Jenny Updates: Weigh in and AH Moments

On Saturday morning, I made my way back to Jenny Craig for a weigh in.

I didn’t have an official consultation on the books since Candace wasn’t available.  Committed to getting my weigh-ins in, I did a drop-in appointment.  Over the years, I’ve become an expert on the “drop-in” appointments.  Ideally, I call ahead to submit my food order and quickly jump on the scale.  I write my updated weight on a post-in note, and zoom out with my food.

This morning was pretty close to that!  And, as a bonus… the number I wrote on the post-it was less than last weigh in! Woo Hoo!

This Week’s Weight Loss: -0.6 lbs

Total Weight Loss: -79.0 lbs

As part of Team Jenny, I have a chance to interact a little more closely with Jenny Craig corporate.  When they emailed me to let me know that Jenny Craig was featured in the May issue of Oprah’s O Magazine, I headed out to Target to pick it up and see what all the buzz was about!

For those of you who subscribe, Jenny Craig has an article included on page 94 of this month’s issue.

The article in O Magazine tells a fantastic story of mother and daughter, Linda and Pam, who lost a collective 57 lbs on the Jenny Craig program as they were planning for family cruise to Alaska.  The ease of the Jenny Craig program + the support they lent each other made their weight loss possible!

I don’t know about you, but I love reading about people that are changing their lives and getting healthy.  It’s so inspiring!

The two-page spread also includes information on an exciting new contest from Jenny Craig and O Magazine that’s going on! Here are the details, and how you can enter to win:

AH Moment Contest

Are you inspired to make a change? In honor of Mother’s Day, share your “AH Moment” to getting healthy and enter for a chance to win!  You could win a trip for two to NYC to attend Jenny’s 30th birthday party, a free Jenny program, 30-days of Jenny food, a tour of the O Magazine offices and a night on the town complete with dinner and a Broadway show! Visit for more information on how to enter.

Plus, share your inspired “Ah Moment” on your Twitter page using #Jenny and be entered to win one of 100 Jenny prize packages

Also, don’t forget to visit to learn about how Jenny is supporting the American Heart Association’s My Heart. My Life.™ initiative. Here, you will be able to sign up for the American Heart Association’s Heart Walks taking place in over 300 cities through 2013.

While your official entry to the contest will have to go through this link, I’d love to hear your AH Moment .  What made you pause and decide to get healthy?

For me, it was two things:

1)  This picture that I took with friends outside of Garcia’s way back when, which made my weight gain all too obvious.

2) My friend Robin making the decision to schedule gastric bypass surgery.

Both opened my eyes to the fact that I was ignoring my weight, and missing out on my life.  Two and a half years later, joining Jenny was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

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  1. Jillian says:

    On my birthday Febuary 2nd, was when I turned 26 and I was 90lbs overweight. I had a hard time moving, walking from the car to the store. As I was stuffing my face with chocolate cake, I kept thinking I can’t be this way anymore, I need to change, I just turned 26 and I have been overweight all my life. I stopped having fun with friends and going out on the town with my husband because I was to ashamed of myself and it was hard to move around. I was embarrased!

    I finally made the decision to take control of my life! I needed to make food not my world anymore but make me of the world!

    • nothankstocake says:

      LOVE that Ah Moment… it’s powerful and so relatable. How is your healthy journey going?

      • Jillian says:

        My journey is going great! I work out everyday, even if it’s a walk in. I joined my local YMCA, I go to different classes. I also track my food on My fitness pal which has helped a lot! Down 43lbs since February 2nd, 2013. I cut out soda and sugary drink and caffeine. I also eat Gluten free because my tummy was hurting me a lot. I only drink water maybe with some crystal light in it and decaf coffee sometimes.

        • nothankstocake says:

          That is AMAZING! Since February??? You rock, girl! I’m a member at the Y too… such a fan! Keep up the great work!

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