WOW: One Weekend, Two 5Ks

Setting an alarm on the weekends is just gross, but when you have to set it to catch up with friends, it’s sort of okay.

On both days this past weekend, I was waking up not only to visit with some of my favorite people, but to go on a 3-mile walk!

5K #1:  Sloan’s Lake

I made plans to meet up with the lovely Tiffany on Saturday morning.  We met at the beautiful Sloan’s Lake in Edgewater to go for a walk.  Neither one of us had ever walked around the lake, but we’d both admired how pretty it was.

It was a super-hot morning… and we walked our hineys off!

Along the way, we had a chance to see great views of the mountains and an awesome view of the Denver skyline!  This lake is definitely one that I’d want to walk around again.  It clocked in just under 3 miles, and for purposes of this post, I’ll call it a 5K.

After the walk, Tiffany had suggested we grab a bite to eat so we could visit additionally.  Per my post on Monday, I derailed the idea of brunch and substituted it with a lunch for two at Subway.  PERFECT!

The great news:  She was totally cool with Subway… most of my friends are!  But this positive reinforcement of what I’m trying to do is just another thing I love about this girl.  We had SUCH a good time catching up over a Veggie Delite…  

5K #2:  Espirit de She – Cherry Creek Arts Festival 5K

On Sunday morning, I had to set my alarm again but this time I was heading to an official 5K in Cherry Creek!  The Espirit de She is sponsored by Athleta (one of my favorite brands) and Lifetime Fitness.  It’s part of the annual Cherry Creek Arts Festival, and I knew I wanted to be a part of it!

Athleta’s brand motto “Power to the She” is one that resonates with me… and their work with Girls on the Run really helps to build healthy lifestyle awareness and confidence in young girls.  I couldn’t resist participating, and when my friend Bev agreed to walk it with me, I was sold!

In a sea of runners, Bev and I walked the race and did so powering through the wicked heat that is July in Denver.

Now, here’s my favorite part of the 5K:  How about at the very bottom of our race bibs there were two tickets for the Bubbly Bar??  Yep, you heard me right… we got to finish the race with two glasses of bubbly.  Thinking that this would be a lovely addition to Jodi’s Race next year… I know Team Bev would get behind it!

Two great days, two great walks, and with two amazing women… It’s summer, get out there and get moving!

Have you done any 5Ks this summer?  How are you enjoying the great outdoors this season?

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  1. Corrie Anne says:

    Nice work!! Our CrossFit class did a Saturday wod at Sloan’s Lake, and it was a 5k around the lake. :) The Cherry Creek event looked fun too!

    • nothankstocake says:

      Ok, we totally walked by your group… it was toward the second half of our walk when we were melting! How ironic!

  2. Marion says:

    Did a 5K run in May to raise funds for a women’s domestic violence shelter and a 10K run for pure sport and I am doing a 5K run for pediatric oncology in August. I’ve been doing a lot of bike riding along trails and a bit of golf though I would love to do more. Kitchen renovations are getting in the way of golfing and the end of Reno is near so more golf in future and I walk it to feel the burn! Oh ya!

  3. Marion says:

    Way to get out there and do it Kelly and encourage others to do it as well!

  4. Sara says:

    Congrats on your two 5k. At least you got to spend time with your friend while working out. It looks like you had a fun and healthy weekend.

  5. Mely says:

    Wow, Kelly it sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. I need to visit Colorado! It’s seem so pretty. I love to hike and CO looks perfect for it. We have beautiful parks too here in Cali. We just came from vacation and did a 12 mile hike in the Redwood at Big Basin State Park.

  6. Nice job getting in two 5ks in as many days!

  7. Way to rock the 5ks! That lake looks so pretty! I did my first official 5k in June, followed by another the next weekend. I would eventually like to run one, but since my mom isn’t a runner and I do them with her, I enjoy just walking and chatting with her!

    The week I’m trying to bike 28miles before my 28th birthday next Wednesday. The heat is wicked here in Illinois, so it hasn’t been easy, but I’m already 12miles down! :)

  8. Rebecca says:

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