Coming Out of Retirement

It’s interesting to think that it’s wedding season again for this girl.  I’ve already been through this once, where everyone around every corner was getting married.  This was in my mid-20s when a wedding meant a fancy dress and a big party.

Now, during round 2, it’s amazing to see the transformation of what I’m seeing for weddings.  I am seeing that the more mature (but not at all old) bride is throwing a fabulous less intense wedding… and she’s keeping it smaller than the first shindig.  She’s picking destination weddings over traditional ceremonies and throwing picnics and barbecues celebrate.  Frankly, I like her style!

Something else that’s interesting is that I’ve officially come out of bridesmaid retirement.  I’ve been in EIGHT weddings (mostly in my 20s) and I decided a while back that I’d be ok being an honored guest in the future as opposed to standing at the alter.  The reality:  It’s awkward to walk down the aisle with a permasmile, I ugly cry in front of an audience and (subtract a few months) no one likes to be the chubby girl in the wedding party.

Well, I got a call from a dear, dear friend of mine last weekend… asking me to be in her wedding and I couldn’t help but abandon my retirement.  I am SO flattered that she’d ask me to be a part of her special day.

Back in 1999, I had the honor of being one of her bridesmaids during her 1st trip down the aisle.  Between you and me, I was sort of a misbehaved bridesmaid.  Keep in mind, how was I really supposed to behave myself in front of an audience standing next to my closest and silliest girlfriends???  We may have started laughing during communion.

The great news is that she still decided to have me.  Angela and I have been friends for going on 17 years.  She and I have been through just about everything together… pledging a sorority together, sharing the same major in college, and becoming fabulous grown-ups together.  She’s one of the constants in my life.  Whether she was living just down the hall in our dorm or thousands of miles away as she is today, we stay connected and we always make time to catch up.  That’s the way we do it, and I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

She’s a coach, a teacher, and soon to be a doctor.  I’m certain she wears a cape most days.  No human could possibly work as hard as she does and accomplish as much as she has.  She’s a rockstar, and I’m so incredibly proud of the woman she’s become.  She’s seriously impressive.

In June, I’ll be so honored to stand by her as she says her vows to her fiance at their Las Vegas ceremony.  I can’t promise I won’t laugh if they mention anything terribly serious like communion… but wait, as my best friend, she already knew that going in.

Love you, Ang!

PS… Would have loved to have included our biker babe pic from college, but you likely have the only copy of that bad boy.

What a shame!!


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A Few New Treats on Monday

Weekends always go by so stinkin’ fast!  I spent my Saturday rushing about from store to store running errands and picking up dry cleaning.  Before I knew it, the day was gone.

My house was also a hot mess.  I spent some time getting it back under control as well.  For some reason when I get home from a trip, I am REALLY good at destroying the place.  Clothes everywhere and just all around laziness.  I think I have everything in check now… but keep in mind, I leave for Missoula tonight, so it will all start over again.

The other thing I feel like I did this weekend was EAT.  I’ve been eating more lately, I think.  Not really losing weight…. And everything I’m eating is light/lowfat and on the healthy side, but there’s just a lot of it.  More to come on this topic later in the week.

I’ve (once again) vowed this week will be better!  So, stay tuned to hear about the results.  In the meantime, I’ve tried a few new things that I wanted to share.  You’ll notice a not surprisingly peanut butter theme below.


I remember tweeting about these, but I don’t remember if I shared them with you.  Have you tried PEANUT BUTTER CHEERIOS!?!  Holy cow!  These are hands-down the most delicious O’s I’ve ever tried.  If you haven’t tried them yet… you really ought to.


As a peanut butter lover, the bowl of PB yumminess is worth every single one of the 110 calories that you spend eating them per serving.


I’ve whined before about my breakfast limitations.  I don’t eat eggs, so I’m sort of limited by normal breakfast cuisine.  My sister-in-law Beth told me about the new Smart Ones options, and I had to try them.

I picked up the Pancakes and Turkey Sausage breakfast and ate it on Saturday morning.  It was so good!  Now, of course, I added a little PB2 to the cakes to make them extra delicious.  REALLY good.  I’ve missed sausage (and bacon) and it was nice to have some!


I went to Target this weekend to pick up some Fiber One 90 Calorie Peanut Butter bars, and found a new treat on the shelf – – Fiber One 90 Calorie Caramel Pretzel bars!  Wow!  Such a nice treat.  They seemed to have a slightly mocha flavor… and the pretzel is so tasty!

I also found a new LUNA bar to enjoy as well.  Have you heard about the new Peanut Honey Pretzel flavor??  Really good.  I don’t eat Lunas often, but I just had to try this one too.  Also delish!


The first time I tried Greek yogurt.  I hated it.  There, I said it.  I know that all the healthy living bloggers SWEAR by Greek yogurt… but I didn’t like it AT ALL.  Judge on, folks… judge on!

