New Obsession: Trader Joe’s

I know that many of you have been enjoying Trader Joe’s for years.  Can you believe that Trader Joe’s just FINALLY showed up in Colorado in February??

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After letting the crowds die down a little and the overall mayhem settle, I finally made my way there!  OMG… so many yummy items to choose from!

Now, I don’t think I could really do all of my groceries here, but it’s perfect for picking up a few (or a LOT!) of specialty items.  I’ve found quite a few over the past week that are SO GOOD that I had to share.

New Obsession: Trader Joe's | No Thanks to Cake

Check out this cart full of goodies that I picked up on Friday when I was going there for “soup”… please also note that there is no “soup” in this cart.  Classic!

So… What did I buy and what did I love so far?

New Obsession: Trader Joe's | No Thanks to Cake

Arugula & Parmigiano Reggiano Ravioli

These ended up being an impulse buy.  Again, I was looking for soup… and somehow I ended up with fresh pasta.  Trader Joe’s has a wonderful selection of filled pastas to choose from – – everything from lobster to bolognese to arugula.  I went with the Arugula version and cooked it up as an amazing Friday night dinner.  Pairing it with a few other purchases.


Mini Heirloom Tomatoes and Organic Micro Greens

While the Arugula pasta cooked, I sliced a few mini heirloom tomatoes with a handful of organic micro greens and some basil olive oil.  Adding a little salt and pepper, this dish was fantastic and incredibly beautiful.  This is one to try.  VERY little oil, and mostly veggies…

New Obsession: Trader Joe's | No Thanks to Cake

 Mini Mint Ice Cream Sandwiches

And then…. I met these guys.  These 70-calorie for two ice cream treats are AMAZING!

New Obsession: Trader Joe's | No Thanks to Cake

They’re very Oreo-like, and filled with minty chocolate chip ice cream.  Try them….

Hold the Cone

New Obsession: Trader Joe's | No Thanks to Cake

These tiny chocolate-lined ice cream cones are ridiculous.  They are tiny, but amazingly good.  The chocolate coating is crunchy, revealing the creamiest of ice cream on the inside (even straight from the freezer!)  Also, only 70 calories… yep, get them, too!

Trader Joe’s Pizza Dough

New Obsession: Trader Joe's | No Thanks to Cake

I bought the Garlic & Herb flavor upon my friend Tiffany’s recommendation.  OMG… so good!  I made a really decadent pizza out of it.  And, actually split the ball of dough into 4 pizzas.  While this stuff is amazing, be very aware of the serving size and the calories you’re taking in.  It’s more than you’d think, unfortunately. But check out this pizza!  AMAZING!

New Obsession: Trader Joe's | No Thanks to Cake

The flavor combination that I came up with was a little crazy… but so delicious.  How about bacon, peppadew peppers, and fresh mozzarella?  Amazing with that salty, sweet combo.  I’m going to work to make it with a little bit of a lighter dough the next time, and I’ll share the recipe.  Good stuff!

Coconut Oil Spray

I’m incredibly late to the coconut oil game, but better late then never…

New Obsession: Trader Joe's | No Thanks to Cake

I’ve started roasting and cooking veggies with this stuff.  So good!

All The Sauces

I also feel like I bought all of their sauces.  Here’s a little peek at a few that came home with me…

New Obsession: Trader Joe's | No Thanks to Cake

And, truthfully, there are quite a few more in my pantry.  Barbecue sauces and curries, and so much more!

Since I am so new to Trader Joe’s, what other items do I need to try on my next TJ’s run?

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  1. says

    That fig butter is tasty! I also love their goddess dressing and frozen lean turkey meatballs… but not together. 😉

  2. says

    Love that you found some of my favorite goods! I love the edamame hummus, chicken garlic sausages, frozen green beans, cocoa almond butter, dried apricots, and all the wines from La Granja brand ($4-$5!!). And oh so much more that I can’t remember but keep up your exploring!

  3. B says

    They make an olive oil flavored with Garlic that’s good for roasting veggies and pork loin. I also love their roasted almonds (no salt). Try the peppermint/tea tree oil body wash and shampoo. I’d drive to another state if I had to for those!

  4. Emily Macrander says

    Cookie butter…crunchy cookie butter, found near the peanut better. Sooo good. Do it. Trust me.

    • nothankstocake says

      Truthfully, I’m avoiding the cookie butter. Not because it doesn’t sound good… but because it sounds TOO GOOD!

      • Tabitha M. says

        I was going to say cookie butter as well, but it is too good. It’s a hard thing to eat in moderation.

  5. says

    I LOVE Trader Joe’s! Some other items you must try: 100 calorie chocolate bars, sweet & spicy mustard, snap pea crisps, cookie butter, their red wine vinegar, minestrone soup, 100 calorie oatmeal chocolate chip cookie packs, Carolina Gold Barbeque sauce, mandarin oranges, and blueberry scones. Can you tell I have tried a thing or 2 from there??!! 🙂

  6. says

    *I love love love Trader Joe’s cottage cheese. It’s the absolute best!
    *And making my own pizza with TJ pizza dough is so wonderful – I get the (almost) whole wheat dough and load it up with veggies. It’s even better than restaurant pizza dough.
    *Don’t forget – TRAIL MIX. I go on extra-long hikes just so I can eat this, haha.

  7. Robin says

    Trader Joes was just one of the reasons I was excited to move back to California, so glad you have one now! Their produce is great, and I love most things I’ve tried there. One of my new favorites is their frozen eggplant cutlets, that I make my own park out of. Soooo good! I also love the wine selection and prices… Do they sell alcohol there in CO??

    • nothankstocake says

      In Colorado, you can’t have “chain liquor stores.” As a result, TJ’s can only have one location with wine. I think it’s the one on Colorado Blvd. Haven’t been there yet…

  8. Laurel says

    just spent about $150 bucks there myself this morning!! I’ve vowed for years that I would never ever ever be able to live in a city that did not have a TJs. Probably one of my favorite places on earth! I saw you got a chile relleno…one of my personal favorites and the only frozen dinner I will eat! Have you tried it yet? What did you think??

    • nothankstocake says

      I LOVED the Chile Relleno… I’ve actually never eaten that dish until I tried the TJs version. So cheesy and so delicious! Thanks for the recommendation!

  9. says

    I cannot believe CO didn’t have one of these. I know so many Denver citizens and you all hype that city up to be so “with it” – TJs is the bomb!

    Love their White Bean & Basil Hummus (near the cheese) along with their mini wheat pitas (by the bread). In the fall, their pumpkin butter is awesome, and I’ve heard great things about their Pumpkin Spice Coffee. Also enjoy their natural cut fries (yes, that Cookie Butter is BANGIN). They have great cocktail sauce and teriyaki sauce.

    Another blogger I used to read recommended their 21 Seasoning Salute, which I have used and is pretty good.

    I also enjoy buying their packaged broccoli and/or cauliflower – already conveniently cut up, and I thought organic too?

    Their cheeses are great – they have some excellent light options.

  10. Holly says

    Pumpkin Greek yogurt in the fall!!! I also love the baby bok choy, shredded Brussels sprouts (i make a raw salad with lemon, olive oil, almonds & Parmesan- yum!!), and I also like their decaf coffee beans. Happy shopping!!

  11. says

    My kids love to eat Mini Mint Ice Cream Sandwiches and Hold the Cone, the good thing about Hold the Cone is that i too can munch on them because of low calories they have. All my family have got few of their favorite eateries at Trader Joe’s.

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