Currently: August 2016

Currently August 2016 | No Thanks to Cake

Random post of the month… coming right up!  August was a tough month for me, and frankly… while I hate the idea of summer ending, I need for the month to turn over. 2.5 weeks of being sick + 2 weeks of car trouble = enough August for this girl.  So, let’s salute what was…

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Stuffed Pepper Soup | No Thanks to Cake

Stuffed Pepper Soup

I like stuffed peppers, but I can’t tell you the last time I had one. Wait, maybe it was a stuffed poblano… I mean, those are really different though. Maybe with the fall season coming, the stuffed peppers will show back up on my menu.  For right now, the idea of turning on my oven…

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Simple Inspirations 2016 | No Thanks to Cake

Announcing Simple Inspirations 2016

I’m thrilled to have an opportunity to announce Jenny Craig’s exciting member program that launched last week:  The 2nd Annual Simple Inspirations Recipe Contest! My friends at Jenny Craig have re-launched their recipe contest and super-sized it with more categories for entry and bigger and better prizes for those of you who win! My Jenny Craig journey…

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Inspiralized Patatas Bravas | No Thanks to Cake

Spiralized Patatas Bravas

Last weekend was a weekend where I hit the reset button (again!)  The first weekend in a LONG time where I felt well enough to do much, I decided to flex my muscles in the kitchen and try a few new healthy recipes to get the back-on-track party started. When you’re sick, you have LOTS…

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All About #TheGoal30 | No Thanks to Cake

All About #TheGoal30

No, I didn’t say Whole 30, I said The Goal 30.  And, it’s highly possible that you haven’t heard of it.  Heck, I just heard about it for the first time last night!  But, as soon as I read about it, I was hooked!!! I follow a ton of people on Instagram (follow me here!) and…

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