Week 28 Weigh-In: 50 LBS GONE FOREVER!

I went to weigh in yesterday, and am VERY pleased to announce that I’m down another -2.2 lbs!  What this means is that I have officially surpassed the -50 lb mark! 

SUCH a huge honor… I’d like to thank the stairs at the HS track (and the subsequent pain I’ve been in since Sunday), the TWO packages of Rotini and Meatballs I consumed last week instead of eating out for dinner, the trip to the gym that kept me up until 2am, and, last but certainly not least, the MANY tiny bottles of water that I consumed at the Marriott this week.

Cheers to -50 lbs!  Next stop is -56 lbs, which puts me officially in ONEderland!  -4.4 lbs away!

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Week 28… Salads, Stairs, and Furniture… Oh My!

Pretty great week… No weigh-in this week, so I have to assume that I’m down -9 lbs (kidding).  I had travel into Salt Lake City on Sunday night + my boss traveling with me = no time to weigh in this week.

My weeks on the road can sometimes be difficult, but this week was pretty solid!  I packed some of my ol’ standby JC Rotini and Meatballs and JC Complete Start cereal.  I forgot to bring snacks this time around, but I still did pretty good.  I found a Rice Krispies Treat at the hotel’s market – – SCORE!  The stats were solid and it was quite tasty! I also ate lots of McDonalds side salads with my favorite Lowfat Newman’s Own Family Style Italian dressing.  

My boss is on a healthy eating kick and claimed not to have room for dinner, so I was able to skip dinners out with him and just eat in my room – – AWESOME!    Dinners out used to be fun, but if I can avoid a night out so I can eat healthy, that’s preferred.  

During the day, we did stop and have one of my favorite all-time salads – – Cafe Rio’s Fire Grilled Chicken Salad.  I took a picture of it because it was so pretty and DELISH!  Now, I’ve confessed before that I can’t do mexican very well, but I can definitely do Cafe Rio!  This is the only thing I’ve ever had here… so, it makes it easy.  New favorites rock!

HUGE salad, right?  I order it without the tortilla shell, no beans or rice, loaded up with pico (extra-extra), and with a small scoop of guacamole (they seriously have the best).  The grilled chicken is actually on the bottom, which is how they load up the salad.  It’s so fresh and happy.  If you haven’t been to Cafe Rio, get there soon.  So tasty!

I also worked out not ONCE, not TWICE, but THREE times this week.  I blogged about my reintroduction to the treadmill this week and went back a second time!  

I have discovered though that I HAVE to work out in the morning and before 7:30pm.  That night I worked out in Idaho, I was awake until nearly 2am!  Too much energy!  Morning workouts from here on out…

TODAY, I did something different!  With my dear friend Kris, I tried walking at the local high school track.  We walked around the track 4 times for a full mile and then the fun began!  For some reason, I felt the urge to run the stairs a bit!  Kris and I went up and down the stairs six or seven times!  Loved this workout and will definitely have to go back and do this a few more times!

Three workouts in one week?  I hope this shows up on the scale tomorrow!!!  I also swung by my favorite shopping spot post-workout – – Super Target – – and picked up a few workout items.  Workout SHORTS (yes, I said shorts), some hand weights, and new socks!  Socks make a BIG difference in how your feet feel during a workout!  

My favorite thing that happened this weekend was that I got new living room furniture!!  I’d had my previous furniture for 12 years…. and now, I am just in love with the room’s new look.  See the before and after below!

Before… We’ve been together since 1999

I am sooooo happy to have a new look in my living room!  It does, however, make you think about re-doing other areas of your home which are EXPENSIVE thoughts!  

In case you’re wondering, the new digs are from Arhaus Furniture and the couch is from the Garner collection.  LOVE LOVE this new look.

After…. and GORGEOUS

I weigh in tomorrow morning bright and early, and I’m hoping for some great results.  Will also travel out to Idaho tomorrow night for a few days.  

I’ll also be heading to Florida for a few days to visit my dad over the weekend.  I’ll be sure to post some ocean pics upon my return!

Have a great week, JC’ers!  Let’s lose some weight this week!

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Kicking it up a Notch!

I’m pleased to announce that after a THREE WEEK hiatus I finally got back to the GYM!  Wooooooooo!

The fact that I hadn’t worked out since Montelucia has been looming over my head.  AND, I EVEN take workout clothes with me on all of my trips!!  It’s a shame to bring them and not use them!

So, after a long drive to Idaho and inspiration from my friend LP… I FINALLY made it to the hotel workout room and not just for water!  A light workout overall, I did 10 minutes on the treadmill (snooze), 10 minutes on the elliptical, and 25 minutes on the recumbent bike!  Yesssssssss!  AND, I must have thought I was Jane Fonda tonight (Thanks, Nat) or something, but I EVEN added some 3 lb weights to my bike routine working those triceps and biceps.  I usually focus on lower body stuff because that’s where my pear-shaped weight gravitates, but nice to add some arms in as well!
I’m also listening to an audiobook version of The Notebook, which is one of my favorite books and movies.  How much fun is it to listen to Noah and Allie fall in love while you workout?  Um… lots!  Sorta funny that it’s read by Barry Bostwick, but still super-fun!
I’d call this day a success!  Ate on plan too, or off plan really, since I have no JC food.  I guess it was a DOMO, except for breakfast. 

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Whirlwind Weekend…

I got home Friday night from my trip to Montana to find that one of my friends from TN was passing through Denver.  We got together and went to a DELICIOUS wine and cheese bar to catch up.  So nice, but oh-so-many calories, I’m sure.  Eeks!

Last night, I had a dinner and a movie planned with a friend.  We go to a yummy asian restaurant where I’m able to get steamed chicken and broccoli with a little kung pao sauce on the side, which is a really good choice.  I don’t do the rice, so I feel like it’s usually a good pick.  I was starving, so I also had a cup of wonton soup.  Overall, not nearly the damage I caused the night before. 

Well… we went the following two movies!  Both were SOOOOOO good.  We saw Something Borrowed before dinner, and Bridesmaids after!  I thought I’d give you my review of both…

Movie One:  Something Borrowed
I’m a HUGE fan of Emily Giffin who wrote the book this movie is based upon, so going to see Something Borrowed was a no-brainer.  The movie was great with lovable characters and a romantic storyline, and it also puts you in that “what would you do if you were in that situation” mindset.  Overall, DEFINITE thumbs up!

 Movie Two:  Bridesmaids
There was a preview for Bridesmaids at the showing of Something Borrowed, and it just looked so funny that we had to see it!  It was HILARIOUS.  If you’ve been a bridesmaid before, you definitely need to see this one… and honestly, a lot of the HUGE laughs that I heard in the movie were coming from men, so take your BF/hubby with you too!  There were a few points where I was laughing so hard that I was crying… :)

 Food Dilemma
The scale was “up” this morning, but that may have something to do with the soy sauce and cheese night on Friday.  I literally ate great this week, until the weekend.  How does fun always equate to the scale going up??

I”m heading to Salt Lake City tonight, and plan on staying on track this week as much as possible.  I’ve got to get the scale’s numbers down again.  Seriously!!

Also, I have my boss in from Seattle this week.  He likes to eat out at unique places, so I’m sure this will be a challenge for me this week.  Sigh… That should only be about 36 hours though.  Surely, the rest of the week will be solid, right??  

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