My Favorite Things

It’s been a while since I’ve shared some of my “favorite things”, so I figured this Friday was PERFECT timing to share a few more…

Choosing a Word Every Day

I wrote about this concept on Monday, and it’s amazing how it’s changing my days…

Life Lessons:  Choose Your Word | No Thanks to Cake

I love, love, LOVE choosing a word every day to be my guiding light.  So far, it’s worked amazingly… and I love that so many of you have been adopting it as well!  So fun!

Skinny Pop Popcorn

This summer, I REALLY got into popcorn.  My girl Tiffany talked me into trying a few varieties at our favorite grocery store, and I was quickly picking up popcorn every single week.  And, this brand has become my new favorite…

Skinny Pop | No Thanks to Cake

What I love most about Skinny Pop is that it comes in individual-sized servings.  Portion control is one of the things I struggle with… so when a snack comes ready to go, I’m in!  Also, the flavor is AWESOME!  The mini-bags have 100 calories per serving, and it’s a NICE serving.  Try this popcorn… you won’t be sorry!

Subway Sriracha Chicken Sandwich

Holy Hannah!  I feel like Subway keeps inventing sandwiches just for me… and this one is NO EXCEPTION!

Subway Sriracha Chicken | No Thanks to Cake

Let me warn you briefly… this sauce is SPICY!  If you’re a little nervous about spiciness… get the sauce on the side, or have them go light on the sauce.  When I’ve eaten this, my mouth burned for at least 10 minutes after… in the best possible way.  If you like spicy buffalo, you’re going to like this one BIG TIME!

Kelly’s New Album – Wrapped in Red

When I heard that my girl Kelly had a new Christmas album coming out, I knew that I had to buy it.  I’m not a huge fan of Christmas music, but I’ve been listening to it for a few weeks now… and I love it!

Wrapped in Red | No Thanks to Cake


And.. she has a Christmas special coming to TV in December!  You know I’ll be watching!!  What’s crazy is that she taped the show just two days after I left Las Vegas a few weeks ago.

Kelly and Kelly at the Venetian | No Thanks to Cake

At least I got a quick pic before I left… and I’ll be watching from home when it airs!

Favorite song?  Favorite Things (a la Sound of Music)… So great!  Check it out!

Ab Work

Yeah… I don’t even believe that I’m writing this either.  No, my blog hasn’t been hijacked…

I’m loving the core work we’re doing at yoga these days.  It’s like my instructors know it and they’re sneaking in these core moves.

Boat Post | No Thanks to Cake


Boat pose, for example… it rips at your core, and it’s just one of many I’ve loved doing.  Actually, I don’t love it during.  What I love is that feeling I have when I get home and I can “feel” my abs.  Feeling them shrinking… is what I hope is happening.

Vinylux Weekly Polish

The lovely Judy who does my pedicures talked me into trying this new polish, advising that it was marketed as a weekly polish.  I decided to give it a shot because my standard manicure usually starts chipping after a few days…

Vinylux Polish | No Thanks to Cake

The Vinylux polish (at my salon) is only $2 more, and for me, it lasts TWO WEEKS!!!!  My nails don’t do well with gel or shellac, but they LOVE this extended wear polish.  Ask for it at your nail shop!  It’s amazing!!!  The color I’ve been wearing is called Rubble.  LOVE this stuff!

What are you loving this week?

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Five Days of Fitbloggin Posts….

Sadly, this will be the LAST of my Fitbloggin posts.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the recap as much as I have.  In its own way, it’s like re-living the entire experience, which I’ve loved.  I have also enjoyed putting words to the pictures that I took and expressing how much I appreciate the people I met and the overall experience.

Now, since it’s post number 5… I thought I’d give you FIVE more things about Fitbloggin that you might be interested in.


Holy crap… I met Gina from Skinny Taste!!!!!  Hilary and I just HAD to say hello to Gina and her friend Doreen on Thursday night at the welcome reception.  She is UH-MAZING!

With Gina from SkinnyTaste

Why do I love Gina?  First and foremost, because she is so personable and friendly… and just fun to be around!

Secondly, Gina’s website has been one that I’ve used for years and years… I followed her when I was on Weight Watchers, and I’ve used her recipes ever since.  She healthifies every recipe she adds to her site, and takes the most beautiful pictures of the food… that makes you want to eat it immediately!

