Jenny Updates: Weigh in and AH Moments

On Saturday morning, I made my way back to Jenny Craig for a weigh in.

I didn’t have an official consultation on the books since Candace wasn’t available.  Committed to getting my weigh-ins in, I did a drop-in appointment.  Over the years, I’ve become an expert on the “drop-in” appointments.  Ideally, I call ahead to submit my food order and quickly jump on the scale.  I write my updated weight on a post-in note, and zoom out with my food.

This morning was pretty close to that!  And, as a bonus… the number I wrote on the post-it was less than last weigh in! Woo Hoo!

This Week’s Weight Loss: -0.6 lbs

Total Weight Loss: -79.0 lbs

As part of Team Jenny, I have a chance to interact a little more closely with Jenny Craig corporate.  When they emailed me to let me know that Jenny Craig was featured in the May issue of Oprah’s O Magazine, I headed out to Target to pick it up and see what all the buzz was about!

For those of you who subscribe, Jenny Craig has an article included on page 94 of this month’s issue.

The article in O Magazine tells a fantastic story of mother and daughter, Linda and Pam, who lost a collective 57 lbs on the Jenny Craig program as they were planning for family cruise to Alaska.  The ease of the Jenny Craig program + the support they lent each other made their weight loss possible!

I don’t know about you, but I love reading about people that are changing their lives and getting healthy.  It’s so inspiring!

The two-page spread also includes information on an exciting new contest from Jenny Craig and O Magazine that’s going on! Here are the details, and how you can enter to win:

AH Moment Contest

Are you inspired to make a change? In honor of Mother’s Day, share your “AH Moment” to getting healthy and enter for a chance to win!  You could win a trip for two to NYC to attend Jenny’s 30th birthday party, a free Jenny program, 30-days of Jenny food, a tour of the O Magazine offices and a night on the town complete with dinner and a Broadway show! Visit for more information on how to enter.

Plus, share your inspired “Ah Moment” on your Twitter page using #Jenny and be entered to win one of 100 Jenny prize packages

Also, don’t forget to visit to learn about how Jenny is supporting the American Heart Association’s My Heart. My Life.™ initiative. Here, you will be able to sign up for the American Heart Association’s Heart Walks taking place in over 300 cities through 2013.

While your official entry to the contest will have to go through this link, I’d love to hear your AH Moment .  What made you pause and decide to get healthy?

For me, it was two things:

1)  This picture that I took with friends outside of Garcia’s way back when, which made my weight gain all too obvious.

2) My friend Robin making the decision to schedule gastric bypass surgery.

Both opened my eyes to the fact that I was ignoring my weight, and missing out on my life.  Two and a half years later, joining Jenny was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

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My Current Struggle

I’m struggling a little bit this week.

I’m having trouble with not feeling NORMAL.

You heard me: NORMAL.

Sometimes, I just want to go out to lunch with a co-worker and not feel a little guilty when I eat a few fried pickle chips.

One day, I want to feel okay accepting plans with friends that involves food and alcohol without first thinking about my weigh-in, what the impact will be, what I will be eating, etc.

I feel like this is what NORMAL people do.  People who are CAREFREE… people who are LIVING.

The interesting thing:  I know that the people who do behave as I’ve described to be “normal” in most cases aren’t trying to lose weight.  They haven’t just lost 80 lbs.  They’re not actively participating in a weight loss program.

Also, in reality… while they may not stress about what’s for lunch, about how they’re going to work off the breadsticks they ate, there are other things that worry them.

So, why do I compare myself to these people who clearly have different goals than I do??  Deep down, I know I shouldn’t… but I still do.  I hate saying no to social outings, and frankly… I wanted to eat pizza this week.

So… I did!  This week, I had dinner with Tiffany, and I did what I usually do… I led with a restaurant choice that has healthy choices. When she suggested we try Sexy Pizza… how could I really say no??  I mean, yes… I wanted to have pizza, and Sexy Pizza sounded delish!

Now, we ate pretty well.  We split a salad (avoiding that cheese) and each ate two pieces of pizza.  In my past, I would have easily devoured about 1/2 of that pie, but I just don’t eat like that anymore…

Even though that was pretty good, I felt horrible about it.  For maintaining my weight, this meal is totally doable… but when I’m trying to lose, extra sodium and extra calories don’t typically lend to a positive weigh-in.  Food guilt is the WORST.

On the positive side:  I packed great snacks every day of the week and really stayed on track during the days.  I even avoided a Chick-fila catered lunch… that’s impressive!

So… how did my weigh-in go?  Well, I didn’t go.  The scale and I had a disagreement on Saturday morning, and I just didn’t feel like going to Jenny Craig and talking about it.  I knew what happened this week.  I knew that I hadn’t been to the gym all week long.  I hadn’t forgotten I ate the pizza, and I knew that I wasn’t in the mood to drive across town to rehash what I already knew.

So… I skipped the weigh in.

I decided to instead do what I needed on Saturday, and I decided not to compare it to what “normal” people would have done… or to what I “should” have done… I took the day off.

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This Week’s Weigh In + A Jenny Surprise

After a solid week on program, I was excited to get back to Jenny Craig this weekend for my official weigh-in.

I stayed about 85% on program, with a few slip ups here and there.  Overall, I wasn’t surprised with what I saw on the scale.

