Meet Ellie: Down to Earth Clothing Review

My friends at Ellie reached out a few weeks ago, asking me to review their latest clothing line.  And, being the   wannabe fashionista that I am, I couldn’t resist.

Ellie is a clothing line that I first met at Fitbloggin 2012.  Their clothing line takes a fashion forward approach to fitness, and is designed to get you excited to workout knowing that you look fabulous!

Ellie Clothing Review | No Thanks to Cake

The way it works is that they release a new line every month, with pieces produced in limited amounts.  This way, you’re less likely to run into someone wearing the same gear you are – - Genius!

There are two ways to shop Ellie.  You can purchase individual items, or you can subscribe monthly and get two items for just $49.95.

I tend to just buy the pieces I like, since I have way too many workout clothes.  But, if you’re new to working out, or need to spice up your workout gear, I’d recommend subscribing!

The clothing line that I had a chance to pick from is called DOWN TO EARTH and is gorgeous!

Down to Earth Ellie Collection | No Thanks to Cake

When they asked me to pick pieces, I knew exactly what I wanted.  I’ve started getting into colored workout pants… they’re so fun, afterall!  So, I picked a gorgeous fuschia pant and long-sleeved grey cutout top.


I love the details of this outfit.  The calf cutout is so cute, and the open back of the shirt is just adorable.


I can’t even tell you how hard it is to get a cute pic of the back of the shirt, but I think you see what I mean.  Just adorable.

Down to Earth Ellie Collection | No Thanks to Cake

And, check out the sleeves.  I can’t get enough of these thumb-hole looks that warm your hands on cool fall days.  LOVE!

Whenever I wear Ellie clothes, I always feel super-stylish at the gym, and most times… someone stops me to say they love the look.

My only issue with the gear is that I had to wear nude-colored panties under the fuchsia pants.  When I wore black, you could kind of see them.  No big deal… worth it to switch to nude for the cuteness the pants deliver…  I also felt a little self conscious with just a sports bra on underneath and opted for a tank underneath the second time I rocked the look.

Ok… here’s two ways you can try Ellie that I’d recommend:

1.   Ellie is running a GIVEAWAY where they’re giving away one free outfit + a yoga DVD kit.  Click here to enter to win!  Awesome way to try out a cute new workout look, if you ask me! 

Down to Earth Meet Ellie | No Thanks to Cake

You know how I love yoga… how awesome would it be to win this 12 DVD set and 108-day yoga program!  Such an awesome prize!  And, as I mentioned yesterday… Adam does yoga.

2.  Readers of NTTC have a chance to save 20% on their purchases.  Click on the ad below to access this offer and try Ellie for yourself!

Thanks, Ellie, for letting me try out this awesome new workout look… I can’t wait to see what you come up with next month as well!

Sponsored Post Disclaimer:  Ellie provided me with free workout clothes in exchange for my review of their product.  While the clothing was free, my review of the product is based solely on my opinions and personal preferences.

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  1. DebO says:

    Super cute!

  2. Jillian says:

    Oh boy. I would love some free Ellie stuff, no joke.

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