The Vegas Wedding Vacation Show: Part II

Ok, so I warmed you up with yesterday’s Vegas preview.  Here’s the fun stuff.  Friday night, we kicked off the wedding festivities with dinner at the Bellagio.

Hello Bellagio

Now, I have never eaten at many buffets in Vegas, but we ate at the Buffet at the Bellagio and it was REALLY delicious.  I know, I know what you’re thinking…. how and the heck did I eat at a buffet and survive??

This reminded me of an old comedy sketch by Jon Pennett… Do you know it?
“You go NOW! You be here FOUR hour. You eat all the rice. You Sumo?”

Truth be told, I ate at a buffet not once but FOUR times in Vegas.  Secret to my (somewhat) success:  A HUGE plate of salad.  Yep.  I ate from the salad bar the first night and paired it with a slice of roasted turkey that tasted JUST like Thanksgiving.  That and the fact that most of the buffets had nasty desserts.  We’d get a dessert (or two) to try and we wouldn’t even come close to finishing it.  Now, not everything that came off the buffet was salad… but you do your best and eat your veggies.  You also know that it’s only THREE DAYS and that when you get home you eat RIGHT!

After eating our faces off at the buffet, we walked around the Bellagio a little bit…

They had a whole lighthouse thing going… Which reminded me of my sister-in-law Beth. This one’s for you!

We took pictures of the displays in the Solarium and enjoying one of my all-time favorite cocktails – – the Bellagio’s signature martini “The Cable Car

In front of the pretty flowers

Enjoying our delicious cable cars…

We had planned to meet back up with the bigger group later for some dancing and whatnot.  Dancing… yes, I said dancing.  AND, there was even a little dancing on my part.  I only do this for brides and when intoxicated enough that I don’t remember.  This one was truly for the bride.

And, apparently, there are pictures…

Before heading to Cleopatra’s Barge, we spent some time at the Shadow Bar at Caesar’s catching up.

Terah, Angela, Jaede, and Me at Shadow

We were out sort of late on Friday night, so we were definitely excited to sleep in on Saturday morning before another big day of pre-wedding fun.  Stay tuned for more tomorrow!

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