The Vegas Wedding Vacation Show: Part IV

This is the final edition of the Vegas Wedding Vacation Show.  If you missed any of the earlier entries, click below to catch up before you proceed!

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After our yummy breakfast and our amazing massages, it was time to get ready for the wedding.

Gotta set the hair before we do this hairdo I tried…

Before I show you final pics… I’ll tell you, it looked AWESOME from the back, but I sort of hated the front.  Yep, should’ve scheduled an appointment… OH WELL.

And… before I show you wedding pics, I think you need to see my fabulous MOH gift Angela got me.  So freakin thoughtful!

For my NTTC business cards…

I feel so official!

Ok, without further ado… here are the pics from Angela and Jamie’s beautiful wedding.

All the guests…

Fun pic!

Ang and her girls…

Super squinty in the desert sun!

The bride and groom outside of the chapel

Love this one… the Papparazzi snapping pics of the new couple

After the wedding, there was a two hour break between the wedding and the reception… so, Jaede and I decided to hit the pool at the Cosmopolitan.  It was REALLY hot out there… and I’ve never seen so many people laying at the pool.  Crazy!

Chillin with Rum Punches at the Bamboo Pool

The reception ended up being a little more casual than expected, so Jaede and I found something on the casual side to wear, redressed and headed off to the Wynn!

The rum punch had kicked in a little…

My favorite bar at the Wynn…

One more photo with the gorgeous bride


Post dinner, it was time to gamble… but before we gambled, we decided to spin the prize wheel at the Cosmopolitan to win big!  I did win big, but unfortunately, I only won a meal at the Wicked Spoon (and we had no meals left!)  So… bought dinner for a cute couple waiting for a table.  So fun!

Next stop was the slots, followed by the roulette table, and then onto the purple chair that we thought we should have a picture in.

Posing in the purple chair at the Cosmopolitan…

A little more posing…

And… our photog decided to jump into the last picture

The reception was still well underway… so we met back up with the group again.

One last pic of the 3 Amigas.

With an early early flight on Monday morning, Jaede and I turned into pumpkins at about midnight.  What a great trip to Vegas…

As I close out today’s post… a message to the Newlyweds, since I’ll be missing their Nashville wedding bash this weekend.  If I were there, I would hope to have a chance to toast them.  And since we all know I’m a horrible toastmistress, I’ve written a note instead:

Angela  – 

I can’t even begin to tell you how honored I was to be a part of your special day, and what a treat it was to get to spend three days with you guys in Vegas.  Every bit of it was perfect… and I hope it felt that way to you.  I love that even in a big group we were all able to visit and that I had a chance to get to know some of the people in life that mean the most to you and Jamie.  

I’ve had the chance to “grow” up with you over the past 17 years… and I’m so proud of the woman that you’ve become.  You continue to inspire me on a daily basis to be a better person, to be stronger, and to chase after my dreams.  You’re really an example to us all, my dear… and you make it look so easy (despite having 12 jobs!)

I also love that you’ve found your match in Jamie and the joy I saw beaming from each of you all weekend long.  Wishing you a lifetime of laughter and happiness.  You’re well on your way, my dear.  Love you, show!

Jamie – 

Congratulations….  You’ve married my best friend and one of the most terrific ladies on the planet.  I hope you always keep that same look you had on the day of your wedding… that look of adoration (the same one she was reflecting back at you.)  It suits you both so well, and inspires the rest of us to find a love as precious as the one you two share.    

So, so happy for you… and happy to have you as part of my family as well.  Thank you in advance for letting us shop (hand-holding) in Chanel as we grow old (and get even more gorgeous.)  In return, I’ll make sure you have enough Buffalo Chicken Pizza to enjoy while we’re away spending all of your money.  

Love you both, and wish I could be at your big bash this weekend to celebrate.  Definitely there in spirit!  xoxo

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The Vegas Wedding Vacation Show: Part III

Wow… who knew it would take so many posts to share with you the details of my Vegas trip!  We packed SO much into the three days we were in Vegas.  I guess it just takes time.  I promise, I’ll eventually share details of this lovely lady’s wedding…

But first, let’s talk about the fun we had on Saturday!

Saturday afternoon, Jaede and I needed breakfast and we certainly needed more than toast.  We found our way to the free Brunch that the hotel offered when we checked in.

Love the name, love the food, and loved the french toast.  Seriously, if you’re in Vegas and need some french toast, come here.  Jaede and I may have gone back twice.  AND… I also vowed to figure out how to make this french toast at home.  Insanely delicious (and so not Jenny Craig… oops!)

After our brunch, it was time to shop it out.  The bride wanted to do some shopping at the Forum Shops at Caesar’s… and who were we to turn her down!  Jaede and I got lost a little bit in Sephora.  I purchased a fabulous new blush and my first red lipstick in YEARS.

I ended up buying Runway Red by Too Faced.

My new favorite blush… Orgasm by Nars. This is one that’s always featured in mags as a VERY universally flattering blush. Love. It!

After shopping it out, it was time to get back to the room to get ready for the evening dinner.  Angela planned a family/wedding party dinner at our very favorite restaurant in Vegas – Firefly.

Trying out the new makeup…

We first heard about Firefly via an episode of Racheal Ray’s $40 a Day show on Food Network, and always make it a necessary stop during trips to the desert.