I decided to give it another shot last week, buying a container of Fage Plain Yogurt and mixing in a pack of dip seasoning.  I’m not sure what I ate the first time when I hated it, but I LOOOOOOVED it the 2nd time around.  Fage + Hidden Valley’s Harvest Dill is AWESOME, and I’ve eaten so many veggies ever since!  YUM!

What have you found out and about that’s tickled your tastebuds this week??  Do tell! 

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Great Customer Service – FitBit

I’ve told you guys before that I wear a FitBit.  My company very generously issued Fitbits to anyone willing to participate in a holiday walking challenge.  I didn’t even know what it was, but I signed up for the walk challenge with my friends Jaede, Crystal, and Christian.

A holiday program that would get me walking more + peer pressure from a team?  PERFECT!

In case you don’t know what it is, I’ll tell you!  It’s a super fancy pedometer-sized body calculator.  It calculates the number of steps you take daily, the miles you walk/run, the stairs you climb, and calculates your calorie burn.  It’s like the fancy Body Bug you see on Biggest Loser, but more discreet.  It even will analyze your sleep, if you wear it at night.  It will calculate the quality of your sleep and calculate how many times you wake up in the night!  It’s awesome!

Ideally, you want to see that LCD read at least 10K steps each day… and that’s always my goal.  AND… even better, the Fitbit actually syncs up with MyFitnessPal.  It automatically calculates how many calories you burned and loads them into your MyFitnessPal daily diary.  How GREAT is that???

So… about 3 weeks ago, I lost mine.  I was sure I’d left it at that fancy hotel suite in Idaho.  Traveling as I do, I’m always losing things.  It’s just how it works, sadly.

But, it turned up magically on MONDAY!  I was so excited to see the little guy (even if he was completely dead.)  I charged it up and put it on to wear it on Monday to Salt Lake City.  It was on a pair of pants I took to have altered??  Not sure how that happened… but so happy it did!

After wearing it for just a day, it died.  Gasp!  We had just been reunited, and it was dead.  Well, I reached out to Fitbit customer service and explained what was going on… and they are replacing it for me!!!  I am so excited!  It was super easy to contact them and they were VERY responsive.

I’ve worked in the service business for a long time now, so I love great service when I experience it.  So, do business with Fitbit!  Invest in their products… they’ll stand behind its quality and take good care of you!  I can’t wait to get the new Fitbit next week and get back to 10,000 steps!


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Welcome to My New Place!

Well, well, well….  after several several weeks of working with a fantastic WordPress designer named Katelyn at Smitten Blog Designs who was SO patient with me regarding my millions of edits and suggestions….

AND after many hours spent reviewing design ideas and manuevering existing blog posts…



While I definitely grew to love my old place at Blogger, I think this move is JUST what NTTC needed.  I’m also so happy to have a custom design and love what Katelyn and I ended up with.  You guys read my blog and know how particular I am about what I eat… Can you imagine how many questions/edits Katelyn had to deal with??  Phew… She’s a rockstar!

If you’re looking for a blog re-design, I highly recommend Smitten Blog Designs, specifically Katelyn if you need a WordPress designer!

I must admit I will sort of miss that scrapbooky original design… as it was my first real template.  It’s also where I met all of you guys!!!

PS… Does anyone remember the rotating cakes from the VERY first NTTC page??   We’ve come a long way, baby!


It’s difficult to change your design.  It’s like redecorating your home.  You want it to be reflective of you, and to be cozy and lovely at the same time.

I tried to pick similar colors to what I had used on the Blogger site.  I chose grey, yellow, and teal as my original colors and Katelyn suggested a pop of pink.  Voila!

I love Chevron patterns, so that was an easy addition.  They remind me of my mountains that I see every day.  Still… there was something missing.  I needed something that would show that this wasn’t a baking blog.  Something that made it very “No Thanks to Cake.”

I thought about adding a runner to the page… since this page is mostly about healthy living and weight loss, but I felt like a runner may not be appropriate since I’m so new to running.  Then, yoga came to mind.  We all know that I’ve grown to LOVE yoga… and this “warrior” girl seemed like the perfect pic for my design.  She’s active, she’s proud, and she’s strong.  She’s a WARRIOR.  I kind of like to think of myself as the same.


I also took the plunge and decided to self-host the site and purchased my own domain.  Doesn’t that sound so grown up??  So, now you can find your favorite blog at the following address:

NOTE:  If you have a link on your blog, use Google Reader, or a bookmark, please update it to this new location so that you keep getting all the updates and redirected appropriately to this new page.  Also, if you’re an email follower – – I suggest signing up for the RSS feed (top right hand corner or the follow button on the lower right)  if you want to keep getting posts delivered to your inbox.

I’ve still got quite a bit of editing to do to get the place spruced up just as I’d like it to be… The longer I waited to publish the more comments I missed out on transferring.  So, I finally just decided to do it tonight!

What do you think?  Do you love it?  Any suggestions??

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