All I Want for Christmas

Your friends and family are probably snooping around asking random questions and trying to find out what you want for Christmas this year.

Whether your new to healthy living or its been your lifestyle for some time, this is a great time to consider what you need to be successful in your quest to be healthy!

No Thanks to Cake's Healthy Wish List 2013 | No Thanks to Cake - - Lots of ideas for HEALTHY HOLIDAY gifts to ask for this season.

Healthy Snacks to Fill the Stocking

I feel like my stocking has always been filled with chocolates and candies.  So when I think to healthier options this season, I can always remember the random apple that we’d find in our “socks” at my grandparents house.  Back then, it wasn’t my favorite find… and it’s hard to believe that I’m looking to healthify my stocking now!  Here’s a few healthy snack ideas that would be lovely finds in your stocking…

Perky Jerky - Have you tried this stuff?  It’s amazing!  I particularly like the turkey perky jerky (say that three times fast!), and of course, that it’s a Colorado product.  YUM-O!

Perky Jerky | No Thanks to Cake

Quest Bars – By now, you’ve probably heard of these yummy protein bar dreamboats… Amazingly delicious and all natural.  I die for the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, the Banana Muffin, and the Cinnamon Roll flavors.  They make the most delicious snacks… and perfect holiday treats!

Quest Protein Bars | No Thanks to Cake

Non-Food Items to Round out Those Socks

Sometimes the best packages are tiny and wrapped in a little bow, I’ve found.  Here’s a few of my recommendations for this category:

Skinnie Minnie Sparkly Bic Bands - They’re glittery and make working out just a little more fun.  They come in tons of different colors, and I always get tons of compliments on them when I wear them.

Sparkly Bic Bands | No Thanks to Cake

YurBuds Headphones – I absolutely love these headphones.  Designed for women, the buds are JUST the right size for the ladies.  And, they come in a bunch of fun neon colors… and can be picked up during your weekly Target run!  I have the Inspire for Women earbuds in yellow!

YurBuds Inspire for Women | No Thanks to Cake

Fitbit Flex - I’ve been wearing a Fitbit for the past two years, and I have to say… their products are fantastic!  My pick this year is going to be the Fitbit Flex (the fitness tracker I wear) or their latest release the Fitbit Force.

Fitbit Flex | No Thanks to Cake

I’m choosing the Fitbit Flex because you can accessorize it by changing out the bands… I mean, a girl loves to be stylish and fitness-oriented after all. Wearing a fitness tracker WILL keep you focused on your steps and your fitness levels each day.  If you haven’t tried one of these, it’s time!  LOVE!

Fierce Forward Abundance Bracelets - If you have a goal you’re working toward or perhaps need a beautiful daily reminder of your passion, these bracelets are the perfect gift.

Fierce Forward Abundance Collection | No Thanks to Cake

I currently wear the Passion bracelet daily and am hoping to add to my collection this holiday season.  I’ve also gifted the Run bracelet to my dear friend (and new runner ) Angela and Passion to one of my favorite bloggers.  These make great gifts!

Workout Gear

New Sneakers – There are SO MANY cute new sneakers out there to choose from!!  Sometimes a new pair of shoes is the perfect thing to get you back in the gym or on that trail you love so much!

Neon Sneakers  | No Thanks to Cake

Affirmats – I’ve just recently been introduced to this brand, and I absolutely ADORE their mats.  Everyone needs an amazing mat to practice on.  These mats are not only sturdy and supportive… but incredibly inspiring!

Affirmats | No Thanks to Cake

Kitchen Essentials

Take a Dip Snack Containers for Your Busy Workdays – I’ve shared these containers many times on NTTC and each time I do, you guys rave about them. Why not ask for them for Christmas?  They’re only $3.99 each and will help you enjoy your favorite snacks when you’re away from home.

Container Store Veggies and Dip Containers | No Thanks to Cake

PB2If you’re a peanut butter lover like me, it may be time to try Bell Plantation’s PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter.  This amazing peanut buttery spread is the perfect substitute for the calorie-rich alternative, and you can use it for baking as well!

PB2 | No Thanks to Cake


I buy it by the pound and use it daily in my Peanut Butter Overnight Oats I’m always talking about.  Love this stuff!

Tablet Stand - Do you use your tablet in the kitchen to make new recipes you’ve found on the internet?  Me too!  How about this tablet stand to help your iPad sit upright?  GENIUS!   I bet this will help you to make even more delicious NTTC recipes :)

Tablet Stand | No Thanks to Cake

That’s my list of healthy must-haves this holiday season.  Are there other healthy gifts you’re asking for this holiday season?  Tell us all about it!

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  1. Stacey says:

    I LOVE Perky Jerky, and of course love Quest bars!

    I’ve never seen those Take-a-dip containers. Those are awesome, definitely need to get some!

  2. Caroline says:

    Um… A tablet stand? Genius! You mean I don’t have to prop it up on a mixing bowl or stack or towels? :)

    Love the Fierce Forward collection, GO Ashley!


  3. thedumbbelle says:

    this is an excellent post! many great ideas not just for gifts, but for everyday!

  4. I actually asked for an ipad stand this year…. except the kind that is mounted underneath the cabinets – help conserve counter space :)

    You forgot to mention…. a knitted scarf by the NTTC Queen :) One of my favorite gifts EVER.

    • nothankstocake says:

      I was THIS close to getting one of those for our gift exchange… but I ended up going with something more random. Can’t wait to see you in THREE DAYS!!!

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