Here’s a few things that have been key to my weight loss success.  I’m also in the process of creating a grocery “must-have” list as well.  Stay tuned!

Weight Watchers 15-Minute Recipe Books

These cookbooks have truly changed the way I cook and view meal preparation.  All of the recipes are super easy with limited ingredients, and they’re GOOD.  See the “Weight Watchers” section of my Recipes page for many of the tasty dishes I’ve found in these cookbooks.  PS… They are available in your local grocery store in the magazine aisle and are published quarterly.


When I first started Jenny Craig, I was working in a job that had me on the road every day at lunch time and VERY far from a microwave to heat up my meals.  Rather than stress myself out about what to eat, my JCC and I worked Subway into my routine.

The great thing about Subway is that it’s EVERYWHERE.  There’s always a Subway close by, regardless of what state you are in.  I took advantage of this fully.  My standard lunch became:  6-inch Veggie Delite on Wheat with no cheese, apple slices, and a water.  I ate this Monday-Friday for a very long time, and now I continue to eat Subway and continue to eat this delicious sandwich.  Now, that I have an office job, I mostly eat Subway as a dinner option or a weekend lunch.  I love the fresh veggies and how you can customize your sandwich.  It’s also fast and convenient, which makes it a must-have for this girl…


I’ve been wearing a Fitbit every day since November 2011.  My Fitbit tracks my steps, my calorie burn, and how many miles I’ve traveled for the day.  It also syncs flawlessly with MyFitnessPal, which is my preferred method of food tracking.  They’re an incredible company who offers fantastic customer service.  I HIGHLY recommend them.

As a Fitbit fanatic, I’ve recently purchased the Aria Scale (which I LOVE) and I’ve become a Fitbit Ambassador!  For more information about my favorite fitness tracker, click here.

Asana Yoga Studio

In April 2012, I was introduced to Asana Yoga Studio for the first time.  I had purchased a Groupon that gave me a month of unlimited classes.  Having taken close to a year’s hiatus from yoga, I had no idea how powerful my reintroduction to my yoga practice would be.  It’s been an AMAZING month of yoga and easily it was the best Groupon I’ve ever purchased!

I’m a self-proclaimed “yogaholic.”  It brings me peace and makes me incredibly strong.  Try Asana (or your local yoga equivalent)… it will change your life.

Jenny Craig Cinnamon Rolls

I completely love these guys.  I started eating them VERY early on in the JC process and ordered so many of them that it made my Jenny Craig counselor question how many I was eating.  They’re the ultimate breakfast and fabulously delicious.  JC’ers… Go get them!

English Cucumbers

For as long as I can remember, cucumbers have been my favorite vegetable.  They are perfect in salad and delightful with dip.  And as pickles… a fancy version of cucumbers.  I always have cucumbers in my house and keep them on hand for snacking at all times.

Water Bottles

Staying hydrated is important to me.  I loooooove water, but I don’t really care for going through a million plastic disposable bottles to keep up with my consumption.  Find a bottle you like and keep filling it up.

Also…. your friends at Starbucks are always happy to hook you up with a Venti Ice Water in a pinch.  If you forget your water bottle, get to Starbucks STAT!


I’m seriously peanut butter obsessed.  I can’t really afford (calorically) to be eating PB all the time, but PB2 has been a fantastic alternative to me.  I found it a few years back…. and have been eating it ever since.  Recently, I tried apples dipped in PB for the first time (delish!)… but my all time favorite it PB2 on pancakes and french toast.  Yum-O!


Whoever invented Pinterest is an absolute genius!  I find so many great ideas on this site… healthy recipes, workout ideas, quotes for inspiration.

Yes, it’s a HUGE challenge not to get sucked into Pinterest, but I have to think the benefit outweighs the risk.  Afterall, had I not found Pinterest, I would not have found the idea to makeover my makeup storage situation or that delicious grilled chicken bruschetta I love so much.  There are many, many more ideas on NTTC that came from Pinterest.  If you’re already part of the Pinterest family, click here to follow me!

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