I’ve even featured a few of Gina’s recipes here on NTTC:  Pumpkin Spice Pancakes, Asian Carrot Ginger DressingPasta with Italian Chicken Sausage, Peppers and EscaroleCrockpot Applesauce, Lowfat Red Wine-Tomato Vinaigrette, Creamy Cilantro Tomatillo Dressing

Gina – You’re personally responsible for some of that 84 lbs that I’ve lost so far!  Thank you!!!!


In talking to some fellow bloggers, they mentioned that they would like to hear more about my shopping adventures and what I’m wearing on the regular!  So, that being said… Stay tuned for shopping updates!

With Sade at the McCormick store… in a maxi by INC from Macy’s

I’ve got plenty of material for this topic.  Hopefully, you’ll enjoy what I put together!  Is there anything you’d like me to write about more?  Leave me a comment below!


I’m the LAZIEST notetaker ever… While I learned a lot at Fitbloggin, my notetaking could use some work.

I even bought this cool keyboard for my iPad… but barely used it.

Most of my notes looked like this… Thanks, Canon!


Baltimore is gorgeous… and I don’t think I’ve given you enough pretty pics.


We didn’t get any free items to take home, but I was SOOOO excited to see that Laughing Cow Cheese was sponsoring one of our breaks!  I LOVE Laughing Cow… They had bagels and their new Smooth Sensations cream cheese flavors!  For 45 calories, you can enjoy a wedge of regular, Garden Vegetable (MY FAVORITE), Strawberry and Cream, or Cinnamon Cream.  So delicious!!!

Garden Veggie FTW

I’ll take a pic with the cheese wheels…


By now, you know I’m obsessed with Subway… so don’t be too surprised when you hear that I skipped lunch at Fitbloggin twice to go to Subway instead.

My Veggie Delite is all dressed up!

Here’s the BEST part!  If you live in the DC area, you’ve had this…. but how about that hot pepper relish you can ONLY get on the East coast??  Why can’t I get this in Denver???  So delish!!!


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Weekend Weigh-In Update

Another gain.

Yeah, I thought it might be easier if I just cut to the chase.  I gained AGAIN this week.

This Week’s Loss:  + 0.2 lbs

 Total Loss: – 80.0 lbs

Oh geez… the numbers are DEFINITELY heading in the wrong direction.  I’ll take 0.2 though.  Especially considering that when I got on the scale on Sunday morning, the scale showed I was down almost three pounds OVERNIGHT.

Ultimately, I own the gain; however, I feel the need to share a few contributing factors.  (Yes, I know this sounds like I’m about to pour out the excuses, but bear with me.)

The day before weigh-in is a VERY important day.  It’s one where I won’t usually make plans with friends for dinner, and I’m usually extra careful about what’s going into the bod.  It’s superstitious, it’s ridiculous…. but I know some of you guys do the same thing.

Example:  I wear close to the same thing every Saturday when I weigh in (so I can’t wonder if it was just my clothes.)  And, I never eat breakfast or gulp a bunch of water before the weigh-in… that just shows up on the scale.  It’s crazy, I know.  I even told my JCC Amalia that I almost wore a bathing suit last week… I joke, but if it was socially acceptable, I just might do it!!!

Friday morning, I woke up in Boise to find that I had no breakfast.  When I used to travel all the time, I would simply pack a JC breakfast.  For some reason, I’m rusty when it comes to traveling because I didn’t have anything with me.  And, let’s be honest… breakfast options are slim when you’re looking for something healthy.  Especially when you’re a non-egg eater.  It’s just tough.

So, I decided to have a Subway Veggie Delite.  They’re open early now, and the sub would fill me up for about 230 calories.  Done!  I went to the local Subway and geniously had them make me a footlong (my first one!)  The 2nd half would become my airport lunch…

This one was breakfast

And, its twin became lunch while I was waiting to board my flight for Denver

This was a brilliant idea, until I took the first bite.  Holy saltiness!  The guy who made them was SO heavy on the salt and pepper.  It was salty and spicy from all that black pepper.  Optimistically, I felt like I could recover.  Afterall, I had those delish veggies already prepared.  How could I not eat them??

