Live Worldly {GIVEAWAY}

I am incredibly inspired by women in business who are chasing after their dreams.

A few months ago, I had a chance to attend a networking One Million Cups Event that featured female-driven small businesses in the metro area.  It was AWESOME.  While I was there to prospect new business for my company, I instead felt incredibly inspired and motivated by the passionate stories I heard that day.

One of these stories came from a group of women who spoke about a business named Live Worldly.

Live Worldly | No Thanks to Cake

What is Live Worldly?

Live Worldly is an amazing site full of gorgeous accessories and handmade items from around the world.  How gorgeous are these?

Live Worldly | No Thanks to Cake

The company sources the most beautiful pieces from all the continents, and GIVES BACK to the communities where the artisans live.  Donations are made to education, job creation, empowering women, and many other causes.  So, when you shop, you are helping to support communities throughout the world!

Live Worldly | No Thanks to Cake

I had a chance to visit Live Worldly‘s HQ, and was so excited to learn more about their operation!  Andrea the COO of Live Worldly gave me a lovely tour of their site, sharing with me their vision and how they have been growing the business!

Live Worldly | No Thanks to Cake

One of their most popular items is this Brazilian beauty that was featured in Macy’s a few months ago.  How gorgeous is this Beleza Bib Necklace??

Live Worldly | No Thanks to Cake

This piece is available in multiple colors via the Live Worldly site, and I’ve officially added this new accessory to my wardrobe!  It arrived yesterday!  I looooove it!  So excited to wear it soon…

Live Worldly | No Thanks to Cake

Another offering from Live Worldly are the amazing Brazilets line.

Live Worldly | No Thanks to Cake

Brazilets are worn for good luck, a 200-year old Brazilian tradition of good fortune, for you and the planet. Wear your wishes with these Brazilian wish bracelets or give them as a gift to families or friends. Wrap the Brazilet around your wrist, making three knots and three wishes. When it falls off, it is believed that your wishes will come true. 

As Andrea and I toured the facility, you can only imagine how excited I was to see all the pretty, pretty pieces… some of which hadn’t even been listed on the site yet!  So fun!

Live Worldly | No Thanks to Cake

Excited about Live Worldly’s causes and the ability to share with you a new site that I’ve grown to love, my new friends at the company wanted to share a giveaway with NTTC readers!

Live Worldly | No Thanks to Cake

This giveaway includes:  A fabulous messenger bag from Brazil, brazilets, a handmade keychain, and a Live Worldly flag.

Live Worldly | No Thanks to Cake

To win, enter the Rafflecopter below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Also, you can shop the site, and save using a special NTTC Coupon Code.   Simply use “LIVEFREE” to save 15%!

Be sure to follow Live Worldly on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - – This is the best way to stay up-to-date on all their offerings!

Thanks, Live Worldly, for your hospitality, and for offering this giveaway to my readers!

Disclosure: Live Worldly provided the giveaway items for No Thanks to Cake readers; however, the opinions on the site and its products (and that gorgeous necklace above) are my own.

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Introducing Bic Bands

I’m incredibly excited to share a new brand that I began partnering with a few weeks ago.

Bic Band Ambassador | No Thanks to Cake

Are you familiar with BIC Bands??

Bic Bands is an amazing brand of non-slip headbands that I’ve been wearing for YEARS.  Perfect for working out, for hitting the beach, or even just holding back a hairstyle by day.  They’re so cute and versatile, they’ve become my staple!

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 8.21.07 PM

Something else that’s wonderful about the brand is that the founder Sandy makes sure that she’s giving back every single month!  She just announced the charity that will receive benefit for June – The March of Dimes!  Just another reason to buy from Bic Bands…

Bic Band - No Thanks to Cake

To kick of the new group of ambassadors {there are 13 of us in total!  Check out the awesome ladies here!}, Bic Bands is launching a GIVEAWAY that you guys might like to enter!

