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I ran into that pesky blogger’s block again last night.  It’s where I write the beginning of several blog posts, and nothing seems good enough to share.

When this happens, I usually end up sharing just little fun blurbs about what I’m loving right now.  That being said, here you go!

PS.. For those of you who brainstormed with me on Facebook… Whoa!  I have so many ideas for next week!  Thanks, and stay tuned!!!


I’ll kick it off by saying I’m quickly becoming obsessed with Instagram.  OMG… it’s so fun!

Maybe it’s because I’ve had a fun, busy few weeks… but I find is such a fun way to communicate.  And, it’s all about pictures…

Anything from the Triple Rainbow that I spotted in traffic on Wednesday…

To my quest to find the perfect pair of specs!

PS… If you’re not following me yet, click here!  It’s such a fun little app!

New Pretty Undergarments

Ok… we’re MOSTLY ladies here, and the men that read have to appreciate that we’re paying attention to this area, too…

After a while, the elastic and whatnot just gets tired, and it’s time.  Well, it was COMPLETELY past time for me.  I went to Victoria’s Secret and found not one, but two new great bras…

Previously, I had been a HUGE fan of the Incredible bra.  Alas, that one’s been discontinued, but I found it’s replacement…

The FABULOUS Bra, of course!  Go try it… it rocks!  Disclaimer:  Vicky’s does NOT guarantee transformation into this supermodel when you put on the bra, even with their fancy-schmancy in-store lighting.  Trust me…

When You Guys Share Your Pics

Last week’s Bruschetta Turkey Burger Stuffed with Babybel Light Cheese was a big hit on Pinterest, and an even bigger hit with many of you… and, even cooler, several of you guys posted pictures of your versions of the tasty burger!

These two pics from Jade and Julia totally made my day!!  I know there’s more of you out there cooking… If you feel so inspired, post away to the NTTC Facebook page!  I’d love to see how it worked out for you!

Exploring Pretty, Pretty Colorado

On Memorial Day, I went on an awesome hike with my friend Deb to kick off the holiday.  She knows a lot of the great spots to go, and we chose Apex Trail this time around.  IT. WAS. GORGEOUS!

Deb and I hiked our little hearts out while trying to maintain a conversation (in between a little huffing and puffing along the way when the incline got steep.)

I seriously live in the most beautiful state and need to get out there and appreciate it more.  I feel like I spend most of my time in the car… but not this weekend!

Presents from Laughing Cow Cheese

I got a package last night from my friends over at LCC, and it made my night.  After a craptastic afternoon, a little LC + carrots really hit the spot.

And, the fact that I have a cute new LCC lunchbox, a branded water bottle, and a few wheels of cheese to play with didn’t hurt either.  Thanks, Laughing Cow!  I heart you!

New Sneaks

I specifically told Deb during our hike that I wasn’t going to buy any more workout shoes until after Fitbloggin.

Fitbloggin is sponsored by Reebok afterall… and they’re so generous with free shoes for attendees.  And, that seems sensible, so I can a bunch of different colored shoes to go with my workout clothes…

However, there’s nothing sensible about my shopping habits, and I certainly didn’t plan on meeting these beauties at Nordstrom Rack.  They looked lonely in the store all alone… I saved them!

Jodi’s Race for Awareness + Team Bev

Tomorrow is the 4th Annual Jodi’s Race for Awareness and the 3rd year that I walk proudly as part of Team Bev.  This cause is incredibly near and dear to me… and I’m excited to celebrate my friend Bev with FIFTY of her friends and family on Saturday.  You can read about the 2012 race here, and about the recent Athleta pre-party here.

When you pause to think you almost lost someone to this horrible disease, it makes you want to do everything to support her and the cause.  Honored to be a part of this walk and to walk side by side with my friend.

Cheers to you, Beverly!  

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