Simply Grateful

Being on this journey for as long as I have been, I’m beginning to feel comfortable in my skin again.  I look in the mirror and I like what I see… FINALLY.  Even on quiet days alone, I have moments of reflection and satisfaction of what I’ve accomplished.  I’m proud of myself.

Now, something that I don’t expect quite yet is for people I know to see what I see.  I know that losing 75 lbs. is pretty dramatic.  I know the transformation that’s happened, but tonight I was flooded with amazed eyes and compliments in a very unexpected place.
Each year, my client holds a huge event to celebrate the new year and what’s to come.  Tonight was the big party. As I have for the past 4 years, I got myself dressed in my professional best and headed out to celebrate with them.
I’m a huge “people person”, so I love this event.  It’s like a reunion of sorts, where I get a chance to say hello to everyone… thank them for all their hard work and catch up.
Just the same, these are the people I work with.  I don’t expect them to notice that I’ve lost the weight, nor do I expect them to mention it.  I expect them to talk to me about work topics and move on.  The group is probably 65% male… so, it made what happened even more unexpected.
I was absolutely overwhelmed tonight.  People I know well, people I see every day, the folks I see once a year, upper level managers, lower level managers, consultants…. you name it, I heard SUCH kind words from all.  The funny thing is that they probably don’t realize how it even affected me tonight.  I’m certain most don’t.
How can you be surprised each time someone says something nice?  I really don’t know, but for some reason I always am.  My response is always the same, “Oh, thank you so much.  That’s so nice of you to say.”  I also carefully dodge the “how much have you lost?” question with “Thanks, it’s been an awesome year.”  These are almost filler statements for me when what I’m really thinking is “Seriously, you notice?”
Of course, they notice.  How could they not?  But in my world, I’m sometimes still that overweight girl who blends into the wallpaper and doesn’t get this type of attention.  I continue to work on it, but I’m still a work in progress.
I share this with you because many of you are going to have moments like this (or many of you already have.)  Know that this post is not boastful, instead grateful and utterly amazed by the kindness of others.  It’s a little more emotional than what I usually share, but it was an emotional night… unbeknownst to most of the people who I interacted with.
I seriously work with some of the nicest people.  And, eventually, I’ll figure out how to accept a compliment.  And, even though they won’t be reading tonight, I thank them for taking a moment out of their night to make mine.

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A Few Days Away + Nat arrives in Colorado

It’s only been since Friday, but I feel like it’s been FOREVER!!!  I’m still alive and kicking – – It’s just been a BUSY few days!

Shipped Xmas gifts – Check!
Finished the latest Nicholas Sparks book – Check!
Pre-holiday hair appointment – Check!
Finish an ongoing knitting project – Check!
 Prepping for another visitor – CHECK!
Spotted these calla lilies at Whole Foods – – Couldn’t resist!

Another visitor you ask?  One of my DEAREST friends made a trip to Colorado this week!  Nat lives in New Jersey and has definitely become on of my besties.  She and I connected as co-workers and have been in touch daily ever since!  As you can imagine, I was SUPER-excited to hear she was Colorado-bound.  

Now… this is the part where I post a cute pic of me and Nat… um, we didn’t take any!  Not a single one!  Having too much fun I guess, we didn’t get around to it.  Darn it!


Nat and I back in March in Los Angeles:  40 lbs ago for me. 
We’ll need to snap a new one of these at GOAL soon…. in NYC!

Here’s one of many things that’s awesome about Nat… Not only is she an amazing friend, she’s super-healthy role model and offers me GREAT motivation and support!  Even from afar, she keeps me inspired and doesn’t mind chatting about weight loss and talking me off the ledge when I’m tempted to eat crap!

Nat also has tried to get me to the gym for a YEAR (from thousands of miles away!)  Well, she and I went to the gym together bright and early this morning!  While Nat killed it on the treadmill, I went to town on the bike and the elliptical… 

What a change from a year ago… I love moments like this.  Thanks, Natalie, for all you’ve done to support me on this journey!  I know that I would not have been able to do this without you and it definitely would have been less fun.  xoxo, Natz!

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One Hundred

It’s hard to believe that this is number ONE HUNDRED.
I like to think of NTTC as “the little blog that could.”  When I started it on my first day that I joined Jenny Craig, I seriously thought no one would read it, and there was NO WAY I was sharing it with anyone I knew in the real world.  

Who would have thought that 100 posts later I would have created something that I enjoy so much and that I’m proud to share.  I also feel like I have this unique record of me achieving one of my greatest goals…. and you’ve been there the whole time.

You’ve shared in my successes.  You’ve helped me through my challenges.  You’ve tried my creative meals.   You’ve shared your thoughts and suggestions.  And, I like to think you’ve laughed at some of my jokes (sometimes I think I’m funny.)

In the end, post #100 is dedicated to each of you… all of my readers.  Thanks for making this page such a motivating part of my weight loss experience and for inspiring me in ways you can’t imagine.  Thank you for listening to my happy moments and understanding that life isn’t always perfect and my eating habits aren’t either. 

Without further ado, let’s lose that last 27.6 lbs!

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Bye, Bye Plus Size Clothes

Since joining Jenny Craig, I’ve lost over 60 lbs.  As you can imagine, that equates to quite a few sizes.  For me, that’s 5 pants sizes and an exit from the plus-sized section.  Working in sales, I have to dress in business attire every day, so I have a lot of really nice slacks, jackets, and outfits. 

While it’s always exciting to move down a size, it’s a little sad when you see your favorite go-to jacket become too big.  When that blouse that always looks good under everything starts to gape, it’s not my favorite moment.

With fall just around the corner, my local consignment shop has started to take fall/winter clothes.  And, EVERYTHING from last year is way too big.

It’s time for it to go.

LOVE that Cropped Tweed Jacket… Sniff, Sniff

I dropped off 42 pieces this weekend.  42 items that are in like-new condition and ready to be sold.  42 pieces that represent who I was a year ago.  42 items that I’ve shrunk out of.  42 pieces that will NEVER fit me again.

In years past when I’ve lost weight, I’ve held onto everything.  Bigger sizes were to be kept “just in case.”  This time around, I’m purging it all.  I’m NOT going back to these sizes this time.  EVER.

I must confess, I did keep one pair of pants.  These were my go-to work pants.  I would wear them every day if I could, and there was a time when they were SKIN TIGHT.  The waist even has a small tear (likely because the poor threads couldn’t handle that my waist was expanding.)  I’m saving them for a fun “after pic.”  Stay tuned for that.

When I dropped off my latest batch of clothes, I also had a $110 check waiting for me – – score!  If you’re shrinking like me, I really recommend googling for consignment stores in your area.  You need to leave your clothes on hangers to deliver them, and they need to be cleaned/pressed/etc – – in other words, ready to sell.  The consignment store will give you a percentage of the price they receive for your clothes.  So you can sort of offset the cost of new clothes!

ALSO – – If you are losing weight, I recommend peeking in at consignment boutiques for your “in-between” sizes.  Why spend $30+ on a pair of pants that you are only going to wear for a short time?  I almost consider them disposable sizes these days, and if I can get a deal that works for me…

Next step is to clean out accessories and shoes…. Sigh.  Fall cleaning.  Good times.

Not even sure what’s at the bottom of this…. Long overdue for a cleaning


Question:  Are you cleaning out your closets as you lose weight?  What’s holding you back? 

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