Tea Time

After a very lazy weekend, Sunday arrived all too quickly and I had to set that dreaded alarm clock.  Are you the same way?  Does the idea of setting an alarm clock on the weekend make you wince?

Well, the good news is that I had a fun event to go to.  I am involved in an alumnae chapter here in the Denver area, and a group of ladies and I get together on a somewhat monthly basis at different venues throughout the city.  When I first moved to Denver, joining this group made it SO much easier to meet people and I’ve always had a fondness for it as a result.  I especially love seeing new faces at these events of people that are also trying to connect after moving cross-country.

I usually play cruise director when it comes to our monthly events, but for January, my friend Jillian offered to help coordinate the event and chose Boulder as our backdrop.  Things have been so hectic that it was nice to have someone else to do the planning for our group – - Thanks, Jill!

Not only did we have brunch planned at a lovely teahouse in Boulder, but there were also arrangements made for the group to tour Celestial Seasonings!  Having a busy Sunday planned, I opted out on the trip to Celestial Seasonings (which I had already toured), but met the ladies for lunch.

The Dushnabe Teahouse was actually a gift from Tajikistan, believe it or not.  Boulder established its sister city ties back in 1987, and artisans in Tajikistan went to work crafting this beautiful teahouse in its honor.

The exterior of the building is just as gorgeous as the interior, with hand crafted tiled panels surrounding the building.  Once you arrive inside, you are greeted by the Fountain of the Seven Beauties and exquisite tiled ceilings.  No detail was spared in the creation of this beautiful tea house.

Fountain of the Seven Beauties

The Ceiling

We had quite a large group and the restaurant was awesome to accommodate us so well.  We all started off with some tea.  I’m not a HUGE tea drinker, but I do enjoy the herbal infusions (i.e. Candy Cane Lane, Sleepytime Tea, etc.) so I picked a flavor that was called “7 Chakras.”

It had a blend of berries and flowers and tasted AMAZING!  The little teapot had a strainer with loose leaf herbs, which was also a first.  Our server brought out a timer to let us know when our tea had steeped long enough.  Delish!  I only wish I had drank more of it before it got cold!

The menu really had a large variety of international cuisine.  Everything from Polish to Indian to Thai, the menu had a ton to choose from.  I went with the Asian Chicken Salad.  It came with soy and sweet chili seared chicken, napa cabbage, greens, red pepper, carrot, and a soy vinaigrette.  Per the menu, it also is served with crispy wontons, but I asked them to leave them off this time.

It was REALLY flavorful and JUST what the doctor ordered.  I can’t even begin to tell you how good this salad was, and the dressing was really interesting as well.  It was mostly soy sauce, but in the best possible way.

After lunch and quite a lot of chatting, we got to enjoy a few tasty treats.  My friend Jillian surprised us all with teapot shaped cake pops in honor of the event.

Just a bite of cake and frosting was EXACTLY the right amount of dessert… and she may have even stuffed them with a little surprise chocolate chip cookie dough!  Yum-O!

BTW… Jillian blogs all of her fabulous creations over at Good Morning Sweetums.  Check her recipes out… they are amazing!

If that weren’t enough sweetness, one of the ladies has been living in Switzerland and just happened to be back in town in time for the event.  She treated us with Swiss chocolate… decadent, to say the least!  And, somehow, the chocolate just kept multipling within her bag… Eeks!

I stopped at two little mini squares, but wow… the Swiss REALLY know what they are doing over there.

Before heading out and splitting from the group, we took a quick picture outside of the teahouse.  To my friends who like to travel to Denver, make a note… we’ll be going to the Boulder teahouse when you come into town.  I love this place!

Are you a fan of tea?  Any favorite flavors?

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  1. tania says:

    those masa crips look great!

  2. Katy R says:

    I went to the teahouse while I was in Boulder, my childhood friend who lives there is there marketing rep. Loved it & the food (and tea) was so tasty!!!

  3. julie says:

    those lemon pistachios sound amazing! thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Marion says:

    Chai tea my fav! Nothing like a hot, steaming cup of Chai tea with a splash of milk in it to warm you on a bitter, damp, cold day! Another passion of mine Kelly that I am so excited to see you blog about! The rituals of going to tea are so incredibly relaxing and yes Swiss chocolate is beyond words! Thanks for sharing and I hope some day to go to this place in Boulder as I have never been to Colorado.

  5. Kathy says:

    That tea house looks beautiful!!! Like Marion, I love chai tea. So good!!
    Swiss chocolate is the best! I traveled to Switzerland a few times with my parents when I was younger, and I remember those small squares. Toblerone bars are distinctive and my favorite.

  6. Caitlin says:

    Looks like such a fun little place. I’ll have to visit it next time I’m in Boulder!

  7. Shawnaprimadonna says:

    I’m not a tea fan myself, but have recently discovered a tea made by Pike Place Market company called Market Spice Tea. It’s so delicious, has a hint of orange and cinnamon, and doesn’t really taste like tea. SO GOOD!

  8. Jillian says:

    Thanks Kelly! It was a great time and I’ll holler at you for any cake pop tasting :)


  9. What a cute place:) I’m excited to try it out tomorrow! How adorable are those cake pops? That’s some talent right there.


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