felt like around every corner there was a slice of cake being offered to me… and I was desperate to find a better way to say no to it and, frankly, a better REASON to say no.

I took a leap, joined the Jenny Craig program, and set out to improve my lifestyle through weight loss.  During this process, I started writing about it every week, capturing my journey and writing about the ups and downs.

Before After 2014 | No Thanks to Cake

I was determined that this was going to be the very last time I ever had this much weight to lose and an “online journal” seemed the perfect way to commemorate the journey.  Who knew I would find such a wonderful group of friends and a support system, who would root me on, every step of the way – – Thanks, Y’all!

Having lost the bulk of my weight in the early years, my blog has been transformed into more of a healthy lifestyle/healthy cooking blog.  I still chronicle my weight-related ups and downs… but “No Thanks to Cake” is now a story about my maintenance experience and all that goes with that.

Yoga on the Rocks | No Thanks to Cake

I juggle a demanding career, a busy social calendar, and balance all that with my love for travel.  And, amongst all of that, I maintain my commitment to staying healthy and eating the foods that fuel my body and soul.

Getting healthy was the hardest and the best decision I ever made.  I thank you for taking a moment to read more about me, and invite you into my kitchen to share a glimpse of what’s going on in my world every week.   Thanks for stopping by!