Goodbye, Chips and Salsa…

I should be blogging tonight about my fabulous vacation reward in the desert or about the delicious enchiladas I made the other night.

HOWEVER, I feel the need to make another confession….

I seriously can’t be trusted when I’m sitting in front of a basket of chips and salsa.  Tragically, I decided to order a side of chips and salsa tonight with my salad that ended up to be enormous. 

I’ve described chips and salsa/queso/guac before as “crack” and mexican restaurants in general as a “crackhouse.”   Like an addict, I told myself that I wouldn’t eat it all, and I told myself that I just wanted a few bites.  BUT, it tasted so delicious, and I ate way too many chips.  Now I just feel horrible.

My question:  Do I have to just eliminate Mexican food from my diet completely??  When will I be able to be able to sit down at a Mexican restaurant and not be tempted to devour the whole basket of chips and salsa??

For now, I’ve eaten my last chips and salsa for a long time.  Good news is the most recent batch of chips and salsa was delicious and not an icky stale chip variety.  i also get to go to the gym in the morning now, and not for one of those lackluster, halfass workouts.

Goodbye, chips and salsa…. hello, elliptical machine.  Sigh…

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    This may sound a bit 'odd', but my last visit to Escalantes in Houston…and their white queso, I brought celery sticks…so, I was able to enjoy a bit of queso without the empty calories of the tortilla chips. It was quite yummy.

    I also LOVE Mexican food..and find that eating a small apple before going, helps me to eat to enjoy and eat smaller portions than going hungry and eating huge portions

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    If you don't mind flat bread you could cut up a few strips and dip that into your salsa..:) You don't have to cut-out Mexican.. BEANS BEANS AND BEANS 🙂

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    So… this is going to sound crazy. BUT… it's really about the chips for me. I can eat salsa with a spoon, if I wanted to… and might have done this before (MAYBE).

    I'm not into beans at all, so I just need calorie free/fat free chips, I suppose!


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  2. […] Except for chips and salsa…  from what I can see from this side of things, that will always be your kryptonite. Your salty, tangy kryptonite… but if you’d have to pick one, that will do and it is a fierce challenge that you’ll face deliciously over and over again and learn from every time. […]

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