How to Enter:

All you have to do is post a picture of yourself on Instagram or Twitter doing something active that you love!  You could be taking a walk, burning calories at the mall, doing cross fit, hiking a mountain, practicing yoga… whatever floats your boat!

Tag the Photo:

Add the hashtag and be sure to tag @bicbands and @nothankstocake

Enter by June 1st and you could be one of THIRTEEN winners!

BicChick | No Thanks to Cake

Here are 3 submissions from other No Thanks to Cake readers?  Who’s next??

Ordering Your Own BicBands:

To order your own beautiful Bic Bands, simply access their site here and choose from hundreds of beautiful bands!  You can also save 10% by using the coupon code “KELLYBIC.”


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Currently: May

It’s that time of the month again!  Let’s catch up on what’s going on “Currently”…

Currently: May | No Thanks to Cake

Current Book:

I’ve been busy reading Cameron Diaz’s Body Book this month, while walking on the treadmill.  I’m not quite done with it, and I’ve learned a LOT from reading it.  It’s really  a “real-talk” approach to how to optimize your health.  Not a lot of gimmicky ideas and mostly just good ideas for taking good care of yourself!  If this sounds like your kind of book, I definitely recommend it!

I’m SUPER-EXCITED about the new Emily Giffin book that came out this week, and it will be the book that I’m reading next.  And, when I say that I’ll read it… I mean that I’ll devour it this holiday weekend.  It’s on!
The One and Only | No Thanks to Cake

Current Music:

I’m participating in a contest where I had to pick a song that represented me in the contest.  I know you’re shocked to hear I picked this one…

It’s a classic… my anthem… my running music… and my ringback tone when you call me.  Fitting!

Current Guilty Pleasure:

OMG… This one was EASY to answer this month.  I recently was contacted by… a cookie company, asking if I wanted to try their cookies.  And, of course, I said yes.

Klara's Gourmet Cookies | No Thanks to Cake

Klara’s Gourmet Cookies reeled me in with a promise of sending me some samples of their award-winning macaroon cookies.  I adore these coconut cookies… so I knew I wanted to try them!  What I didn’t expect was to get the motherload of cookies in the mail!  Check out all this tasty goodness!!!  Thanks, Klara’s!!

Klara's Gourmet Cookies | No Thanks to Cake

As a girl trying to keep an eye on my waistline, these cookies have been my guilty pleasure this month.  Rationing and portioning sweet treats is not my forte.  So, I have been sharing them with friends.  So far, I’ve tried the Chocolate Chip and Sea Salt Shortbread (OMG!), the Lemon Poppy Seed Shortbread (Delish!), and the Ginger Shortbread (Such spicy goodness!)  I’m taking the macaroons to work to share with work friends, and so I don’t eat them all!  If you’re looking to send a gift of tasty cookies or to try a new brand, I definitely recommend these delicious treats!!!

Current Nail Color:

I’m still rocking the Taupeless Beach by OPI… it is just perfect right now for me.  Loving it!

OPI Taupeless Beach | No Thanks to Cake

Current Drink: 

Most days, I only drink water.  In the interest of sharing something a little more interesting than that for you guys, I’ve found a new wine!

Savignon Blanc | No Thanks to Cake

I’ve been a red wine drinker for YEARS, but I’ve just recently started exploring more and more white wines… and I think it’s going to be my summer drink!  There’s something lovely and refreshing about a glass of Savignon Blanc on a warm Colorado day while sitting on a patio.  Yep, that’s where you’ll find me this summer!

Current Food:

Avocado… Not because I’m eating a lot of it.  But instead because I’m trying to figure out what recipe I want to use for the Fitbloggin California Avocado Cutting Edge Culinary recipe contest that’s coming up!  I have a few ideas to play with… it’s going to be a weekend of experimentation… I can feel it!  Wish me luck!!

