Thanking My Rock

I got an email this week from Red Envelope, that made me pause.  They have a new campaign that they are running: #RedGift Thank Your Rock.

Hailey from Red Envelope reached out and asked me if I wanted to take an opportunity to “Thank My Rock.”  That person that has been there through my weight loss process, who is always there when I need someone to lean on.

I could resist participating…. so today, you’re going to hear all about my rock:  My Sister-In-Law Beth.
Thank Your Rock | No Thanks to Cake
I have the best sister-in-law.  I don’t say that lightly… yes, I only have one, but seriously, she’s amazing.
Thank My Rock | No Thanks to Cake
She took the plunge and married my stinky brother back in 1999.  I always jokingly tell her that she got so lucky that day, because she picked me as her sister-in-law as part of the process.  But, looking at our relationship, I completely know that I am the lucky one.
Thank Your Rock | No Thanks to Cake
She is a wonderful wife to my brother, shares my passion for cooking, and is raising the two most adorable Guys I know.  And, she makes it all look so easy… aside from the many loads of laundry she washes. That still scares me.
Thank My Rock | No Thanks to Cake
Even though we’re more than 1600 miles apart on a daily basis, I always have a chance to catch up with Beth.  During my hour plus commute home during the week, my first call is always to Beth.  It gives us a chance to catch up, chat about the kiddos, and ponder about life.
Thank My Rock | No Thanks to Cake
When I first started my weight loss journey, Beth was one of the first people that I talked about it with.  And, REALLY talked about it with.  I always feel like I can tell her anything… and she heard all the nitty gritty details of how I felt.  How the weight felt like it was holding me back, and she witnessed all the tears.
Thank Your Rock | No Thanks to Cake
Beth encouraged me to try the Jenny Craig program, and even joined the program with me.  We lost weight and shared Jenny stories back and forth… and shared recipes!  When I began to eat non-Jenny foods, Beth introduced me to the Weight Watchers cookbooks I love so much…
Thank Your Rock | No Thanks to Cake
This process hasn’t been easy.  I always say that it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done, the most valuable change I’ve ever made, and the thing I’m most proud of… and I couldn’t have done it alone.
Thank Your Rock | No Thanks to Cake
You’ve been such an amazing support throughout this entire process and beyond.  I can’t even begin to thank you enough for the countless hours you’ve spent encouraging me, offering suggestions, sharing ideas, and mostly, being you.  
I absolutely know that you came into our lives for a few reasons:  1) To build that beautiful family that you share with my brother, and 2) to be my sister.
I think the world of you and can’t thank you enough.  Love you, mean it!
xoxo – 
Everyone has a rock…. someone who’s there with you, supporting you through life.  Who’s yours?
Disclosure: did not compensate me for this post.  I just loved their campaign and couldn’t resist participating.

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    What a great tribute to your SIL and how lucky you both are!!! It’s so important (in so many ways) to have someone like this in your life. Very, very cool!!

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