New Numbers, Bad Timing

Last week, I shared my ONEderland excitement.  I’m still there… but it’s been a rough week.
My brother came to Colorado for the weekend to visit!  While we had a good time, there were way too many chips and guacamole on Friday night, a delicious filet on Saturday (he grills the best), and way too many glasses of wine as well…. EEKS!
I need to weigh in again soon, and I’m a little nervous I may be back into the 2’s.
Here’s a challenge that everyone out there can appreciate… I was invited to a work “recognition dinner” for one of my client teams.  “Sure, I’d love to… Where is it?” I say…

Seriously.  That’s where I said I’d go.


The Olive Garden menu is a dieter’s nightmare, even when you think you’re doing well.
They have SO many dishes above 1000 calories, and only a tiny few below 500.  You can do a soup and salad for less than 500 and you can do their Linguini alla Marinara for 430 or their Venetian Apricot Chicken for 400.  That’s about it, folks. 
Disclaimer:  Unless you go for lunch.  They do have lunch options that are better.  Although, I did once go for lunch and ordered a grilled chicken salad.  I “made” my own off the menu putting grilled chicken on their classic garden salad with the lowfat dressing.  How about they did it, but the chicken had BREADING on it!?  Seriously… GRILLED chicken with breading.  Dieters Beware!
Tonight, unsure about my feelings for Apricot Chicken, I opted for the Linguini alla Marinara(switching to whole wheat pasta) and splitting the dish down the middle to only eat half!  SUCCESS!  I think I did pretty darn good considering.  I did get home and find out that the bowl of salad I ate was insane in calories because of the regular dressing.  Not even sure how a salad could be that insanely calorific (invented word, but appropriate!)Let’s hope the rest of the week is predictable and JC-approved…

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ONEderland: I’ve Arrived

I finally faced the scale today… and have great news to report!



Hmmm… I kind of expected bells to ring and parades to be taking place in town, but instead I celebrated quietly.  I bantered with encouraging friends via BBM who were eagerly awaiting the results, excitedly shared a phone call with my fellow JC’er/sis-in-law Beth, and I wore a perma-smile ALL DAY LONG.  That’s how I celebrated, and I also added two more rewards. :)
I know that some of you MUST be fans of the Biggest Loser.  I can’t believe that I’m the only one out there who gets wildly motivated by watching the cast members lose amazing amounts of weight.  Well, this season, I just LOVED the ladies who competed.  Sisters and Purple Team Members Hannah Curlee and Olivia Ward were my faves, particularly Hannah. 
Even though she wasn’t the Biggest Loser, I just related a lot to her story as a single girl from Nashville who had a significant amount of weight to lose.  Well, she wore a necklace to EVERY weigh in that I just loved.  Anyone else see it? 
Through the magic of the internet, I found the necklace at Zoe Chicco Jewelry‘s website. I wanted it to be my ONEderland necklace, and so it is.  A reminder to me that I never want to see that TWO again, and a beautiful piece to be proud to wear as a result of my accomplishment.  One larger circle to represent where I was, and the smaller one to represent where I am and where I will be in the future – SMALLER.
I debuted my necklace today, and I love it. :)
Shame on me for rewarding myself with food…. but I decided to have a small cup of Golden Spoon frozen yogurt (4 oz) to celebrate as well.  A reasonable snack that could be incorporated into my diet, I’ve only ONCE gone into the yogurt shop since it popped up about 8 months ago next to my usual grocery store.  HUGE WILLPOWER, right? 
Well, I had a 4 oz. Cake Batter Fat Free Yogurt, and it was yummy and refreshing.  I don’t crave it or need it tomorrow, but I just kind of wanted it today.  So, I did it!
THANKS FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT THROUGH THIS PROCESS!  I can’t even tell you how encouraging your comments have been. 

Note:  This process has been much easier than I thought it would be 57 lbs ago.  If you don’t think you can do it and/or doubt you’ll make it far enough, be determined and WANT it.  That’s all I’ve done, the secret to my success.  I promise I don’t even wear a cape. :)

Alright, let’s go after that last 33.8 lbs now!
xoxo – Kelly

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“Hi.  My Name is Kelly, and I’m afraid of the scale.”


Ok, it’s been two days, and it’s time for me to check in. I woke up on Monday morning, and I knew I was retaining water!  My fingers were sorta swollen and I am sure it was the low sodium soy sauce I ate the day before.  When I got on the scale, my weight was 200.8!  GASP!!!I just couldn’t go weigh in and see that number staring back at me.  I just couldn’t.  I called my JCC and cancelled my appointment.  I felt a little bad, as it was the first time I’ve EVER cancelled or ran away during this process.  I knew though that it was necessary.  One time only, I will allow it.

Good News:  I’ve got a showdown with the scale, scheduled for BRIGHT AND EARLY Thursday morning… And the numbers are going to look fantastic!

Stay tuned!

In other much anticipated news…. I FINALLY finished a knitting project I’ve been working on for MONTHS.  Little Baby Anthony won’t notice that it’s 3 months late, right??  He’s such a cutie.  I hope he likes it!  
To embarrass myself further, I need to make one for Baby Nick too, who is about the same age… Eeks!
If you’re a knitter, here’s the link to the pattern. Super easy to make!

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Unofficial Excitement

I spent another week on the road.  And, a pretty solid week on JC!  My only hesitation in saying that it was phenomenal is associated with the FOUR Cafe Rio Fire Grilled Chicken Salads I ate for lunch.  They were so delicious and mostly pico de gallo, but still I’m not sure on their stats and how that will effect me this week.

Saturday morning when I weighed in, I did have quite the surprise…


Whoa… 199.6 is what the scale read (and it’s HARD to take a pic of the numbers, but I think you get the gist.)  So, the rest of my weekend has been spent trying to protect this loss.  I only “count” my weigh-ins at the center since my weight fluctuates every day a bit.  I’ve been SOOO dedicated JC for breakfast, lunch, and dinner… I’m 100% on plan and even went for a nice walk today.

While Saturday was a day where my weight was led with a 1, I saw that ugly 2 again this morning.  Grrrrrrr!

Trying to stay optimistic, I’m hoping tomorrow morning’s the big day!!!!!  Stay tuned!

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