WOW: Strength Training for Beginners

It’s been a long time since I posted a “Workout Wednesday” post… but in my effort to get more focused on physical fitness in 2014, I plan to bring this feature back again.

WOW: Strength Training for Beginners| No Thanks to Cake

I’ve got my sights set on spending some more time in the weight room, but this is not my area of expertise by any means.  As a result, I called on the lovely Caroline (AKA The Trendy Trainer) to offer some tips to all of us on how to get started with strength training.  Thanks, Caroline, for sharing your expertise here on NTTC!


I am so excited to be guest posting on NTTC! My name is Caroline, and Kelly and I met at FitSocial last year in Denver, CO. I have loved staying in touch and being able to catch up through our blogs.  I can’t wait to reunite at FitBloggin’ this year.

The Trendy Trainer | No Thanks to Cake

I live in Boston, MA and just recently was able to pursue my passion for blogging and now work full-time as a fitness content writer for the Boston-based media publication, BostInno. I began my fitness journey through personal training and teaching classes.  I’ve always loved being able to help people visualize and ultimately achieve their goals.

So without further ado, let’s dive right into my 5 top fitness tips for anyone beginning a strength routine.

The Trendy Trainer | No Thanks to Cake

1. Don’t Fear the Strength Room. 

All the time I see women too afraid of venturing to the “other” side of the gym. Whether it’s out of confusion or fear, we must begin to break that habit. Check out what your gym has to offer, you may be surprised by the variety of options they have. From Kettlebells to Bosu balls, modern gyms are typically stacked with the newest and coolest fitness gadgets. So go check it out, then move on to tip #2.

2.  Just Ask. We Don’t Bite. 

When I was working at the gym full-time, I was amazed at how many members would come in, walk around, and then leave without so much as touching a piece of equipment. As a fitness professional standing in plain view, I grew confused as to why no one would ask me for assistance, for guidance. And then it dawned on me: people hate to ask for help. Well, I’m here to tell you, ask!  You’re not likely to get a free training session, but a simple ‘what is what’ around the gym floor is a perfectly acceptable question.

3. Try a Class!

Most gyms offer a variety of group exercise classes. From Zumba to bootcamp, these classes are a great way to learn new exercises and get ideas for your own workout. If you’re not feeling motivated, begin taking strength classes 2x/week so it becomes routine. When you feel confident you can train on your own, hit the floor with all the moves you’ve learned in class.

4. Don’t Quit. 

Speaking of motivation… the number one reason why people quit an exercise routine is because they aren’t seeing the results they want. Make sure you’re not only challenging your body, but also putting in the time and allowing for proper recovery.

If you’re just starting off on a workout routine, go slow. Don’t bombard your body with two-a-days and logging millions of miles. You’ll burn out and most likely get injured. Like they say, slow and steady wins the race.

5. Recover, Recover, Recover. 

After your workout, it’s easy to put your feet up and call it a day. But before you hang on the couch or go sit at your desk, make sure you’ve properly stretched and fueled your muscles for proper recovery. Within 30 minutes of exercising, aim to take in a small serving of protein and carbohydrates. Hydration is key as well. If you’re not used to exercising, you’ll need to make sure you’re replacing the fluids lost during that sweat session!

For more tips on fitness and maintaining good health, visit Caroline over at The Trendy Trainer.  You can also follow her on Facebook (The Trendy Trainer), Twitter (@trendytrainer) and Instagram (@trendytrainer)

What is your best tip for a beginner looking to incorporate strength training?

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  1. says

    I highly recommend either finding an experienced friend to show you the ropes and help you with form, or paying for a couple of sessions with a trainer. Bad form can get you hurt, it helps to have someone show you if you’re doing something wrong.

    Also highly recommend finding a beginner’s lifting program. I love Body for Life for beginners. Whatever you choose, buy the book, read the whole thing, watch YouTube videos for proper technique, and don’t be afraid to make adjustments.

    And last but not least, you are stronger than you think! I went into lifting thinking that I could only use 5-10 lb dumbbells because I’m a woman. Well, now I use 30-50 lb dumbbells or the barbell far more than I pick up 5-10 lb ones. Don’t be afraid to up the weight!


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