Apps I Can’t Live Without

It’s the most personal item anyone has these days, so it’s important that you love it.

Most people will go home for this before they go home for their wallet, to shut off lights, or because they forgot their lunch.

Is your phone your most prized possession?

I work in the wireless industry, so I always have a fairly new device.  Also, despite working in wireless, I’m not incredibly tech-y, but there are some things I’ve found recently  that I just can’t live without.  As a result, I decided to share a post today about all the little apps that make my life easier.

If you click on the app title below, it will link you to Google Play where you can download the app.  All apps listed below are FREE unless indicated….

Healthy Living


I’ve advocated for MyFitnessPal for some time and remain a HUGE fan of this application.  Using the site from my phone makes it SO much easier to keep up with my food intake and exercise.  Follow me on MyFitnessPal and we can encourage each other:  Nothankstocake.



I LOOOOOOVE my Fitbit and the fact that they have an Android app that links all of my steps with all of my food intake with all of my weigh-ins.  What’s not to love about this app??  By now, I’m sure all of you have purchased my favorite fitness tracker, but if you haven’t… click here to read more about it!

Saving Money


The Coupons App

Here’s why I love this one:  Picture it, you’re at Hobby Lobby.  You decide to purchase a random package of Christmas ornaments in July.  You wish they were on sale or that you cut that silly coupon out of the paper.  Well, click on this app and there’s a coupon on your phone.  (Yes, on your phone!)  I’ve used Coupons to Hobby Lobby, New York and Company, Bed Bath and Beyond, Kohls… there’s a TON of them on there.  FREE.  Download it today!


I love a good deal, and Groupon delivers.  Having the app lets me bring up previously purchased deals (no more printing!) and buy new deals with just a few clicks!  I also have Living Social downloaded… but I don’t use it nearly as much.

Kroger (My Grocery Store App)

Your local grocery store VERY likely has an app that helps you SAVE money with in-store coupons.  For the Kroger version, you simply link the app to your savings card and any in-store coupons you pick automatically load to your card for easy use!  Safeway has a version, and I’m sure there’s others that do too!  Try it out!



Google Reader

As a blogger, you know that I spend time reading other blogs.  Afterall, I have to keep up with my blends (blogger + friends = blends.)  Once you save a blog to your “reader”, it updates you with any new posts automatically.  Every morning, I simply log in and see who’s posted.  Running off the Reese’s is usually one of my first reads of the day since she posts early.  Love this app!


Fandango is great for finding that movie time and location when you want to get together with friends!  I also love that it allows you to buy your tickets right from the app, so you don’t have to wait in line once you get to the theater.  While I listed this one as one of my faves, I sadly haven’t used it since the Aurora shooting.  That was just too close to home, I think (literally and figuratively.)  As the weather gets cooler, I’m sure I’ll be back at the movies in no time and glad to have this app!

Sirius XM

I’ve mentioned it a few times, but in case you didn’t know… I’m an ENORMOUS Cosmo Radio fan.  I absolutely love Wake up with Taylor (the FKCST is my favorite!) and Cocktails with Patrick.  I’ve also been relating more and more the the Dr. Jenn Bermann show lately as she talks a lot about eating disorders and intuitive eating.  Regardless, I keep my Sirius in my car and on my phone so that I can listen and keep up with my favorite radio personalities.  I listen to Taylor and Kenny while I get ready for work every day… and never miss the Seven Things You Need to Know Before You Go.  (Any other Lil Effers out there??)


I also keep Pandora on hand for when I’m at the office and want to listen to music.  I often create a random channel to listen to based upon my mood.  For example, I made an Otis Redding channel the other day… uh-mazing.  Free internet radio.  You need this.




After all of my Pinterest references, I think this app’s purpose is understood.  If you haven’t tried Pinterest, it’s time.  The End.

Lottery Results

Someone today talked me into trying this app out!  Since I’ll have won the $320M Powerball by the time you read this, I may not need the app much longer…. for now, it helps me find out what the winning tickets were.


This app is one of my many social media apps that I can’t live without… but Instagram is clearly my latest favorite.  If we haven’t connected yet via Instagram, you can find me by searching for Nothankstocake.  I also use Twitter, Facebook, and Evite apps to stay in touch with friends.

 Gate Guru

I love this app because it gives me a guide to the airport right at my fingertips.  Can’t remember what there is to eat for lunch on Concourse B?  You can use Gate Guru to find out.  Wondering if you should pick up Subway before you go to the airport?  Well, you should just do that… but as soon as you land in your new city, you can quickly pull up a map of the airport.  Completely easy and completely helpful for the frequent traveler.

What apps do you use often that you can’t live without?  Tell us the name of the app and what it does please…

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  1. corrie anne says:

    The one I need most of that list is gate guru!! I am always searching for food!!!

  2. DebO says:

    Wow – I didn’t know about some of these. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Mely says:

    I didn’t have the coupon app, thanks so much for sharing. I can see why is one of your fave. I’m gonna le it too. :)

  4. Miranda says:

    OMG i <3 cosmo radio. it's pretty much the only thing i listen to :)

    • nothankstocake says:

      Me tooooooooo! I never seem to catch Patrick anymore, but I never miss Tay and Kenny!!!

  5. Robin says:

    If you have kids this is my favorite app: Cozi it is a family calendar, grocery list, to do list… The whole family can update it and you see it on your phone. Example my kids write down what we need at the grocery store and I see it on my phone.

  6. For my Kindle Fire – my favorite app (other than Pinterest – duh) – is Pulse. It’s also like Google Reader, but in my opinion, MUCH better! It’s the nicest RSS reader I’ve found…. I’m sure they offer it in phone format too… since Kindle’s OS is Android. For the iPad, I love the WW etools and WW Kitchen apps…. and for my Droid phone, I love the WW Scanner app… the eTools works best on the ipad/iphone though. I am a techy whore… I own just about every type of OS you can find :)

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