This Week’s Weigh In: -1.8 lbs

Total Weight Lost: -78.4 lbs

I’ll always take a two pound weight loss!  That works for me!  I also received a fun surprise from Jenny Craig in the mail… two boxes worth of surprises actually!  When I got invited to join the #MyJennyCraig team of bloggers, I was told to expect a package in the mail, and it’s arrived!

So… what’s inside this cute Jenny Craig bag??  Snacks, of course!  

Inside the box was one of just about every kind of shelf stable snack Jenny Craig has to offer!  How about White Cheddar Popcorn, Toffee Cookies, Peanut Caramel Bar, S’mores Bar, Mixed Berry Bar, Chocolate Chip Snack Bar, and Cheese Curls….

Thanks, Jenny!!!

The Jenny Craig program includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack each day.  In addition, your consultant helps you choose fresh fruits and veggies to add into the mix as well as fresh dairy products.  Snacking is CRITICAL to weight loss, if you ask me.  Most of my over eating incidents happen when I get too hungry.  Also, knowing I have an sweet or salty snack to look forward to makes it easier to avoid splurging as well.

Afterall, check out this Peanut Caramel Bar… reminds me of a Snickers bar! Yum!

With all these snacks at my disposal, which one do you think I ate first?  It wasn’t the candy bar above.  It was… Cheese Curls!!!  They are my absolute favorite… and they taste just like Baked Cheetos – – Yum-O!

Now, it’s barely a recipe… but a fun twist on how I like to eat my cheese curls.  And, in my book, most everything tastes a little better buffalo-style!

 Simply shake some Frank’s Hot Sauce onto your cheese curls, mix, and enjoy!  They’re kind of like hot cheetos, but better!

 The snacks weren’t the end of the surprises from Jenny.  They also sent me this guy!  A new yoga mat?  Of course, I love that!

Inside the package, I also received the nicest note from Cathy in PR… wishing me luck on the remainder of my journey.  Thanks, Cathy, and Team Jenny!  I know that your gifts will help me along the way!

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Weekly Weigh In and Snow Boredom

After last week’s big weight loss, I had a feeling this week might be a little less than stellar.  While my eating was on track for the most part and according to plan, the scale didn’t show a dramatic change with this week’s weigh-in.

This Week’s Weight Loss: +/- 0.0 lbs

Total Weight Loss: -78.9 lbs

Yep, I lost NOTHING.  I still love it though…. because the past two weeks still reflect a loss! Have you been watching the news this weekend?  If so, you’ve probably seen that the next round of winter storms rolled through Colorado.  We actually had a BLIZZARD WARNING!  Geez, Louise… that’s a little ridiculous!

The snow didn’t start until the middle of the night on Friday, so this girl was completely safe and tucked away for the winter storm.  I hit the grocery store on Friday night, so I had food for the weekend and for some new recipes I wanted to try. I loaded up the crockpot first thing in the morning… with an amazing bolognese sauce that I’ll share with you tomorrow.  I wish there was a way that I could somehow add a link that could convey the smell associated with this sauce.  It smelled amazing (and that is an understatement.)

I think the secret to this terrific sauce was the pancetta… click here to see the full recipe :)

While the sauce bubbled in the crockpot, I moved to my bedroom to face my closet.  My closet has been completely out of control for a while now.


The biggest challenge with the closet is that if I buy a new piece (like my shopping trip to JCP last weekend,) there’s no room for the new stuff.  I just can’t have that! This time around though, the challenge to cleaning out the closet was a little different.  In the past, I used this time to remove items that no longer fit.  While there were some pieces that didn’t fit, I had to take a more critical look at the situation and make those decisions that we all hate to make…

Will I Ever Wear this Again? When is the Last Time I’ve Worn this?

I am pretty good at getting rid of stuff.  I don’t love clutter at all… but for some reason, I get nostalgic with clothing.  I wore that shirt to that event, or I wore that dress to such and such’s wedding.  If it fits, I somehow think I’ll wear it again… but I had to dig a little deeper and make some choices.

It took several hours and involved several breaks… but I made it happen!  And, I even had room for these guys in the end!

Goodwill got two big bags of treasures yesterday, and I saved a few of my favorite items that I can’t wear anymore for a friend.  I feel so much better now that the closet has space again and is organized.  I don’t keep up with it well, but the short sleeved shirts are living together, separate from the tanks, and in a different spot than the dresses… This is going to make things much easier in the mornings!  My sock drawer and workout clothes also got an overhaul.  Clutter beware on a snow day…


The other area that should beware during a snow day?  My refrigerator.  There’s nothing worse than being home all day with no where to go, with extra time on my hands, and the most delicious food on hand.  I did my best to make good choices during my snow day, but the reality is that I ate all day long.  Bananas and cucumber salad and more salad and bites of my bolognese (to taste test!) and ice cream and kale salad… and the list goes on.

Thankfully, Sunday was a COMPLETELY different day from an eating perspective.  Just as the snow started to melt away, my boredom eating also vanished on Sunday as I ran a bunch of errands, hit the gym, and life got back to normal.

The forecast looks good for the next week… so I should be safe.  Phew!

How do you handle snow days or those days where you are stuck at home?

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