Life Lessons: Petition as Practice

I love those moments where I feel inspired in a powerful way, and reminded of important life lessons.  Yesterday was one of those days, and I have my favorite book to thank for its inspiration.

Life Lessons: Petition as Practice | No Thanks to Cake

I have to assume many of you have read Eat Pray Love.  It was wildly popular when it came out and has been widely talked about for years.  If you haven’t yet had the pleaure, I highly suggest that you consider reading it.

Eat Pray Love | No Thanks to Cake

It’s absolutely my favorite book of all time.  There aren’t many books out there that I can say I’ve read multiple, multiple times, but this one fits the mold.  I own it in paperback, as an eBook, and I even own the audiobook.  You could say I’m a fanatic… and I wouldn’t mind at all.  It’s that good.

The magic of Hollywood even transformed my favorite book into a movie.  I’ve shared the trailer with you, so you can get a feel for what this  book is about.. but again, go straight to the pages of prose to experience all that this book is.  While I love the movie for what it is, there is so much between the pages of this book that hit the cutting room floor… including details of the story I share today.

So… what is up with this book?  How could I possibly have read it as many times as I have and never get tired of it??  

Simply stated:  It moves me.  The main character (and author) Liz Gilbert goes through a tremendous transformation.  She hits rock bottom (or in her case, the bathroom floor) and she finds a way to pick herself back up again while traveling the world and meeting the most incredible people.  I simple love the story, and I relate tremendously with Liz and the beautifully written passages about her growth.   I’m not going to lie, I also love the pasta in Italy, the yoga in India, the handsome man Liz meets in Indonesia… and, really, who can’t help but adore Richard from Texas?

Today, I reflected upon Eat Pray Love again, specifically about what I’ll call my favorite part of the entire book.

It’s a beautiful, beautiful scene in the first section where Liz wants desperately to end her divorce negotiations.  She is completely exhausted by the process and just wants to move forward.  Her dear friend encourages her to stop trying to control the situation, and to instead put it out into the world and to enlist the support of the universe.

Her message to Liz goes a little something like this….

Eat Pray Love | No Thanks to Cake[pinterest]Desperate for a solution, Liz proceeds to create her “petition” and begins to collect virtual signatures from people she thinks would sign her petition and endorse her along the way… she thinks of both people she knows as well as people she’s never met (ex.  her parents, and then President and Mrs. Bush also sign.)  Many, many people “endorse” her and bring her light.  As the chapter ends, her husband signs the divorce papers, freeing her from all the anguish associated with her lengthy legal separation process.

I absolutely love this scene, and moreso, what it represents and reminds me to do.

It reminds me that sometimes you have to just let go, and that these dreams I dream every day… those ones that seem somewhat impossible at times would be TOTALLY and COMPLETELY endorsed by anyone I asked.  Yet I never think to ask… neither virtually or in real life.

Example:  If I told you a dream of mine that I wanted to make happen… I know that you would endorse me, my dear… and you, sir, as well.  My family, my friends, and even my favorite artist would all jump on board to help support these dreams.  I like to think the newly engaged George Clooney would even take a moment to sign his name.  There are an  amazing amount of people that are willing to send light and love my way, if I were to ask for it… a world of support swirling around me every day just waiting for me to “petition” it.

In Liz’s situation and in so many that I face, I find myself spending so much time trying to control and influence the situation.  While working a little harder can help me get closer to some goals, worrying about the goal being achieved can be extremely counter-productive.  Sometimes you just have to LET GO…

To me, I love the idea of tossing the concept out via petition… and feeling warmed by the support of everyone I know (and don’t know.)  It’s a beautiful way to find peace with situations, and a beautiful way to let the universe do its job.

I find it endearing how books can cause pause – – even books that I haven’t read in about 6 months.  This is one of the many lovely lessons that lie within Liz’s story.  Lessons that hit me at different moments in my life, like right now, showing up at just the right time.

So, think about what you want most in the world and/or what worries you the most right now, and ask the universe to endorse your intent.  I know I’d sign your petition in a heartbeat, with a sharpie and without a moment’s hesitation…

Dream a little bit bigger, ask for what you need/want/dream of, my dears.  A quick reminder that it is all infinitely available to you.  xoxo

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    Fabulous post, love! I could feel your passion and energy just SHINING in every word! I definitely need to read this book. All these messages you’ve shared are right up my alley of self-improvement. 🙂

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