New Love: Candlelight Yoga

I had fully planned on blogging about a new giveaway I have for you, my dear, dear readers… but something remarkable happened tonight.

I took this guy…

and combined it with this….

And found a WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL state of bliss.


This is my third yoga class this week, and it just became my favorite.

The class started at 7:30pm.  Being spring, it was still a little light out when we got there and it looked like rain was on its way.  I was disappointed for two reasons:  1)  Shouldn’t it be dark for candelight yoga?  and 2) I can’t stand thunderstorms.

The beautiful yoga studio was all set up with electric candles, and as we got started it all began to make sense.  The instructor’s name is Susie, and she’s just wonderful.  She led us through a series of Moon Salutations vinyasa-style.  Now, if you’ve done vinyasa yoga… you know that it’s all about the flow and repeating a series of poses.

We worked through some of my favorites:  Proud Warrior, Warrior 2, Crescent Moon, Triangle, Five Pointed Star… to name a few.

It was just peaceful.

There were poses tonight that I couldn’t quite do, but this gives me inspiration for future classes.  I felt like it was more of a workout than the “gentle yoga” I took last weekend.  I can’t wait to go again.

Now, it wouldn’t be a challenging yoga class without someone doing something that makes me want to laugh.  You might remember the time I laughed at an instructor doing the crow position.  Well, tonight… if I weren’t so chilled out, I would have spit when I saw this:

Show off...

In all seriousness, I can’t believe I didn’t laugh when I saw this.  Not because I’m child-like, but because things like this seem so impossible they’re almost funny.

The class ended in savasana, with lavendar eye pillows and with the most amazing few minutes of breathing.   We closed the class with some ohm-ing and a quick prayer.  There was no thunderstorm and the pitter patter of light rain on the skylights was delicious.

Best hour I spent all week.  Amazing.

If you haven’t tried yoga and you’re thinking about it, would you please find a gentle yoga class and give it a shot?  I can’t tell you how much I love being back in yoga and how it is effecting my mind, body, and soul.  You need this.  Try it soon.


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