Currently: April

It’s SPRING!!!  It’s April!  Let’s catch up on what’s going on “Currently”…


Current Book:

I am proud to report that I finished last month’s book Summer People by Elin Hilderbrand… and LOVED it!

This month, I’ve just started reading Cameron Diaz’s Body Book.  It’s not a diet book, instead a book about living your best life in the strongest, most beautiful body possible!

Body Book | No Thanks to Cake

Current Music:

I’m really missing new music from my girl Kelly Clarkson these days.  It’s been forever since she had a new album, and while I know that she is busy growing a baby… I’d love to have some new tunes to jam out to.  Until then, I’ve been listening to the Smoakstack Sessions, Vol. 2.

The Smoakstack Sessions Vol 2 | No Thanks to Cake

Current Nail Color:

Unfortunately, I found a new line of polish that I love this month.  I really didn’t need any new nail polish, but it was like these colors needed me!

They’re from the OPI 2014 Brazil Collection.  I’m wearing the middle color right now… and these colors are pretty much PERFECT for me!

OPI Brazilian Collection | No Thanks to Cake

From L to R:  OPI’s Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around, Taupe-Less Beach, and I Sao Paulo Over There

Current Drink: 

Still the same… lots of water, and a few Skinny Hazelnut-Mocha Lattes here and there… I do see some wine in my weekend.

Current Food:

I’m completely slightly obsessed with all the new flavors I keep finding at Trader Joe’s.  See last week’s Trader Joe’s post for some of the great things I’ve found.  And, feast your eyes on my latest favorite…

Fresh Mozzarella Sticks Trader Joe's | No Thanks to Cake

While most days I  just eat the cheese from the package, I’ve also made it into a lightning fast caprese salad with some of the fresh tomatoes in my fridge.  Yum!!!

Trader Joe's Fresh Mozzarella Sticks | No Thanks to Cake

Current Favorite Show:

I really don’t watch that much TV… so this section is going to be a lot of repeats of the same shows.   I love what I love.  And, right now, I’m loving Parenthood…

I adore all of these characters so much.   A few of my favorites… Amber, Sara and Hank, and of course, Mr. Knight… Welcome to the show!  The season finale was this week and I still haven’t watched it.  I’m really resisting the end of the season…

Current Outfit:

Shoes.  Shoes have been my obsessions… and it seems like the stores are just full of the cutest shoes right now!

Shoes | No Thanks to Cake

From Target (Clearance!)to Nordstrom Rack, to DSW… I’ve found a lot of cute finds over the past month!  Can’t wait for summer!!

Current Wish List:

I’ve been experimenting with some new wall covering for my kitchen this month.  I bought a few samples and I’m getting closer to the final product.  FYI:  I’m going with the middle grey color.

Vinyl | No Thanks to Cake

I just need to order this and get this installed!

Current Needs:

I’m working on a craft project with a deadline… I need to get this done!  Will keep you posted… it’s for a reader, so I’ll have to tell you more about it later! :)

 Yarn | No Thanks to Cake

Current Online Obsession:

Still Sole Society… it goes along with this whole shoe thing I have going this month.  If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s time.

Sole Society | No Thanks to Cake

Current Inspiration:

I took a class yesterday that caught my attention.  While it was a work training, it was a Franklin Covey class that really got me thinking about how I spend my time and what’s important to me.  More to come on this…

Current Plans:

Heading into the weekend, it’s going to be a busy one!!!  I’m going to see Draft Day on Friday night.  A movie about the Cleveland Browns, starring Kevin Costner??  Yes, please…

Draft Day | No Thanks to Cake


Seriously, does this man age???  I’ve got brunch plans on Saturday, plans with friends on Saturday night… and then Sunday is Easter.  It’s going to be a busy one, to say the least!!!

Current Mood:

VERY ready for the weekend!!!

Friday Humor | No Thanks to Cake



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It’s REALLY rare for me to post on Wednesdays these days.  It tends to be my “day off” during the week.

It’s even more rare for me to post a survey on my blog, but when the The Trendy Trainer nominated me to participate in this sisterhood of blogging series, I just had to participate!  So… here we go!

NTTC and the Trendy Trainer | No Thanks to Cake

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award | No Thanks to Cake

The Rules
1. Post the logo to your blog
2. Thank the person who nominated you
3. Answer the questions
4. Choose several other ladies who blog as your nominees
5. Post the links to the nominees’ via social media

1. Favorite Color: 
I love all the ocean colors… the gorgeous blues and greens that just remind me of the place I love to be most.  I need to be in that beautiful Caribbean water some time soon!

Sea Glass | No Thanks to Cake

2. Favorite Animal: 
Hmmm… I don’t know that I have one.  I’m not a huge animal person.  Oh wait… I like this guy!

Grumpy Cat | No Thanks to Cake

C’mon.  You love the Grumpy Cat too.  I may or may not resemble him in the morning.

