San Francisco, I Adore You: Part I

Hello, my dears!

I’m finally getting settled in after an action-packed four days in California.  I can’t even believe how beautiful Northern California is… and how incredibly different it is from Orange County and SoCal where I usually travel.  Such a lovely surprise to have a new place to travel!

One thing that I did find a bit strange was the temperature… who in the world would expect to be wearing jackets, scarves, and coats in July??  Thankfully, I had packed for the weather, but it was so weird!

We arrived in San Francisco on Tuesday morning, so excited about the events of the week.  I mean, it’s not every day that you get to get area-level recognition, compete in a big sales competition, and go to a concert on Alcatraz.  (Kind of a big deal…)

We flew into Oakland, and found this guy waiting for us in baggage claim.

Who promptly helped us with our bags and out into our transportation…

And, quickly we were whisked away to the hotel to get checked in and registered for the event.  In true Rockstar fashion, they had another step-and-repeat for us to pose in front of… I’m getting kind of used to these today, and that’s ok!!

Rather than head out and explore the city, Jessica and I decided to get checked in… iron our clothes for the week and prepare a little more for the competition that was scheduled to take place on Wednesday.

The rooms were gorgeous, with the most incredible view.  While I usually prefer a King, I slept so amazingly well in these doubles… it didn’t even matter.  Well done, Hyatt!

They even left a little box of chocolate in the room… which I plan to promptly take to the office tomorrow for someone else to eat.  Still, very nice job, Hyatt!

After practicing for a few hours, it was time to get fabulous and head up to the 36th floor for the cocktail hour.

The views were absolutely spectacular, and some of the clearest of the whole trip!

After the cocktail hour, we moved to the lower banquet hall for a big dinner and awards ceremony.  The food was amazing (including a tasty filet and BEET salad.)  The party planners also did a great job making sure the dining hall looked amazing with added touches like the record plates and the ice sculptures at each tablet.

We also picked up some fun swag this night including some Ghirardelli Chocolates, and doesn’t everyone need Rockstar glasses?

I’ll tell you more about the competition and our time in SFO later in the week.  Stay tuned!

Have you ever been to San Francisco?

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    I think that San Francisco is legitimately my very favorite city in the US to visit. We were just out there in April and it was the trip of a lifetime. If it wasn’t so far away from my family in Ohio, I’d be moving there. So glad you enjoyed!


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