75-Pound Reward Redemption

WAAAY back when I began this weight loss journey, I set up some fantastic rewards for myself that I would collect along the way.  In retrospect, I should have set smaller intervals for my prizes like my girl Hilary over at The Big Weight who earns a prize every five pounds!

Just the same, I set up my rewards at 30 lbs, 40 lbs, ONEderland, 75 lbs, and goal (91 lbs).  I hit the 75-pound mark a while back, and now I’ve finally made time to do my teeth whitening treatment.

I scheduled my whitening on the same day I had a cleaning scheduled.  I was told that it would be an hour for the whitening, and that I might have some pain and sensitivity during the procedure.  Now, if you know me… you know I’m a pain-o-phobe.  So, I was a little freaked out.

I also don’t have very stained teeth.  I only drink coffee when I want to… and when I’m craving a Salted Caramel Mocha and I don’t drink much soda.  Here’s my before pic.

Before Going in for my Whitening Treatment

The guy who did the treatment said I only had one level to get to the whitest sample tooth they had.  I’ve seen SUPER white teeth on some of my friends though… I think he may have been holding back.

So, thankfully, I didn’t have any pain or sensitivity during the treatment – – YAY!  What I did have is BOREDOM.  It’s super boring.  You just sit there for two 20-minute sessions while your teeth magically whiten themselves after a delicious bleach is applied to your teeth.  The guy who did the treatment turned on a movie, but warned me not to move my mouth or talk.

Um, suggesting I watch How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days on the DVD player might not have been the best idea. I couldn't help but laugh while Andie pulled her shenanigans on Benny-Benny-Boo-Boo.

Trying to ignore the movie so I wouldn’t laugh, I decided to play with my phone and used my iPhone to take this gorgeous pic….

Stunning, I know...

About an hour later, I walked out of the office with brighter, whiter teeth!  Happy it was over, I took those same teeth to the gym to do a little workout post-dentist.  I was SURE that someone was going to stop me on the elliptical to comment on my whiteness, but alas… they didn’t.

AFTER! I am a little brighter and whiter!

I’m just a few more pounds from my final prize…. and I’m shopping for a new piece of jewelry.  I tried on the Alex Sepkus ring I’ve been lusting after for years… and I’m not nuts about it.  Thinking something sparkly from Tiffany’s might be a good idea.  Any ideas, folks?  I want something that can be a keepsake… and I was thinking a right-hand ring because you have to STAY at your weight in order for it to fit.  Let me know what you think.  I need something SPECIAL!


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Weigh-In Update and Earning a Reward

Weigh-In Update

I finally worked a weigh-in into my schedule this weekend.  Bright and early on Saturday morning, I headed to my local Jenny Craig ready to weigh, and here’s how it went:

This Week’s Weigh-In:  -2.8 lbs
Total Weight Lost:  76.4 lbs
I felt like this happy carrot!  

Losing 76.4 lbs total means that two monumental things have also happened…

1)  I’m only 15 lbs from goal!  Unbelievable!  I remember walking into Jenny Craig for the first time and seeing the director write down that I had NINETY-ONE lbs to lose and just CRYING.  Now, fourteen months later, I’ve just about made it there!!!  So excited!

2)  I’ve FINALLY reached another one of my REWARDS.  I really should have set up more frequent reward intervals.  My last reward was earned back in April!


Nonetheless, my -75 lb reward is in-office teeth whitening.  I’m excited to get this done soon and can’t wait to get it scheduled!  I’ll keep you guys posted on the process and take some cool before/after shots.  I’m not a big coffee/soda drinker or anything… Just looking to be whiter and brighter this year!  So excited!

With goal JUST around the corner, I’m also extra motivated to get there sooner rather than later.  I have a trip to the beach with friends planned for June, and I definitely plan to be at goal then, if not below.

It is, however, the last of the pounds… for some reason people always say those are the hardest to lose.  I don’t think that will be the case with me.  I’m just going to make each of them cry as I burn them off at the gym.

Cheers to Achieving Goal by June!

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What’s on the Agenda for 2012?

