How to Celebration Your 40th Birthday | No Thanks to Cake

How to Celebrate Your 40th Birthday

I feel like I’ve said I was forty for at least a year.  I mean, once you’re 39 years + 1 day… aren’t you really pretty much 40?  I feel like I’ve done this with other landmark birthdays.  Maybe not 21, because with that one came special permissions, but for most… So… I’m officially 40.  It…

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NTTC Word of the Year:  Balance | No Thanks to Cake

My Word for 2017: Balance

It’s been an interesting start to 2017.  While it’s not yet the dumpster fire that was 2016 (as eloquently captioned by my friend Brandi), it’s been a little bit of a bumpy start for me. While I feel wonderful about being back on track with my healthy eating plan, it hasn’t quite aligned with how…

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Weight Loss | No Thanks to Cake

NYE: The Struggle was Real

The first week back on the program is done!  Phew… I made it, and I made it through successfully (for the most part.) And, I lost 3.4 pounds my first week back!   Woo hoo! Going into the first week, I felt optimistic and excited to be able to get back on track… and I’m…

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Thai Chili Brussels Sprouts | No Thanks to Cake

Thai Chili Brussels Sprouts

Before Christmas, I was craving brussels sprouts… and while roasting them is typically my favorite, I decided to try something new. I’ve been a fan of Thai chili sauce for a long time.  It’s sweet, it’s spicy… and it packs so much flavor!  So, when you’re wondering what happens when you combine Thai chili with…

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Jenny Craig | No Thanks to Cake

New Year, Renewed Plan

Happy New Year!!  I hope the first few moments of the year have been enjoyable for you.  For me, they’ve been peaceful, they’ve been relaxing… and I’m savoring the final hours before I go back to work. The best plan to be on is that one that makes you feel good, the one that you’ll stick…

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