A Weekend of Food, Friends, and Fun

My weekend was INCREDIBLY BUSY.  The kind of weekend where you blink, and you missed it.  And, I even took an extra day off…

Because who really wants to work on her birthday?

Not this girl!

Friday morning, I woke up without an alarm (best birthday gift ever!) and had a light agenda planned for how I wanted to spend the day of my birth.

First and foremost, I jumped on the scale to see how my week had gone. I felt pretty good about the week, and the scale confirmed with with a -1.3 lb weight loss – - Happy Birthday to Me!!!

After giving my scale a hug… I got ready for the day’s events!  I scheduled time to get a super-relaxing massage and facial with my very favorite aesthetician Sam.  (Note to my Denver peeps:  If you are looking for a masseuse, she is AMAZING and one of the most lovely people I know.)

Spa | No Thanks to Cake

The massage was JUST what the doctor ordered.  My job changed as of the first of the year, and I’ve been carrying a lot of stress in my back and on my mind.  This 90-minute disconnect is just what the doctor ordered.

After the massage, the only thing on my agenda was to go home and get ready for my birthday dinner.  I always choose Indian food on my birthday because it’s just so amazing!

Indian Food | No Thanks to Cake

I’ve decided it JUST might be my favorite cuisine because each bite has so much amazing flavor.  I’ve you never tried it… you seriously should!  My friend Tiffany was game to join me and ended up being a huge fan of the flavors.

Tiffany and Kelly | No Thanks to Cake

My second birthday celebration was Saturday night at a little Asian restaurant close by.  I always feel great about the food at this place because I can get a steamed chicken and vegetable dish which to me is completely guilt-free.  I pair it with a side of kung pao sauce… and it is amazing!

Steamed Chicken and Broccoli | No Thanks to Cake

The night took an awkward turn when the waiter brought out the dessert, and (yes) serenaded me in a very LOUD voice, insisting on holding my hand during, and then kissing me on the head afterward.

Dessert | No Thanks to Cake

Oh geez… I felt like I had a sombrero on my head at La Siesta in college.  So awkward…  but a nice gesture.

Sunday had another lovely outing, where I got to meet up with some local bloggers!  Tiffany, Jess, Lauren, and I met at True Foods Kitchen to enjoy their healthy cuisine, and it didn’t disappoint (nor did the conversation!)

Denver True Foods Kitchen | No Thanks to Cake

This was actually our first outing with Jess from Operation Skinny Jeans who was so nice to join us girls for a quick lunch.  She is a fabulous lady on an amazing weight loss journey.  It was so nice to meet her after “knowing” her for so long on Instagram.

Johnny Cakes True Foods Kitchen | No Thanks to Cake

During lunch I had my first “Johnny Cakes” made with quinoa, and I LOVED these.  They were made with quinoa and were AWESOME.  Lauren was right when she said I would figure out a way to make these at home… it’s just a matter of time!

Inside Out Quinoa Burger True Foods Kitchen | No Thanks to Cake

My main course was just ok… I ordered the Inside Out Quinoa Burger and it just had a weird flavor to it.  I really didn’t eat much of it, but saved room to order (wait for it)… the Flourless Chocolate Cake. I die for this flourless chocolate cake and thank goodness my light lunch and three lunch buddies supported this dessert decision.

Flourless Chocolate Cake True Foods Kitchen | No Thanks to Cake

It was incredible!!!

And, with that… the weekend was mostly over.  At least the fun part of it.  Back to work, back to the grind, and, my goodness… back to the gym!  I want to make sure all my dining out doesn’t erase that 1.3 lbs I lost this week!

BTW… I haven’t forgotten my promise of a Birthday Giveaway… it’s coming this week!

How was your weekend?  Have you ever been serenaded to at a restaurant?

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  1. Jessica says:

    Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a great weekend :)

  2. Beverly says:

    Happy Birthday!! Sounds like a great weekend!

  3. Millie says:

    Sounds like such a great weekend! Happy birthday, Im also celebrating my 25th today!!

  4. Thanks for organizing that lunch- it was delicious and the company was even better! And ooooh that flourless cake… I think I’m still dreaming about it!!

    • nothankstocake says:

      Isn’t it the most amazing cake ever? BTW… I’m so planning to recreate those Johnnycakes. It’s on!

  5. ChristyS says:

    I am loving quinoa right now too – I can’t wait for the Johnnycake recipe! Sounds like a fun birthday weekend! Congrats on the loss!


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