And the Winner Is…

I have a huge box of Fitbloggin loot that I packed up last week when I posted the giveaway.

While it looks gorgeous sitting on my fireplace, I am excited to part with it!

And the winner of all this fabulous Fitbloggin Swag is…

Sarah M!

Our winner, Sarah M., is actually a fellow blogger who writes over at Adventures with My Boys.  Stop by and check out her site, and who knows… maybe she’ll review some of the products in this huge prize pack!  Congrats, Sarah!

It’s hard to believe we had 377 entries for this giveaway!  That’s pretty darn impressive… Nice work, folks!

Speaking of huge numbers… the NTTC Facebook page also hit 1000+ followers this week thanks to many of you!  And, a little nudge from Brooke: Not on a Diet, who sent a few readers over as well!  So cool!  If you’re not following on FB, click here to join our community!

Thank you to all of you who followed and commented and tweeted… such a great response!  And, I definitely heard loud and clear that you guys were interested in the snacks and interested in winning more!  I’m working on a few other giveaways that should be coming up soon… from new partners that I met at Fitbloggin.  Stay tuned!

Come to Fitbloggin 2014!

Also, if you are a blogger and have interest in attending Fitbloggin to experience the most wonderful weight loss/fitness bloggers’ conference I know and to pick up your own bag of loot, you should follow the Fitbloggin facebook page and Roni’s Fitbloggin site to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings!

Official Conference Photo (Source)

Next year’s event has not been finalized, but will be held in either Nashville or Austin… this Southern girl will be happy either way, and even happier if some of you join us next year!

Until the next giveaway… xoxo

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  1. Lora says:

    Congrats to Sarah, am little jealous :3.

  2. My vote is for Austin! I’ve never been and I think it would be fun!

  3. Katelyn says:

    You go Sarah! Enjoy!!!!! :)And see if you can keep me away next year!

  4. Mely says:

    Congrats Sarah I hope you enjoy your prize!

  5. Amanda says:

    Congrats to Sarah! Will have to check out her blog! :)

  6. Thank you so much!! I can’t wait! Maybe I will actually get to go to Fitbloggin next year, it looks like fun!

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