Well, when I was at the airport… I also decided to peruse the gift shops for healthy snacks.  Boise Airport does a great job having healthy alternatives handy and has previously had Pop Chips in stock for my purchasing pleasure.  Well, they didn’t have Pop Chips in individual-sized bags, but they had Pretzel Crisps, which just sounded good!

For 110 calories per serving, I had a cheesy pretzel treat!  I was so into this…. but when I tasted them, I was OVERWHELMED by the saltiness of them.  Honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever get this flavor again.  Tasted like salt, not so much like Jalapeno Jack… but apparently, that’s what I was craving because I didn’t let it slow me down.  My chip-aholic status remains.

Too much salt on a pre-weigh in Friday… I know better than that!  Especially considering that I was down so much on Sunday morning… I know that the salt was not helping a girl out.

Afterall, it had been a very SOLID week!!!!

I had eaten well, and MOST NOTEWORTHY, I had gotten to the gym A LOT.  I logged 10K steps on my Fitbit FOUR days this week… I did Pilates on Tuesday… I walked a LOT.  I mean, this was a week where I felt really good about getting back on track and I blew it with some Pretzel Crisps.  Boo-hiss!

The good news is that I should be blowing Amalia’s socks off when I see her next Saturday at my weigh-in at JC.  I even hit up the Farmers’ Market today and gathered my supplies for the week…

My Secret Weapon for the Week

I have also begun reading Women, Food, and God by Geneen Roth… and I’m amazed by how much of the book is resonating with me.  I’m also thankful that I’ve found it because it’s been my companion on the treadmill this week…. and in the airport… and on the stationery bike.  I’ve also been highlighting away in hopes of sharing a lot of great nuggets with you all when I review it.

Today while at the YMCA, I ran across a quote she captured from Rumi that fit perfectly for what I’m going through right now.  Rumi when asked how birds learn to fly stated: “They fall and falling, they’re given wings.”

Maybe I just need to fall a little to finish this journey up right…. I certainly hope so because I really have my sights set on flying.

Do you have things you do (or won’t do) before you weigh in?  Do you try to remove any obstacles like I do?

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Hello Giveaway!

It’s Wednesday night, and I just got back from the gym… seems like the PERFECT time for a giveaway!!!!

But before we get to the giveaway details… let me tell you about a little something I tried at Subway.

I could eat Subway every day (and sometimes I do)… but did you hear they had a new sub??  I went in there tonight to get a Veggie Delite (my standard sub.)  And, what to my wondering eyes should appear… but a sign with a brand-new Smokehouse BBQ Chicken sandwich.


I wasn’t really sure what to put on it, but mine looked just like this.  No cheese, some lettuce and tomato, and lots of onions.

I looked up the stats AFTER I ate it, but was okay with what I saw.  For the 6″ sandwich with veggies (no cheese) and on honey oat, you’ll consume 380 calories.  It’s part of the Fit Fresh menu and is only here for a limited time.  I definitely recommend you try it if you get a chance… it’s really great.

Now… Let’s talk about this GIVEAWAY!

When I was thinking about doing my next giveaway, I wanted to give you guys something that I know will help you achieve your weight loss goals, and something I really like.

Now, I’m not that creative… so, it might be something that you’ve seen before!

Weight Watchers Five Ingredient 15 Minute Recipes

Spring 2012 Edition

These are my FAVORITE cookbooks, and the latest edition was released just a few weeks ago.  As with the winter edition, I bought one for you… and one for me.

Recipes in this cookbook include:

Chicken-Veggie Potstickers

Peanut Butter Pie

Pesto Shrimp Pasta

Asiago Tortellini Soup

Asiago-Crusted Pork Chops (on cover)

Macademia Coconut Chicken Tenders

Honey Roasted Carrots

and many, many more!

The majority of the delicious recipes I try are from these cookbooks, and they’ve changed the way I cook!

Alright… to enter, you simply have to do the following:  Leave me a comment telling me what your “dish” is.  What do you cook that you’re known for?  If you don’t have a “dish”, you can simply say you don’t.  (US and Canadian residents only please)

I’ll randomly choose a winner a week from today on Wednesday, April 25th and announce it right here at NTTC.

Good Luck!

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