Weekend Weigh-In Update

Another gain.

Yeah, I thought it might be easier if I just cut to the chase.  I gained AGAIN this week.

This Week’s Loss:  + 0.2 lbs

 Total Loss: – 80.0 lbs

Oh geez… the numbers are DEFINITELY heading in the wrong direction.  I’ll take 0.2 though.  Especially considering that when I got on the scale on Sunday morning, the scale showed I was down almost three pounds OVERNIGHT.

Ultimately, I own the gain; however, I feel the need to share a few contributing factors.  (Yes, I know this sounds like I’m about to pour out the excuses, but bear with me.)

The day before weigh-in is a VERY important day.  It’s one where I won’t usually make plans with friends for dinner, and I’m usually extra careful about what’s going into the bod.  It’s superstitious, it’s ridiculous…. but I know some of you guys do the same thing.

Example:  I wear close to the same thing every Saturday when I weigh in (so I can’t wonder if it was just my clothes.)  And, I never eat breakfast or gulp a bunch of water before the weigh-in… that just shows up on the scale.  It’s crazy, I know.  I even told my JCC Amalia that I almost wore a bathing suit last week… I joke, but if it was socially acceptable, I just might do it!!!

Friday morning, I woke up in Boise to find that I had no breakfast.  When I used to travel all the time, I would simply pack a JC breakfast.  For some reason, I’m rusty when it comes to traveling because I didn’t have anything with me.  And, let’s be honest… breakfast options are slim when you’re looking for something healthy.  Especially when you’re a non-egg eater.  It’s just tough.

So, I decided to have a Subway Veggie Delite.  They’re open early now, and the sub would fill me up for about 230 calories.  Done!  I went to the local Subway and geniously had them make me a footlong (my first one!)  The 2nd half would become my airport lunch…

This one was breakfast

And, its twin became lunch while I was waiting to board my flight for Denver

This was a brilliant idea, until I took the first bite.  Holy saltiness!  The guy who made them was SO heavy on the salt and pepper.  It was salty and spicy from all that black pepper.  Optimistically, I felt like I could recover.  Afterall, I had those delish veggies already prepared.  How could I not eat them??

Well, when I was at the airport… I also decided to peruse the gift shops for healthy snacks.  Boise Airport does a great job having healthy alternatives handy and has previously had Pop Chips in stock for my purchasing pleasure.  Well, they didn’t have Pop Chips in individual-sized bags, but they had Pretzel Crisps, which just sounded good!

For 110 calories per serving, I had a cheesy pretzel treat!  I was so into this…. but when I tasted them, I was OVERWHELMED by the saltiness of them.  Honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever get this flavor again.  Tasted like salt, not so much like Jalapeno Jack… but apparently, that’s what I was craving because I didn’t let it slow me down.  My chip-aholic status remains.

Too much salt on a pre-weigh in Friday… I know better than that!  Especially considering that I was down so much on Sunday morning… I know that the salt was not helping a girl out.

Afterall, it had been a very SOLID week!!!!

I had eaten well, and MOST NOTEWORTHY, I had gotten to the gym A LOT.  I logged 10K steps on my Fitbit FOUR days this week… I did Pilates on Tuesday… I walked a LOT.  I mean, this was a week where I felt really good about getting back on track and I blew it with some Pretzel Crisps.  Boo-hiss!

The good news is that I should be blowing Amalia’s socks off when I see her next Saturday at my weigh-in at JC.  I even hit up the Farmers’ Market today and gathered my supplies for the week…

My Secret Weapon for the Week

I have also begun reading Women, Food, and God by Geneen Roth… and I’m amazed by how much of the book is resonating with me.  I’m also thankful that I’ve found it because it’s been my companion on the treadmill this week…. and in the airport… and on the stationery bike.  I’ve also been highlighting away in hopes of sharing a lot of great nuggets with you all when I review it.

Today while at the YMCA, I ran across a quote she captured from Rumi that fit perfectly for what I’m going through right now.  Rumi when asked how birds learn to fly stated: “They fall and falling, they’re given wings.”

Maybe I just need to fall a little to finish this journey up right…. I certainly hope so because I really have my sights set on flying.

Do you have things you do (or won’t do) before you weigh in?  Do you try to remove any obstacles like I do?

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  1. Charlene says

    Kelly – go back one post and look at the picture you posted of yourself. I was instantly struck by how great you are looking. It definitely sounds like the sandwich and pretzel chips were the culprit and you WILL rock it next week. Great job on all of the exercise this past week – 10K steps in a day is not usually easy unless you consciously put in the effort to do it. Have a great week!

    • nothankstocake says

      Hi Charlene! Thanks for saying hello! Whenever I see your comments, I instantly smile… because I feel like you’ve been there from the beginning!!! Thank you for your kind words. I’m working on those 10K today!

  2. says

    Pretzel Crisps are no longer allowed in my house – they are trouble. Too funny about your superstitions! I do the same stuff. Really watch sodium a day or two before Saturday weigh-in. I only eat chinese/thai food on Sat/Sun/Mon/Tues. No eating or drinking before weigh-in. I am shocked when I see women wearing jeans at weigh-in. If I could go naked at ww, I would.

    • nothankstocake says

      The only reason I allowed myself to have the Pretzel Crisps was that they were in a 2 serving bag. I can’t trust myself with Chips, as you likely know… For example, the larger bag of Popcorners I ran into in Nashville. EEKS!

    • nothankstocake says

      Girl, but I love the gluten!! I know it’s good for you… but I’m not quite there yet!

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