3. Favorite non-alcoholic drink: 
Water.  I’m all about the clear stuff… still.  No ice, just that hydrating goodness.

Water | No Thanks to Cake
4. Facebook or Twitter:
Can I pick Instagram?  I have become such a HUGE fan of Instagram (as many of you know.)  And, I’d rather post there than anywhere else… after that I pick Facebook, and then Twitter.

5. Favorite Pattern:
Well… I’m going to interpret this a little different and assume you’re talking about knitting patterns.  If that’s the case, then I’m loving this pattern.

Knitting Headband | No Thanks to Cake

I’ve been making a LOT of them over the past few week for some of my favorite people.  I use the Malabrigo Rasta yarn… just gorgeous.

6. Favorite Flower: 
Tulips.  Every time, tulips.  Have you ever gotten close enough to smell them?  Heavenly…

Tulips | No Thanks to Cake

7. What is your passion?

Over time, I’ve found my passion is really around helping people find joy.  My goal is always to leave people a little better than I’ve found them.  With a new idea, a new reason to smile, or a new piece of inspiration, I love doing this.  It’s just fun!  

So… now it’s time to nominate a few more ladies to participate.  I decided to pick a few new friends from Instagram that follow my page, leave me comments and like my photos… You ladies keep me motivated.  I appreciate it!  xoxo

Jess from Operation Skinny Jeans

Marisa from Uproot from Oregon

Keyona from Skinny and Delicious

Sarah from Run Sing Teach

Teresa at Fit in Woodbine

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Holiday Madness

This year, I’ve been MAJORLY into the holiday season.

Seriously, it’s WEIRD!

I have been listening to Christmas music since October, and It’s not just Kelly Clarkson!

Wrapped in Red | No Thanks to Cake

Although, it’s mostly Kelly Clarkson… We’re BFF after all…

I’ve been obsessed with my Christmas tree.

And, I even decorated my place with extra decorations…

Christmas Decorations | No Thanks to Cake

I’ve baked healthy (and not so healthy) chex mix for my family… and I even baked Christmas cookies for my team at work by request.

Chex: Naughty and Nice | No Thanks to Cake

And here is the moment where I knew I had lost my mind…

Christmas Sweater | No Thanks to Cake

I’m voluntarily dressing up for our “Ugly Sweater Party” at work… it’s not a sweater, but it’s intensely festive.  And, so much fun to put together.

Tomorrow, I head home for Christmas and the fun will really begin… I’m so excited to see the family and to share with you all the fun we have this season.

Let’s get this Christmas vacation started!

Have you been in the holiday spirit this year?  

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Ask Me: Random Questions Edition

A few months back, I introduced a new feature for the ol’ blog where you guys can ask me questions and, well, I answer them… Wildly clever, I know!

I’ve received a few quick questions from so many of you lately, I thought I would write a short “Ask Me” post to answer them all…

Question 1

This might sound like an odd question, but what brand of jeans to you wear?  We have a similar shape, and I have such a hard time finding jeans that will fit me.

This doesn’t sound like an odd question at all!  After all, if you read this blog, you know I LOVE to shop… so being asked about jeans is right up my alley!  I buy about 98% of my clothes at NY & Company.

It’s just that place where I can go, and the clothes just work for me.  Now, not EVERY outfit in the store… but a lot of their stuff.  I steer clear of straight leg pants and boy cuts.  Wide leg, flare, and skinny jeans tend to be my favorites when it comes to jeans.  Check them out!

Question 2

Where do you get those cute snack containers?

I get them where all cute containers come from… The Container Store!

We have a few stores in Denver, and I spotted these guys in the lunch box aisle.  Best part, they’re only $3.99 and they come with cute little lids for the dip.  Snacking perfection!  Click here for more details!

Question 3

You often say that you’re picky, but you eat a lot of unusual foods.    What don’t you eat?

Wow… I’ve been a picky eater all my life.  Seriously picky.  As an adult, I’m just very particular about what I like and what I don’t like.  Here’s a few crazy things that you won’t find me eating:


Greek Yogurt (any yogurt really)

All Kinds of Seafood


Any Member of the Squash Family

Yeah… I said Greek Yogurt.  As a healthy living blogger, I know that’s practically unheard of, but I just can’t….

Question 4

I love trying the products you’ve recommended.  Especially the new Skinny Cow desserts.  Do you have anything new to share this week?

I actually do!  My sister-in-law Beth told me that she spotted Light Olive Garden Salad Dressing for sale at Wal-Mart this week.  I made a trip to  our local Neighborhood Market store and found a bottle to try!

It’s delicious and only has 30 calories per 2 Tbsp.  A great option for your salad greens!

A New Snack:  Have you seen these guys in the grocery store?  They’re AMAZING, and they come from our friends over at Special K.  Try them at your own risk… I put them in the same category of those tasty pastry crisps I shared a few months back!

Do you have any additional questions you’d like me to answer in the next round of “Ask Me”?

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