BLT Summer Rolls with Lime Sriracha Dipping Sauce | No Thanks to Cake

Current Favorite Show:

Grey’s Anatomy… Oh my.  Did you guys watch this week’s episode?  We’ve all known it has been coming… the official goodbye for Dr. Cristina Yang.  Cristina and Meredith Grey represent a tremendously iconic friendship… one that I’ve watched for years.  Watching Cristina walk away from “her person” and watching them dance it out one last time was just beautiful.

I feel so lucky to have strong, inspirational, and supportive women like this in my life. Never ever underestimate the power and strength that comes with having and being a good friend.  This is what makes us human, and creates that human experience we all dream of….

Current Outfit:

I’d say this was my favorite look this month.  A cute little polka dotted fit and flare number I found at JCPenney last month.  Totally on sale and with a coupon, I’m so glad this little frock made its way home with me.  PS… It has pockets!

JCP | No Thanks to Cake

Current Bane of My Existence:

Gray hair.  Yes… you heard me.  Good news for all y’all, I have an amazing colorist… and you will rarely see my grey.  But dang, this change of hair color mess is so overrated.

My dad went salt and pepper pretty early… and fascinatingly MY OLDER BROTHER has very little grey.  It’s a cruel, cruel world, I tell ya… :)

Current Online Find:

I posted this link on my Facebook page, and have since added Andrea and her blog I’ to my personal blog reader.  I’d recommend you check it out as well!

I’ve read so many posts and comments from women that are just not happy with this or that about their body.  I look at my body, and there are things I don’t love.  Extra chubby bits or places where my skin has stretched.  While I know I can change these via surgery or even laser treatments,  I don’t.  I won’t change them.  They’re part of me.  The whole me.  They tell a story.

Andrea shared this post, speaking to why she too loves her “ugly” body.  Take a read, you won’t be sorry… here’s a sneak peek.

Amazing.   Real.  Inspiring… That’s the best type of reading, if you ask me.

Current Words of Inspiration:

I’ve been reading my friend Cameron Diaz’ book on the treadmill this week.  I’m in the final section that talks about establishing and maintaining a healthy mind.  She shared these words and they just stuck with me.

Whatever You are Consistent In is What You Will Become | No Thanks to Cake

This applies to everything I am and everything I long to be.  Consistency will get me there… I know this.  Thanks, Cam!

Current Mood:

Without a doubt and without hesitation… I am HAPPY.  I’ve been trying to think of a way to express how I’ve been feeling lately, and it’s been really hard to capture in a post.  HAPPY.  Yep, I’m happy.

And… no, there’s no change that’s causing it…. just decided to do it, and voila!  Try it!


View my previous “Currently” posts here:

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Currently: March 

Currently: February

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34 Degrees Tour + a {GIVEAWAY}

34 Degrees?… No, I’m not talking about the crazy Spring weather in Colorado, although that’s JUS T about the temperature here in Colorado this morning…  Today’s post is about my favorite go-to cracker!

I had an opportunity to first try 34 Degrees crisps about a year ago.  I was initially attracted to the company when I noticed their nutrition label… After all, 9 crackers for just 50 calories???  Yes, Please!!!

34 Degrees | No Thanks to Cake

34 Degree Crackers are actually made right here in Colorado, so when I received an invitation to visit their production location and to learn more about their company… I immediately said yes!

The evening was hosted by Founder Craig Lieberman and his fabulous team, and they shared with their guests not only lots of great information about the company… but also an evening of delicious food pairings.

34 Degrees | No Thanks to Cake

The company actually has Australian origins, named after the latitude of the city of Sydney, Australia!  Craig lived there and developed a passion for food… and a passion for Australian crisp bread which inspired the company that began 11 years ago!

Being onsite at 34 Degrees, I got to see their production line… and was fascinated by the whole experience!  The crackers themselves are made from batter, much like pizelles.  While we weren’t allowed to take pictures on the production line, we did snap a few photos afterward.  Because… when do you have a chance to take pics with your friends wearing lab coats and hairnets? 

