Things I’m Loving Lately

Time for another edition of “all those things I love!”  Here we go…


Why are Fridays so ridiculously fabulous?  Oh, I live for them, even with my new weekly 7:30am Friday meeting…. I heart them.

Friday | No Thanks to Cake

Boot Sticks

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been organizing the heck out of my place.  And, during a recent trip to the Container Store, I found these bad boys.

Boot Sticks | No Thanks to Cake

Each package is just $5.99, and they take your boots from sloppy heaps in your closet to neatly standing-upright!  I bought them in black, but I was seriously tempted to buy the gold plated ones in the store.

Boot Sticks | No Thanks to Cake

All the New Jenny Foods

They’re REALLY REALLY good… I’ve been posting a lot of detail on Instagram this week.  Follow me here to catch up on all the great healthy items I get to eat on this program!

Jenny Craig Food | No Thanks to Cake

Navy Nail Polish

I’m back on Navy polish again.  Remember when I went through this phase last year… There’s a few different shades that I’m loving, but Bobbing for Baubles by Essie is my current fave, and I’m also a fan of No More Film by Essie.

Bobbing for Baubles | No Thanks to Cake

This Jacket

Speaking of Navy, I’m OBSESSED with this new jacket from Zara.  OMG… I’m dying at its cuteness. I am so excited to see what ideas I can come up with regarding pairings.

(PS… don’t mind my linen closet being open, or my eye makeup remover being front and center… it’s about the jacket!)

Zara Jacket | No Thanks to Cake

There’s no sailor jokes necessary because it’s just that freakin’ cute…

Oh, and they have a free iPad app… that makes it SO easy to shop.  Since I can’t always travel to Chicago to get my fill, this will have to do for now!

NatureMade Gummie Vitamins

My friends over at NatureMade sent me a few gummie vitamins to try, and holy cow!  I love these things!  I love the idea that I pretty much get to have candy every single night to take my vitamins.  THE BEST!

Nature Made Gummies | No Thanks to Cake

My favorite are the Multi-Omega vitamins.  They taste like Sour Patch Kids, but no sour!

My Ability to Make Good Choices Dining Out

Not gonna lie, I’ve had to eat lunch/dinner out WAY too much this week for my liking and for a girl on a weight loss program.  BUT, I’m excited about the way it’s gone.  So what if I order like Sally Albright…

1 point KG, 0 points dining out.

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  1. Jen Burkemper says:

    LOOOOOOVE that jacket :) No sailor jokes. Buttons are super cute. It shrinks your waist (not that you need it). It looks great on you!!!

  2. OMG You ARE Sally, how have I never realized this??

    Love those boot sticks, its a genius idea. And the jacket looked amazing on you, props! I need to check out Zara.

  3. Jillian says:

    Jacket looks AMAZING. You’re so BEAUTIFUL. :)

  4. Emmie says:

    You’re so purty!!!
    And I love that nail polish.

  5. anderson says:

    I just love it. Thanks for this nice sharing.

  6. Cute jacket! But I confess I peered into the linen closet – I spy bottles and jars that might be skincare and I love seeing what other women use.
    Have a great weekend!

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