Weekly Weigh In and Snow Boredom

After last week’s big weight loss, I had a feeling this week might be a little less than stellar.  While my eating was on track for the most part and according to plan, the scale didn’t show a dramatic change with this week’s weigh-in.

This Week’s Weight Loss: +/- 0.0 lbs

Total Weight Loss: -78.9 lbs

Yep, I lost NOTHING.  I still love it though…. because the past two weeks still reflect a loss! Have you been watching the news this weekend?  If so, you’ve probably seen that the next round of winter storms rolled through Colorado.  We actually had a BLIZZARD WARNING!  Geez, Louise… that’s a little ridiculous!

The snow didn’t start until the middle of the night on Friday, so this girl was completely safe and tucked away for the winter storm.  I hit the grocery store on Friday night, so I had food for the weekend and for some new recipes I wanted to try. I loaded up the crockpot first thing in the morning… with an amazing bolognese sauce that I’ll share with you tomorrow.  I wish there was a way that I could somehow add a link that could convey the smell associated with this sauce.  It smelled amazing (and that is an understatement.)

I think the secret to this terrific sauce was the pancetta… click here to see the full recipe :)

While the sauce bubbled in the crockpot, I moved to my bedroom to face my closet.  My closet has been completely out of control for a while now.


The biggest challenge with the closet is that if I buy a new piece (like my shopping trip to JCP last weekend,) there’s no room for the new stuff.  I just can’t have that! This time around though, the challenge to cleaning out the closet was a little different.  In the past, I used this time to remove items that no longer fit.  While there were some pieces that didn’t fit, I had to take a more critical look at the situation and make those decisions that we all hate to make…

Will I Ever Wear this Again? When is the Last Time I’ve Worn this?

I am pretty good at getting rid of stuff.  I don’t love clutter at all… but for some reason, I get nostalgic with clothing.  I wore that shirt to that event, or I wore that dress to such and such’s wedding.  If it fits, I somehow think I’ll wear it again… but I had to dig a little deeper and make some choices.

It took several hours and involved several breaks… but I made it happen!  And, I even had room for these guys in the end!

Goodwill got two big bags of treasures yesterday, and I saved a few of my favorite items that I can’t wear anymore for a friend.  I feel so much better now that the closet has space again and is organized.  I don’t keep up with it well, but the short sleeved shirts are living together, separate from the tanks, and in a different spot than the dresses… This is going to make things much easier in the mornings!  My sock drawer and workout clothes also got an overhaul.  Clutter beware on a snow day…


The other area that should beware during a snow day?  My refrigerator.  There’s nothing worse than being home all day with no where to go, with extra time on my hands, and the most delicious food on hand.  I did my best to make good choices during my snow day, but the reality is that I ate all day long.  Bananas and cucumber salad and more salad and bites of my bolognese (to taste test!) and ice cream and kale salad… and the list goes on.

Thankfully, Sunday was a COMPLETELY different day from an eating perspective.  Just as the snow started to melt away, my boredom eating also vanished on Sunday as I ran a bunch of errands, hit the gym, and life got back to normal.

The forecast looks good for the next week… so I should be safe.  Phew!

How do you handle snow days or those days where you are stuck at home?

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  1. Marion says:

    STS is as much a victory as losing so congrats on STSing this week. I had seen the weather reports for the Western US and was thinking about those who would be impacted and how sick of snow you must be. Where I live it was 62 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny on Sunday… We went for our first outdoor bike ride and I saw a Robin! It’s officially spring here in Canada. We use to live in the Northern region and winter would last till May… I hated it..I admire you for being able to handle winter and keeping yourself occupied on a snow day. When I get a day like that… I go cabin crazy… So staying occupied is so necessary and I usually hit the home gym. Housework that is usually neglected gets done and we are prepping for a kitchen Reno so I’ve been goin through cupboards and tossing/storing stuff so demo work can start. That should throw a curve in my food prep but I’ve planned for it with paper plates, Pre-made healthy foods, BBQ, etc… Very excited about the new kitchen more than I am nervous about the curve ball it will throw me with food prep. Glad to hear you are making the best with the challenges you face Kelly and as the weather changes to spring you will be glad you took the time to organize yourself so you can spend more time outdoors with my new workout wear on! Hugs

  2. Patty says:

    Your closet looks great! I so need to do that too. Snow days are the worse to be stuck inside. It’s like every snack is calling my name. I clean…every single room to avoid the fridge. Sweep, mop, clean mirrors, shred paper, etc :)

    A clean apartment is the bonus if snow days. I’m so ready for Spring!


  1. The Dress says:

    [...] weekend, I cleaned out my closet during a pretty big snow storm.  I found a bunch of clothes that I’ve loved that no longer fit… and I found something [...]

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