They serve the most delicious Spanish tapas… and Saturday night was no exception.  The food was amazing as was the company… I only wish I had a picture of the gazpacho I enjoyed.  It was HEAVENLY.

Steak and Mushroom Skewers

Warm spinach salad

The Kel-Ang Show: Firefly Edition

Ang very wisely decided that we should keep Saturday night as an early night.  Dinner with the family and then some beauty sleep so we were all gorgeous the next day for the wedding.

The next morning, Jaede and I decided to kick it up a little bit and try out the spa at the Cosmopolitan.

At the entrance to the Ladies’ Spa at Sahra bright and early on Sunday morning

We both had scheduled 80 minute massages and couldn’t WAIT to get on the table.  I’ll tell you… I wore the most unsupportive shoes the entire time in Vegas, so I had the therapist spend some extra time on my feet.  Thank goodness we made time for these!

Does she look excited or what?

I was whining that I missed yoga, so I struck a pose or two on the way to the locker room!

After all that massaging and another slice of French Toast, it was time to get ready… Stay tuned!

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Announcing the FitBit Winner…

Funny story… when you start giving away COOL things like a Fitbit, your friends think that maybe you can just work things out so that they can win it.  Hmmm… I don’t think so!  Even if you’re my friend, you still have to enter like everyone else.

I’m a pretty big rule follower and I always try to make sure my loyal readers have just as much opportunity to win as my friends and family… that’s just how it works!  There’s no cheating in NTTC!

For this very AWESOME giveaway, I used a new tool called Rafflecopter.  The 414 entries that this giveaway received were all managed by the tool… and honestly, I thought it was really easy to use.  It also makes it VERY easy to see how many people entered via each option.  REALLY cool stuff.

Also, I didn’t have to find an online random number selector or do a fancy screenshot of who the winner was… Rafflecopter did all the work for me!  All I did was click one button to pick a winner.  EASY PEAZY!

Bloggers… check it out, I think you’re going to like it.

So… without further ado, it’s time to announce the winner of this FABULOUS FITBIT FRIDAY giveaway.  I clicked the button and the Rafflecopter generated a winner that is not only a good friend of mine but also a loyal reader.  And, I’m pretty sure I startled her when I called her earlier tonight to tell her the news!

And, the winner is….

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations, Robin!  

Your requested Pink Fitbit will be on its way to you shortly!

Now, for those of you who didn’t win… I know, I know… you still want a Fitbit.

Well, here’s a few things I can tell you:

1 – Fitbit is giving away fun products within their Facebook community these days.  If you aren’t following them yet, click here to do so!

2 – As a Fitbit ambassador, I’m hoping to be able to have more giveaways like this in the future… so keep reading NTTC for the next great opportunity to win!

3 – If you’re REALLY interested in starting to track your steps ASAP, make the purchase today by clicking here.  You won’t be sorry.  Seriously.  This product is fantastic!

I should have another giveaway coming up in the next few weeks, so keep reading to find out what that will be!

Thank you to everyone who entered… I truly wish I could have given one to each one of you!  xoxo

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The Vegas Wedding Vacation Show: Part II

Ok, so I warmed you up with yesterday’s Vegas preview.  Here’s the fun stuff.  Friday night, we kicked off the wedding festivities with dinner at the Bellagio.

Hello Bellagio

Now, I have never eaten at many buffets in Vegas, but we ate at the Buffet at the Bellagio and it was REALLY delicious.  I know, I know what you’re thinking…. how and the heck did I eat at a buffet and survive??

This reminded me of an old comedy sketch by Jon Pennett… Do you know it?
“You go NOW! You be here FOUR hour. You eat all the rice. You Sumo?”

Truth be told, I ate at a buffet not once but FOUR times in Vegas.  Secret to my (somewhat) success:  A HUGE plate of salad.  Yep.  I ate from the salad bar the first night and paired it with a slice of roasted turkey that tasted JUST like Thanksgiving.  That and the fact that most of the buffets had nasty desserts.  We’d get a dessert (or two) to try and we wouldn’t even come close to finishing it.  Now, not everything that came off the buffet was salad… but you do your best and eat your veggies.  You also know that it’s only THREE DAYS and that when you get home you eat RIGHT!

After eating our faces off at the buffet, we walked around the Bellagio a little bit…

They had a whole lighthouse thing going… Which reminded me of my sister-in-law Beth. This one’s for you!

We took pictures of the displays in the Solarium and enjoying one of my all-time favorite cocktails – – the Bellagio’s signature martini “The Cable Car

In front of the pretty flowers

Enjoying our delicious cable cars…

We had planned to meet back up with the bigger group later for some dancing and whatnot.  Dancing… yes, I said dancing.  AND, there was even a little dancing on my part.  I only do this for brides and when intoxicated enough that I don’t remember.  This one was truly for the bride.

And, apparently, there are pictures…

Before heading to Cleopatra’s Barge, we spent some time at the Shadow Bar at Caesar’s catching up.

Terah, Angela, Jaede, and Me at Shadow

We were out sort of late on Friday night, so we were definitely excited to sleep in on Saturday morning before another big day of pre-wedding fun.  Stay tuned for more tomorrow!

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