It’s been years since I’ve made any New Year’s Resolutions beyond weight loss.  Every year when the year turned over, I would again think about the extra weight I was carrying and come up with a weak plan for losing it.  The plan usually lasted about a week, and then I ended up in a basket of chips and salsa.  

I failed OVER and OVER again until 2011.  Now down nearly 75 lbs, I am proud to say that I don’t have to choose a weight loss resolution this year!!!  

If I’m not going to resolve to lose weight, what the heck do I want to resolve this year???

1.  Continue my Quest for Healthy Living

While losing weight is not on my list, healthy living is!  Continuing to eat right, exercise, and take good care of myself is #1 on my list for this year.  As a result of the work that I did last year, I feel AMAZING and I plan to hold onto it!

2.  Run a 5K

I’ve been doing a LOT of thinking about running over the past year, but honestly, I haven’t run a single step.  I’m determined that this year, I’m going to run my first 5K.  I’d like it to be at one of my favorite races:  Jodi’s Race for Awareness.

Last year, we put together Team Bev in honor of one of my dear, dear friends who was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer.  She’s officially kicked its butt, and we’re starting the initial planning to walk/run the race next year.

I remember seeing some friends run the race last year, and I knew I wanted to do it.  Couch to 5K will be my training program.  I just need to push those “faster speed” buttons on the treadmill….

3.  Expand my Personal Network

Even though I have lived in Denver for almost 5 years, my network of fabulous friends is still fairly small.  This year, I plan to get more involved in the community and get myself out there to meet people!  I’m also single, so expanding the network could help me get some introductions as well.  I mean, they often call Denver “Menver”… so I know there are guys out there just waiting to meet me, right??

4.  Take NTTC to the Next Level

I love my little blog…. but I think it could be EVEN BETTER in the new year!  When I look back at how it was in 2010 compared to now, we’ve grown a TON!  I want to do some re-design work this year and learn more about blogging.  This is my first blog, so it’s been an exercise of clicking here or there to try something new.  In the new year, I’d love to connect with other bloggers and maybe even attend a blogger conference (wow… did I just say that out loud?)

5.  Take those Trips I’ve Been Talking About  

I DEFINITELY plan to hit GREECE this year with my friend Laurel.
I’m also planning a fun-filled getaway to NYC with my friend
Natalie when I hit my weight loss goal. 
And, Alicia… if you’re reading this, we’ve GOT to get our trip together too!
Ok… these are official as soon as I click “Publish.”  2012, are you ready for this???  I most certainly am!

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Weigh-In Update and a Good Laugh

I feel like I’ve been really taking good care of myself this week.  On most days, I’ve stayed under 1200 calories… and on several days, I’ve even worked out!  

This morning, I knew I needed to go check in with Jenny Craig to see how the ol’ weight was doing.  Yes, I have a scale at home, and I’m on it most every single morning RIGHT as I get out of bed (after peeing, of course.)  I don’t count all those morning weigh-ins as official though, and use my weigh-ins at JC as the official word.

This morning, I woke up extra early and was outside JC by 7:30am.  And it looked COMPLETELY dark inside.  

The ONE DAY I get up early and do this, I have my times wrong.  Classic!  I also should mention that it was 22 degrees and I was in flip flops, yoga pants, and a hoodie.  Good times!

So, I went down the road to the Post Office to mail a few last minute packages and even stopped into Starbucks for a skinny latte.  


I STILL had time left over.  I did what any early morning weigher would do and parked in the JC parking lot until the lights came on at 8:00am.It DEFINITELY was worth the wait…. or shall I say, it was worth the WEIGHT.


This Week’s Weigh-In:  -1.8 lbs

Total Lost:  -71.6 lbs

That puts me at LESS than 20 lbs. from goal.  I can’t even tell you how excited I am!!!  It also puts me 3.4 lbs away from my next reward.  Getting closer to super-white teeth!!!
I also love the fact that I’ve lost an additional 1.8 the week before the week before Christmas!!!!  It’s going to be a big weekend at the gym, paired with healthy eating.  Can’t wait to see what the scale says next week before I head home for the holidays!Speaking of heading home for the holidays… why do I think this would be SOOOOO fun to do with my niece and nephew??  If you haven’t seen this clip from Jimmy Kimmel, prepare to laugh HARD.

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