Denver Bloggers at 34 Degree Cracker Event | No Thanks to CakeTop Row:  Me, Lynne, Lauren, Heidi   Front Row: Tiffany, Kim, Kaitlyn, Laura

34 Degrees | No Thanks to Cake

Also of note, they were cooking up their famous Rosemary flavor (my favorite!!) as well as two other new flavors that should be coming out soon!!!  So cool to see product innovation coming off the line and excited to have them in my pantry!  Can’t wait to tell you more about them once they’re released!

After the tour of the production line, we were swept away into a room to begin a lovely evening of cheese and cracker pairings!  Two chefs from Whole Foods took the helm and swept us away with all their fabulous creations…

34 Degrees | No Thanks to Cake

My favorite part of the night was when the fancy pairings started to be passed around….  The chef worked hard to prepare two decadent treats for us.

34 Degrees Cracker Pairings | No Thanks to CakeThese bite-sized reubens were phenomenal… and my first bite of a reuben ever!  I’m totally going to have to try a full sandwich at some point.  Aren’t they pretty??

34 Degrees Cracker Pairings | No Thanks to Cake

As the evening came to a close, we each received an amazing goodie bag, including several boxes of crackers, a 34 Degrees water bottle, notepad, purse hook, and a gift card to Whole Foods to purchase supplies to create our own 34 Degrees snacks!

Inspired, I came up with a few different ideas that I’ll share today.

Dress Up Your 34 Degrees | No Thanks to Cake

Frankly, it was so fun to invent these bite-sized appetizers!  I expect I’ll be making more… but here’s what I came up with to get started!

Honey Parmesan Pairing 34 Degrees Crackers | No Thanks to Cake

The Honey Parmesan combination was the first I created.  Squares of parmesan, drizzled with honey, and then topped with cracked pepper.  The salty-sweet-pepperiness of this snack is one worth trying!!  Delicious!

Caprese Pairing 34 Degrees Crackers | No Thanks to Cake

I’m a HUGE fan of tomatoes and caprese salad, so you know that I just had to put these tasty ingredients on one of these crisps!  This pairing was formed by adding a thin slice of tomato, a slice of fresh mozzarella, and then topping it with a fresh basil leaf and a drizzle of balsamic reduction.  Yum-o!

Truffled Fig Bacon Pairing 34 Degrees Crackers | No Thanks to Cake

The most decadent of my three pairings came next.  Inspired by Tiffany’s creation and the fig-proscuitto pizza I posted last year, this one REALLY hit the spot:  Trader Joe’s Fig Butter, Parmesan, Leaf Lettuce, a crispy piece of Bacon, and a spritz of Black Truffle Oil.   O-M-G…

There was also a BLT version, one with edamole (a recipe that I’m working on), and one more that’s on the back of the Whole Grain box… I started eating it before I could snap a good pic – - yes, it’s that good!

Spicy Avocado 34 Degrees | No Thanks to Cake

Much appreciation goes out to my friends at 34 Degrees for giving me an opportunity to play with their tasty crackers and create all of these wonderful pairings and for a lovely night in Louisville.

Now it’s your turn to try these DELICIOUS crackers!!!

The team at 34 Degrees would LOVE you to try their crackers!  You can find them in the cheese/deli department of most major supermarkets, and you can even purchase them online at  Another great way to try them is to enter this NTTTC GIVEAWAY!!

34 Degree Cracker Giveaway | No Thanks to Cake

One winner will be chosen from today’s post to win a 34 Degrees variety pack as well as a cute 34 Degrees purse hook!  Enter inside the Rafflecopter box below for your chance to win!!  You’re going to love these crackers, I promise!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What flavor would you be most interested in trying:  Natural, Whole Grain, Rosemary, Sesame, or Black Pepper?
Disclosure: This post and giveaway is sponsored by 34 Degrees.  While I received free product and a gift card for recipe supplies, all opinions expressed above are my own.

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