Pumped Up Kicks

This weekend, I decided to debut my new sneakers…. and what better way to do this than to walk on my favorite trails!  It’s a gorgeous fall day.  Not feeling very fall at ALL…. 82 degrees and sunny.  I.  LOVE.  IT.

I also found this shirt in my drawer.  I bought it “waaaaaay back when” at Old Navy.  You know, on those tables where every shirt is $5?  A little salute to my birthplace… it seemed like a good choice for a walking shirt!  PS… a year ago, it would have appeared in that oh-so-attractive “painted on” style.  Thank goodness that’s not the case now!

My dad has been suggesting to me forever to take my camera out for my walk.  Today, I did!  Check out how GORGEOUS these trails are.  I also wonder why I don’t spend more time on this beautiful walk.

Gorgeous – - These purple flowers are new!  I love them!
Pretty Pretty Bridge
Um, hello, horses????  First time I’ve ever seen these guys on my trails….
The duck pond is my favorite spot.  Usually the little guys are swimming, but today,
they were just lined up on the wall.

AND… today is a double-header workout day…. I’ve got Rejuvenation Yoga this afternoon to get me ready for the week.  Woo hoo!

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  1. Are you from Pennsylvania, Ohio or New York??? I <3 your t-shirt!

  2. I am originally from Ohio, but have lived in Tennessee and Colorado since. You must be a Lake Erie girl too! :)

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